Get Your Ticket to College with the Best Personal Statement Writing Service

Finding the best personal statement writing service could be harder than actually studying at college. Why? Because there are hundreds of options yet only some of them provide real quality assistance. It is the task of Trusted-EssayWriters to find out which companies are worthy of your trust. Follow us as we review several agencies that showed the best results with their academic work!

Four Companies That Offer the Best Personal Statements for College

This isn’t the first time we share our essay writing service reviews with students. Doing so is our job, and we always approach each company objectively. Here, we performed multiple analyses and went through 47 popular companies before choosing four best ones. You can see our findings below.

1) WritingUniverse. We have tested this professional company before, but this time, we were interested in how it handles such an important job as crafting personal statement for college. Writing Universe has been helping students for years at this point, and it is focused on expanding and perfecting its services because the changes in its policies and website content are client-friendly. It asks for relatively small prices: one academic page would cost you $11.99 only. You’d also get a discount, which makes an already low price even more affordable. The company covers lots of subjects and specializations that range from Math, Physics, Economics, and Business to Nursing, Arts, Literature, etc. Whatever college and major you’re targeting, WritingUniverse will be able to find a writer for you. Its quality is top tier — we made sure of it by placing an order and reading what our expert came up with.

Personal statement was powerful, creative, and it combined fictional and personal details we shared in talented ways. It would definitely draw attention of university board. The language was professional, with no mistakes or awkward constructions that many others allow. Note that even if you don’t feel satisfied, you are entitled to endless free revisions or a refund, so you are protected from any losses. From extra perks, this service offers numerous samples of free essays for students who aren’t certain whether they are ready to pay. This could be helpful in cases where you need additional ideas. Operators work full time and are welcoming. We had no complaints at all, which is why we gave WritingUniverse the leading spot.

2) TopEssayWriting. In two years, this personal statement writer service is going to celebrate a decade of academic work. It’s a known company that lots of students use, and we wanted to know if it’s capable of delivering quality results when hired for crafting college applications. We weren’t disappointed. Students could pick any subject they want because there are many experts here with degrees in different specializations. Social sciences, medical sphere, technical or creative sector — everything is covered. If you have an average deadline of 10-14 days, your price for one page could start with $13.99. This is affordable, especially considering academic writing market in 2021-2022.

TopEssayWriting service is strictly against plagiarism and generates plagiarism reports to make certain their papers are clean. Operators are online at all times, and their assistance is absolutely charming. They find a unique approach to each customer and do everything in their power to find a solution or recommendation for everyone. Writing itself has a high level of quality. These personal statement services met all required standards and incorporated the details we asked our writer to include. Our paper was strong, confident, and polite at the same time. No one can know what the committee is going to favor, but we were certain that they’d love an essay like this. Customer policies are friendly in TopEssayWriting. In case of any mistakes or failures on the part of a writer, you could request free revision or place a refund demand. This service was perfect when we tested it, but since its price is a little higher than in our number 1 choice, we give it a respectable second place.

3) GrabMyEssay. Since 2013, this company has been providing personal statement writing services for students across the world, and we finally decided to check how good they are. Our experience left us completely satisfied and unsurprised since GrabMyEssay has strong Internet presence and it has built positive reputation for itself. Its website looks nice, and it has writers in all possible college subjects. They handle projects of different complexity every day, from dissertations to presentations and common essays, and application service is one of the most frequently placed orders here. Price of one academic page is $14.99. This is higher than in the two previous companies, but it is still affordable since it falls into the market ratio. GrabMyEssay has discounts, too. Its samples are free, but not all of them are ideal. Managers could pick them better or at least edit them before publishing. The service itself was excellent in every way. Operators joined chat quickly and gave polite, helpful answers. Our personal statement arrived by the deadline, and it was exactly what we expected. It sounded convincing and made the application look like a story with turns and twists. Such creative approach is always a plus. Policies mirror the ones we described above: revisions and refunds are both present in cases of any discrepancies. GrabMyEssay deserves its third place in this list.

4) ProEssayService. This service is a bit mysterious. It is almost impossible to find reliable information about it online, and this includes any personal statement review. While it’s been working for at least two years now, few people share their feedback. We were curious to explore it personally, and we were pleasantly taken aback by results. Pro Essay Service deals with several types of writing that involve non-academic kinds: not just students but also people looking for a job could contact it and hire resume writing.

Subjects of any kind are supported since lots of writers work for this service. One page costs $12.99, and there are also discounts for new clients. These are great news that makes customer experience affordable. From negative moments, operators don’t seem to work all the time, which might be a problem for students who need urgent help and want to get a reply as soon as possible. We also didn’t find them very friendly, although we spoke only with two of them. Personal statement writing we got was on the top level. Our expert did a beautiful word play: it might not be 100% academic in nature, but it drew attention and made the paper memorable. We liked this service, and those who didn’t can rely on refund policies to return their money. On the basis of these aspects, we award Pro Essay Service the fourth best place.

