Best Paraphrasing Tool: Grab One From Our List and Use It to Study Faster

Every student has a moment where they wish they could rephrase something for their essay, and the best paraphrasing tool makes it possible. It’s an automatic service that studies the existing text and presents the same version in different words. Basically, you get to preserve the essence of a sentence or paragraph, but the words themselves change, and the generated version sounds different from the original. Such trick is essential for those who’d like to use ideas from some sources without copying them directly, who are working on conclusion or a summary, writing an abstract, etc. You could always try the best research paper writing service and ask them for help, but TrustedEssayWriters has another suggestion, and that is a paraphrasing tool.

Top Five Platforms: Find Your Best Paraphrasing Tool Here

Academic writing is a complex process, and the more help students find, the better. Tool that could rephrase content as well as give you a chance to use it in a new way is a lifesaver, but there is a catch. It must be effective. Are you wondering where to find it? Check this list with updated info and wonder no longer!

1) QuillBot. This scientific paraphrasing tool is one of the best we’ve tested, and it got the top spot in our list for many reasons. First, students could rephrase their own text or try a website’s sample before they do it. This helps understand how to use the platform quickly. Design is simple but functional: you could choose the way you want QuillBot to work. For example, you could use “fluency” mode, and then the tool would pick only formal academic synonyms. “General” mode is less strict, “creative” is fun, “expanded” is overflowing, and so on. Unfortunately, only the first two options are free. To use the others, you’d have to buy a premium package, but the good news is, it’s not expensive. QuillBot works quickly and has a convenient multi-colored system of tracking changes. The only other drawback we noticed was that free version allows rephrasing 125 words only. This wouldn’t be enough for most students. On the other hand, they could keep posting new chunks of text until they paraphrase it all because this website doesn’t limit them in anything! It’s a great choice both for those who want a free tool and those who wouldn’t buy investing in their academic helper.

Price: rephrasing 125 words are free; premium package available. Annual cost is $3.33; monthly cost is $7.95.

Database: Satisfying

Accuracy: High

Usability: Simple


  • Best paraphrasing website
  • Free for short texts
  • Cheap premium version
  • Limitless checks


  • Few options in free version

2) SpinBot. The first thing we noticed about Spin Bot is its deep blue color scheme. It’s soothing and it draws attention. The tool itself is effective: it can rephrase sentences quickly and you could reuse it around 10 times per day. We don’t think this would be necessary, though, considering that the limit is 10K characters. This would be enough for most students working on their scholarly assignments. An interesting factor is that there are basically two versions of a rephraser. You could use a text spinner or paraphrasing tool — they do the same thing, but results differ a bit. The former is more creative while the latter is more officially sounding. In case you’d like to expand your word limit and gain some extra benefits, there is a paid package present. The price isn’t expensive, which is an advantage, and it has no hidden charges. The only considerable drawback of this website is that its database isn’t extensive enough. Some words might be repetitive or non-academic. But this problem is easy to solve, so we definitely recommend SpinBot to you!

Price: limited free version; unlimited costs $75 annually or $10 monthly.

Database: Could be better

Accuracy: High

Usability: Easy


  • Two best paraphrasing tools together
  • Free package available
  • Inexpensive limitless package
  • Good design


  • Database isn’t vast enough

3) Paraphraser. This quick scholarly paraphrasing tool is a great option not just for students but for writers of different genres, too. It has three modes of operations. “Fluency” will focus on grammar accuracy. “Creative” might add interesting spins on your words, changing not just text but its tone. “General” falls somewhere in the middle. Our team likes diversity and we appreciated Paraphraser for its work. The inconvenient thing is that you might insert your text into a box, prepare yourself for results, and then nothing will happen. If this is what you’re seeing, don’t worry! Just scroll down the page a little. There’ll be captcha for you to solve; after you do it, click “paraphrase now.” Many people won’t notice it right away because the location isn’t easily visible. Results come immediately, and you could benefit from this tool even if your task isn’t in English as it supports 14 more languages. Another great feature is the opportunity to check grammar, plagiarism, or summarize your text. Paraphraser goes overboard with its desire to please as many students as possible and we love it. Watch out for ads, they might be distracting, but quality, functionality, and diversity more than compensate for it!

