What Is the Best Grammar Checker Online? Here Is the Answer!

Do you have piles of writing assignments waiting for you? Writing essays won’t be so intimidating when you have the best grammar checker on your side. Most students fear that their grammar errors will ruin the overall quality and impression of their writing.
Whether you are a native English speaker or not, you won’t have to be insecure about your writing if you use editing tools. Luckily, there is a plethora of both free and paid grammar check software that can improve your papers’ style and quality.

If you’re going to trust a grammar checker app and use it for your academic coursework, you should opt for the best one. We have tested out numerous proofreading and editing apps and compiled the list of the best online grammar checker software.

The List of 10 Best Grammar Checkers

To compose this list, we tested out many different editing and proofreading tools as well as read countless reviews about them. After in-depth research and analysis, these are the grammar checkers that stood out as most reliable, helpful, and affordable:

  1. Ginger Software
  2. Grammarly
  3. LanguageTool
  4. WhiteSmoke
  5. HemingwayApp
  6. ProWritingAid
  7. CitationMachine
  8. Scribens
  9. Reverso
  10. GrammarCheck

If you want to know more about their functionalities, keep reading.

1. Ginger Software


Ginger is often boasted as the best free online grammar checker. In our Ginger grammar check review, we found that this tool is more than just a simple spelling checker—it also has translation functionality and an easy-to-use dictionary.

You can test out Ginger in no time, as it can be added to Chrome in a few seconds. The app will check your writing as you go, whether you’re typing on a website or composing a blog post in WordPress. If you want to do a quick spell-check, you can paste your text in a handy window by clicking on the extension button.

ginger software

What makes this tool stand out from the rest is its AI functionality. Ginger has an AI feature that gives your suggestions on how you can rephrase certain words, phrases, and sentences to improve the flow of your writing.

ginger software review

A novelty in Ginger software is that it can be installed on Mac. The app can also be integrated with Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack. You can edit with Ginger for free with some limitations. If you want unlimited translations and detailed text analysis, you’ll need to purchase the Premium plan. If you pay for the app, you’ll also get the translation feature and an expanded database of AI synonyms.

Pricing: Free and paid plan (starting at $6.99/month)

ginger software prices


  • Spell and grammar check
  • Dictionary
  • Translation
  • Chrome extension
  • Integration with other software


  • AI-based rephrasing suggestions
  • Translation feature
  • Personal dictionary


  • Limited corrections with a free version
  • No Google Docs support
  • No app for Windows

2. Grammarly

grammarly review

There’s no list of best grammar software that doesn’t mention Grammarly spell check. This tool has conquered the market with its numerous useful features that come at no cost.

To get started, you can add the Grammarly plugin to Chrome, download the app on your computer, or use it online. You can upload the document or write directly in the app.

Grammarly isn’t only the best grammar and spell checker but it’s also a great analytical tool. It revises your text, suggests improvements, and gives you a report on the content’s correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery.

grammarly review

In addition to the free version, there is also a premium and business plan. The paid options provide you with a more in-detail report and correction suggestions. When you pay a monthly fee, Grammarly will also help you with your sentence variety and include a style guide for you to use.

What adds an extra layer of usability to Grammarly is its Plagiarism feature. However, a free version will only detect if there’s plagiarised text or not. If you want to see which parts are inauthentic, you must have a paid plan.

grammarly soft overview

Pricing: Free and paid plan (starting at $12/month)

grammarly prices


  • Spelling and punctuation checker
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Available as Chrome plugin, app, and online website
  • Simple interface
  • Document history available


  • Easy to use
  • Suggestions for improved vocabulary
  • Readability analysis


  • Limited free features
  • Plagiarism checker available only to premium users
  • Costly for students

3. LanguageTool

language tool

LanguageTool deserves a place on the best grammar checker app list because of its simple design, variety of features, and a number of available free functionalities. The moment you step onto their website, you can paste your text and begin with your editing process. The only downside is that there is a 10,000 characters limitation per check, so it’s not suitable for longer content.

languagetool overview

The app will cover basic grammar, style, and punctuation checking. If you want macOS more detailed insight into your content’s quality and how to improve it, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee. Microsoft Word and Google Docs add-ons are also only available to premium users.

What’s great about LanguageTool is that it can also help you with your foreign language academic writing. It offers proofreading in many different languages—including Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, and numerous other languages.

new languagetool review

Pricing: Free and paid plan (starting at $4.99/month)

language tool prices


  • Spelling and grammar check
  • Available for MacOS and Windows
  • Numerous add-ons (Chrome, Google Docs, Word, Gmail, etc.)
  • Correction suggestions
  • Personal dictionary


  • Affordable premium plan
  • Available in many different languages
  • Quick access to spell checking


  • Limited character use
  • Overlooks smaller grammar issues
  • No report on content’s quality

4. WhiteSmoke

whitesmoke service

Do you want an affordable but effective top grammar checker? You might find the solution in WhiteSmoke. While there is no free option, you can get the app for only $5 per month or even $3.49 a month if you choose the 3-year plan.