Why Do You Need to Read Reviews About a Writing Service

Before we tackle the issue of how students should use academic companies, let’s establish what makes reviews so important. It doesn’t matter whether a person is looking for the best grammar checker or writing service, the only way to make certain they are moving in the right direction is by learning what other people think. Someone, somewhere, has already tried each service, and they might have something to say about it. Finding opinions is easy with the Internet — this is what our team counted on when launching our platform. In our search for the best companies, we check what other users expressed. By seeing multiple views and comments, you have a chance to form the first impression. You see which companies might be trustworthy and which you should stay away from. In cases when you check professional overviews like ours, you also see prices and other relevant aspects.

That’s not to say that every personal statement writing service review is genuine. In academic industry, competition is harsh, and lots of agencies try to steal clients from each other. They post fake reviews, making them over the top positive for them and strictly negative for their adversaries. Is there a way around it? Yeah, of course. When you know what the deal is, you can tell which reviews are fake. Mistakes are possible, but bring them to a minimum by paying attention to posters’ profiles and the nature of their comments. Ask yourself: if you loved or hated a service, would you express yourself similarly? Or does it seem overly saccharine/harsh/marketing-like? This could help you a lot. Another solution is to rely on professional platforms with reviews like ours. We try to cover as many agencies as we can to bring you the freshest insights.

Working on Personal Statement Writing Service Review

Since we raised the topic of reviews, we’d like to disclose how our evaluation process works to demonstrate why you can trust our judgments. Every member of our team is a professional in relevant spheres, such as academics, IT, or writing in general. When we select an agency, we study where it came from and what website it has. We look for info about its writers separately, noting down if they are native speakers, what qualifications they have, and how many subjects they know. Their ability to provide the best personal statement editing service is crucial, too. Reading policies is another step, and once again we undertake it separately from each other to preserve our objectivity. We watch out for confidentiality agreement, revision options, and refund conditions. Naturally, we search for prices and analyze how reasonable they are based on average market numbers.

Payment methods undergo assessment as well. People looking for professional personal statement writers could be from different countries, so it is vital for them all to be able to hire a service. Review team speaks with operators, and this is something we do together because we end up placing one order. Everyone makes their own unique notes about quality of communication. Service itself is the last and most potent stage. We evaluate how well a writer did their job and whether it meets our requirements. Once this is complete, we compare notes and reach a common decision.

Subjects and Why They Should Be Diverse

One of other things we check when analyzing personal statements writing services is subjects. Students are interested in different colleges and want to apply for different majors. Their application has to reflect this. It means that a service has to provide diverse options to meet needs of as many customers as it can. Writers should specialize in technical, scientific, creative, medical, and other spheres for maximum benefits.

Why Only the Best Personal Statement Writer Will Do

As you’re considering hiring an expert, you obviously want good quality. But stakes are even higher with personal statements because they can literally determine whether you’ll earn your place in college or not. That is why you should search for top companies only. Doing it through reviews is a solid solution that could bring your risks to a minimum.

Average Range of Prices for Personal Statements

Agencies that offer professional personal statement writing services tend to charge different prices for their help. Some of them are reasonable, others not so much. The best services we listed here fit the criteria of affordable providers, but if you’re interested in someone else, we’ll be happy to let you know the approximate numbers. Make your choice on their basis. On average, one page of admission writing of the easiest level with a normal deadline should cost between $12 and $15. Anything more will be a rip-off. Anything lower is also untrustworthy because real specialists require actual payments for their assistance.

Ways to Benefit from Your Writing Service

Students often believe that all they need to do for getting top results is hire the best personal statement writing services. This isn’t always true. Even if an agency has an amazing reputation, you should do the following.

  • Check your instructions. Before sending instructions to a service, read through them several times. They should be clear and error-free. If you forgot to mention something and a writer didn’t include it, this would be your responsibility.
  • Add personal details. The best personal statement writers would need to know some details about you. This is personal application, so it has to portray you at least somewhat accurately. Don’t forget to mention them.
  • Cooperate with your writer. It is possible that at some point during their work, a professional personal statement writer assigned to your order will contact you with clarifications. Check your inbox or your phone diligently to reply ASAP. Your deadline depends on it.
  • Read what a service wrote for you immediately. After you get a paper, read it. You should know if it looks wrong right away — the sooner you notice it, the sooner you’ll place revision.

Never Settle for Anything: Choose the Best from the Best

Our personal statement review service has recommended four great companies. Pick any of them and chat with their representatives. Check their prices — this could help you decide which of them suits you best. After working with them, share your opinion with us because we’d really like to know how it went!