Price: Free best paraphraser

Database: Extensive

Accuracy: Pretty high

Usability: Could be better


  • Quality is satisfying
  • Lots of extra options
  • No need to wait
  • Several modes of paraphrasing


  • Imperfect design & usability

4) Grammarly. If you ever searched for website that paraphrases for you, you must have seen Grammarly. Its reputation has long since broken international borders, and now students in every country rely on its services. We cannot argue with their choice because it’s true, Grammarly is amazing. It produces quick results in a short time and its quality and explanations are always the best. You could rephrase a paragraph, check its fluency and style, test it for plagiarism, etc. But without premium package, you won’t be able to get much. There is no free paraphraser available, and this is why we cannot give Grammarly the first spot, at least not in this list. Many students cannot afford the subscription even if they desperately need help. They might need to paraphrase their essay, but they won’t do it with this tool, particularly as Grammarly is expensive. Still, its quality is impressive, and if you can afford it, go for it!

Price: $144.00 annually; $30 monthly.

Database: Very extensive

Accuracy: High

Usability: Mostly good


  • Top rephrase paragraph tool
  • Many great writing services
  • Instant results
  • Responsive support team


  • No free paraphraser insight

5) ParaphrasingTool. This best tool could rephrase a paragraph or five under ten seconds. We mean it literally: with 10K as your limit, you could remake several texts. Note that the use of this tool isn’t limited, meaning that if you need to rephrase more than that, you could do it again by simply starting a new session. Paraphrasing Tool has a retro design that helps it look differently from most similar websites. Its quality is quite good, too, though it could confuse verbs with nouns. There aren’t any extras like special modes that could diversify your results, but in a way, it’s good because you’ll be getting exactly what you came for. Everything on this platform is as simple as it gets. Using it is free, there are no paid subscriptions. If you want the same results but more options, note that Paraphrasing Tool is affiliated with Spin Bot, and you could easily benefit from both. From negatives, you wouldn’t be able to see what changes this tool made easily. There is no side-by-side comparison.

Price: The best paraphrasing tool for free

Database: Good

Accuracy: Mostly high

Usability: Very simple


  • Lovely & simple design
  • Entirely free
  • Satisfying quality
  • Few limits


  • No extra modes
  • Changes aren’t visible

Why Would You Need to Rephrase Sentence?

People usually understand why they might need quality plagiarism checkers or online proofreaders, but who needs a rephrasing tool and why? True, many students go through years of college without ever thinking of looking for a helper like this. But it’s not because they don’t need it. Most of them simply don’t realize that such tools exist and how helpful they could be in assisting them with their daily assignments. Here are four common ways of how a good paraphrasing tool might help you.