With the essential plan, you can add the plugin to any web browser. The software will detect if there is any incorrect punctuation, tense shift, missing words, stylistic errors, or run-on sentences. Overall, you can count on WhiteSmoke to proofread your paper, essay, or blog post to perfection.

whitesmoke overview

If you go for a paid plan, you’ll be able to use their one-click instant proofreading feature, download the app to your computer, and integrate it with any writing platform. The business plan includes 3 computer licenses and phone support as well.

Pricing: Paid plan (starting at $5/month)

whitesmoke pricelist


  • Spell and grammar check
  • Translator feature
  • Available for desktop and web
  • Over 100 text and email templates
  • Mobile app available


  • Budget-friendly
  • Translation available in over 50 languages
  • Instant proofreading


  • Generic interface
  • For mac computers only available for macOS Sierra (10.12)

5. HemingwayApp

hemingway app

If you struggle with avoiding passive voice use and adverb stuffing, HemingwayApp will be perfect for you. In terms of stylistic editing, this tool is one of the most advanced and useful software. Once you paste your text or finish writing the essay in the app, the AI-based editor will highlight complex sentences, passive voice, adverbs, and phrases that have a simpler alternative. It will also analyze your readability and specify the content’s grade level.

hemingway overview

However, keep in mind that HemingwayApp focuses on enhancing your content’s readability. It should complement a spelling and grammar checking tool.

In addition to using the tool on the website directly, you can also get a desktop app for $19.99. This allows you to use the HemingwayApp even when you’re offline. You can also easily export the edited documents to Word, PDF, or the web.

Pricing: Free and paid desktop app ($19.99)

hemingway app prices


  • Readability check
  • Self-editing tool
  • Informative report of the number of characters, letters, words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Available in the browser and for the computer
  • Virtual writing tutor


  • Detailed content report
  • Color-coded revision
  • Offline mode available with the desktop app


  • No spelling check
  • No Chrome extension or integration with other platforms
  • No plagiarism check feature

6. ProWritingAid

pro writing aid

Whether you engage in academic, business, or creative writing, ProWritingAid can be of great help. It is more than just the best grammar checking software as it also acts as your writing tutor.

The app integrates with Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and Final Draft. You can also integrate it with Chrome, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Medium, and Wattpad, or download the app to your Mac and Windows computer.

Besides the wide range of usability, ProWritingAid has a user-friendly interface. It will underline all your spelling and grammar mistakes and offer suitable replacements. You can review the readability report and edit your text according to suggestions. ProWritingAid even tailors its recommendations to the type of content you’re editing.

pro writing aid review

While you can use this tool for free, you’ll be limited to 500 words, 19 reports, and online use. If you want the desktop app and access to their library of books and writing resources, you’ll need to go Premium.

Pricing: Free and paid plan (starting at $4.95 per month for a yearly subscription)

pro writing aid prices


  • Grammar and spell check
  • Readability check
  • Detailed report
  • Available for different variations of English language–US, British, Australian, and Canadian
  • Plagiarism checker with Premium Plus plan


  • Thesaurus check and vocabulary suggestions
  • Personalized improvements report
  • Affordable


  • Slower than Ginger and Grammarly
  • No mobile app
  • A limited number of reports and words you can check

7. CitationMachine

citation machine

The primary purpose of CitationMachine is to spot missing citations. It can be a life-savor for students, scholars, and editors who deal with academic writing. However, it can also act as an advanced grammar checker and plagiarism detection tool.

You can paste your paper or import it from your computer or Drive. Once you submit your text, the CitationMachine will analyze it and come back with a report.

citationmachine review

The free version offers up to 5 suggestions, citation recommendations, and the ability to create citations on the spot. On top of that, the paid plan includes feedback from writing experts and the detection of unintentional plagiarism.

Pricing: Free and paid plan ($9.95/month)

citationmachine prices


  • Citation detector and generator
  • Grammar and spelling check
  • Plagiarism check
  • Exporting reports


  • Great design
  • Flags unnecessary words
  • Compliant with style guides such as MLA, APA, and Chicago Style


  • Limited suggestions
  • Available only in the web browser

8. Scribens

scribens app

Among all grammar check websites, Scribens sticks out from the rest in terms of affordability, correctness, and simplicity of use. It is named one of the best spelling and grammar check programs due to its ability to spot any mistakes that Microsoft Word overlooks. According to them, they can polish up your text 10 times better than Microsoft Word spell checker.

You can write directly into their checking box on the website or import a finished document. Click on the “Check” button and let Scribens do its magic. The app will detect and underline every segment of your text that can be corrected. Suggestions also aim to help you improve your writing form and style.

scribens app review

Scribens is available in English and French. It has a dictionary you can use as well. There’s also a smartphone app that will watch over your typing.

You can download their extensions for numerous apps—including Chrome, Microsoft Word, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, features like adding the extensions, backing up your documents, and checking longer documents twice as fast are available for Premium users.

Pricing: Free and paid (starting at $9.99/month)

scribens app prices


  • Spell and grammar check
  • Stylistic editing suggestions
  • Dictionary
  • Extensions for Chrome, Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, and Google Slides
  • Mac and Windows app


  • More detailed insight into correction suggestions
  • Mobile app available for Android
  • Statistics on readability


  • Limited choice of languages—British English and French
  • No reporting feature
  • No plagiarism checker option

9. Reverso

reverso app

In online reviews, Reverso is often mentioned as the best grammar checker online as well as a handy translation tool. To activate it, you can open the app in the web browser, add their Google Chrome plugin, download the app on Mac, or get Reverso in your Google Play or iPhone app store.

Check your text for grammar and spelling mistakes by pasting it in the window on their web page. Reverso will review it in a second and offer potential corrections. If you click on the underlined word, you’ll see an explanation of why it is highlighted as a mistake.

reverso speller review

Reverso also features a resourceful dictionary, so you can find out the meaning of any word in a second. Another helpful functionality is that you can click on any word in the text and Reverso will show synonyms. For a longer list of synonyms, you need to get a Premium subscription. Users who upgrade to a paying plan also get to check 2,000 characters at once (the macOS free version limits you to 450), useful explanations, rephrasing suggestions, and no ads.

reverso app overview

To use the translation option, you can write your text or upload the document. You can translate from English or French and get translations in several languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Italian, and more.

Pricing: Free and paid plan (starting at $4.99/month for the annual plan)

reverso app prices


  • Spell and grammar checker
  • Translator tool
  • Dictionary
  • Available in English and French
  • Available for web browser, Mac, and smartphones


  • Simple design
  • Synonym suggestions
  • Mobile app available


  • Slower than other apps
  • Limited characters

10. GrammarCheck

grammar check

If you prefer simplicity but you still want a powerful tool to proofread your texts, GrammarCheck embodies both of these qualities. This app has earned the title of both the best spell checker and the best grammar corrector because it can spot even the concealed mistakes that many overlook. What’s also great about it is that it is completely free.

Using this tool is as simple as it gets. Write directly in the app or paste the content and click on the “Free Check.” The red underline signals spelling errors, green indicates grammar suggestions, and blue underline shows style suggestions.

grammar check review

For a more thorough revision, use the Deep Check button. It will detect hard-to-notice mistakes such as dangling modifiers.

Pricing: Free


  • Spell and grammar check
  • Style check
  • Deep check
  • Available in a web browser


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Color-coded revision
  • Synonym suggestions


  • Too basic interface
  • No extra features

What Is the Best Free Grammar Checker?

All these best grammar check websites have useful functionalities that placed them on this list. However, if you have a limited budget, you can narrow down your choice to the best grammar checker free of charge.

To use a tool without any restraints, you can go for completely free apps such as GrammarCheck. If you don’t need additional features such as a full report, dictionary, or plagiarism checker, GrammarCheck can do the basic revision without a problem.

In case you want a more advanced app, you can consider Grammarly or Ginger. Grammarly vs Ginger is a common discussion on forums. They are both highly popular apps with numerous features you can use for free.

What Is the Best Professional Grammar Check App?

Do you want to know what is the best grammar checker for businesses, expert writers, copywriters, and other professionals? In this case, you should look into grammar software reviews and assess which features will be of most use to you. For example, if you send a lot of emails, having a Gmail or Outlook extension available is something you should look for.

Focus on the possible integrations and how they complement apps that you currently use. The best online grammar check tool for professionals should have a style-setting feature, so you can modify the text for business purposes.

What Is the Purpose of Grammar Checker Reviews and How To Find Them?

Grammar check software reviews can give you an exhaustive overview of what you can expect from an app. It will be easier for you to find the best grammar check software if you first learn about what different tools bring to the table.

You can find online reviews on everything, including the best online grammar checkers, best essay writing service, or top plagiarism tools. The digital community can help you narrow down your choice to a few most valuable tools.

Besides comprehensive reviews such as this one, you can also check out what Reddit users say. Read more about the experiences of people who have already tried the apps you like.


Where can I check if my grammar is correct?

There are a variety of free grammar checkers that will do the proofreading in your stead. In addition to spotting your grammar mistakes, the suggestions that these tools provide will help you learn more about the proper use of grammar rules.

Is there a better grammar checker than Grammarly?

Depending on what you want, there can be a tool that matches your needs better than Grammarly. For example, if you want a grammar checker and citation generator in one, CitationMachine can be better for you. Reviews can help you take a deeper look into what other tools include.

Which free grammar checker is the best?

It’s tough to single out one tool when there are so many with such helpful features. This list can help you get to know popular free grammar checkers, so you can give your verdict.

What is the most popular grammar checker?

Grammarly and Ginger Software lead the main battle in terms of popularity. They have both been on the market for over a decade and they have a long line of satisfied customers to speak on their behalf.

What is the best grammar checker app?

If you want a grammar checker app for your mobile, you can go with WhiteSmoke or Reverso. However, if a desktop app will suffice, ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and LanguageTool are great choices. Our review and customer testimonials can help you with your decision.


Hopefully, this thorough review is exactly what you need to find your ideal grammar checker. Proofreading will no longer be a nuance once you get your hands on one of these tools. You can also combine a couple of them to compose spotless text.