  • Writing conclusion. Anyone who has written academic or scientific papers knows what conclusion is about. This is a closing part of an essay where you have to repeat major aspects from the body + thesis from introduction. New information is not allowed in this section, only facts that you’ve already covered. Few people want to write about the same things from scratch yet again, and the best paraphrasing tool online is the perfect solution. With its help, you could select the thesis, several other important sentences, and then simply rephrase them via the website. It’s done: now you have old info presented in different words. You’d have to tweak them a bit and maybe add a final concluding statement, but the tool will do the biggest part of work. Instead of wasting time and effort, you could complete everything in less than a minute.
  • Citing a source. There could be no academic essays without sources. They should be credible and scientific because writers rely on them to prove their points, win arguments, reject opinions of the opposing side, and just come across as trustworthy. But what if you found a great quote? Some professors don’t allow using direct citations or put strict limits on it. So you cannot use a phrase directly because this would mean breaking the rules, but you think including it could make your paper stronger. Tool for paraphrasing academic writing is your answer. It would instantly turn a direct quote into a paraphrased statement, and you’ll be able to incorporate it into your essay with no problems. Take a line, make it sound different, and use it as you wish!
  • Copying another essay. Numerous students face the need to write a paper on a topic they’ve worked on before. At first, it might be a relief. You already know the material, have a couple of arguments, and there is an old essay with all the sources and ideas lying in your table somewhere. But as you start working, you realize how boring such a task is. You don’t want to keep discussing something you’ve talked at length about before, and copying an old paper would mean engaging in self-plagiarism. This is a crime with severe penalties. One choice is to push yourself through this tedious assignment and hope for the best; another decision is hiring a trusted essay writing service and asking them for help. But you could also solve your problem with paragraph paraphrasing tool alone. Just put an old essay into it! New content won’t trigger your professor’s plagiarism scanner. Sure, you’d have to re-work it a little to remove the most obvious similarities — machines aren’t infallible, after all, but you’ll save hours of your time and you won’t have to worry about plagiarism.
  • Working with a friend. Sometimes students team up to work on an essay together. And we don’t mean doing a group project officially. No one likes to lose time, and many people look for ways to do their homework sooner. Friends from the same year who got the same assignment might agree to work on it together: the first is doing the starting three paragraphs, the second is handling the other three. But in the end, they have one essay for two people. Finding rephrase sentence website is a method that will help them turn one essay into two. They’ll be able to submit two different papers to their professors despite applying only half of the effort. Again, we aren’t saying that they won’t have to work at all. Even the best tool won’t make a text completely unrecognizable, but it could help a lot, no doubts here.

Crafting a summary. In many ways, summary is similar to conclusion. Writers need to choose the most relevant factors from their work before putting them together, forming one coherent picture. If you don’t feel like doing this, choose a good paraphrase tool and up you go! Instead of writing a summary, you’d merely have to pick important sentences and put them into a paraphrasing box. Voila, they start sounding differently and your summary is ready. No one would be able to tell that you just lifted your own content and presented it twice.
There are more interesting ways in which students might benefit from paraphrase tool online. Now that you understand how they work, you’ll easily realize when to use them. Paraphrasing tools are similar to the best grammar checkers since they work speedily, help with academic homework, as well as rarely require payment.

Is It Legal to Use a Paraphrasing Tool?

A logical question plenty of people develop is how legal using paraphrasing sentences tool is. The answer to this question is double-edged. Ultimately, no one can prohibit you from relying on such websites, but it depends on what you use them for and how good you are at understanding their work. For example, if you made a summary or conclusion for a regular paper with the help of a tool, no one is going to care. But if we’re talking about something more serious, like working with your friend on the same paper & submitting it as two different essays, re-using an old paper or an essay from Internet, you’ll have to be careful. Being accused of plagiarism isn’t something you want in your academic history, and that means you’ll have to be extra careful. Fortunately, doing it won’t be difficult.

Read paraphrasing tool reviews & find the best tool. Try it, test it, and if it pleases you, use it for your paper. After this, read it, compare it with the original, & add more changes. For instance, change the order of paragraphs. Add more synonyms; delete a couple of sentences and/or rewrite them entirely. In case there is enough time, write your own several phrases in each section to expand them. No one would be able to tell that it is the same essay as the result. When it comes to more serious things, like dissertations, we suggest looking for the best dissertation writing services as well as hiring a human writer. Even a small risk is unacceptable here, so avoid it at all costs. Think carefully about each assignment’s importance; use paraphrasing tools when you can do it safely!

Does the Best Paraphrase Tool Have Offline Mode?

Students ask this question often. They want to know if a paraphraser could work offline. We understand their concerns: Internet might let them down right in the middle of their work, and they still want to have a chance to complete their homework in peace. But unfortunately, none of the options we tested & liked could work without Internet connection. Even the best rephrasing tool requires certain conditions, and most of them can be created only in online mode. From better news, most sites we recommended support mobile usage. If your laptop lost Wi-Fi connection, use mobile Internet & continue rephrasing an essay!

Discover More Opportunities for Making Your Studies Simpler

There is no need to spend extra time on repetitive homework when you could finish it in less than an hour. With our latest list, you can see where to search for the best online paraphrasing tool. Try each of these options. Free or paid, fancy or simple — settle on whichever you like most and check more reviews from TrustedEssayWriters team! Helping you is a job we love doing.