In-Depth Review of the Best Plagiarism Checker Online

Any sign of inauthenticity can hurt your academic success and lead to penalties. That’s why you should get a hold of the best plagiarism checker for students. Numerous tools act as a powerful detector for stolen writing. If you’ve unintentionally reused someone’s words, the software will let your know.

However, not every online program can do the job right. You need a legit, professional, and reliable plagiarism checker that will assure the complete originality of your essays and college papers.

So, what is the best plagiarism checker? That’s what our review aims to discover. We’ve investigated the tools’ functionalities, accuracy, and customer testimonials to compose the list of the best plagiarism software.

Our List of the Top 10 Plagiarism Checker Tools

Here are the reviews of the best free plagiarism checker for students. We’ve included the paid tools as well for those who don’t mind paying for a good checker.

1. PlagTracker

plag tracker

PlagTracker is a checker online free of charge that students, teachers, and editors can benefit from. Just paste your paper or essay into the Plagiarism Check field and you’ll get a report in less than a minute. If you want to see the sources from which you reportedly copied the text, click on “View All Sources.” You’ll get the full list of links that lead to sites with similar text.
The basic version of the software is available for free. If you want more advanced options, such as checking larger files, getting a report faster, and a grammar revision, you’ll need to get a Premium account.

Pricing: Free and paid plan ($14.99/month)

Accuracy: 92%

Database: Large database of academic essays and papers


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Online tool
  • Plagiarism report
  • Proofreading and grammar check with a Premium account


  • No need to download an app
  • Easy to access and use
  • Free


  • Misleading results are possible

2. PlagiarismChecker


When you consider that PlagiarismChecker uses advanced technology to revise texts, it is not surprising that it is among the best sites to check for originality. You can use it online for free. The tool will analyze every sentence and inform you if there are any similarities with other texts on the web.

plagiarism checker review

A big plus is that it has a paraphrasing feature. If it detects a plagiarised sentence or paragraph, use the paraphrasing tool and you’ll get a rewritten text in a few seconds.

plagiarism checker overview

The free version has an 800-word limitation. So, if you want to check longer texts, you’ll need to pay for one of the premium plans. They come with text comparison, downloadable PDF reports, and 24/7 support—to name a few extras.

Pricing: Free and paid plans (starts at $15/month)

plagiarism checker prices

Accuracy: 95%

Database: Data on billions of sites, including articles, academic papers, books, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Rephrasing feature
  • Downloadable report
  • Paste text or upload from computer or Dropbox


  • Attractive interface
  • Huge database
  • Easy overview of the checked content


  • Limit of 800 words
  • Premium version is quite expensive for students

3. Plagscan

plagscan tool review

PlagScan has been on the market for over a decade. Many students claim that it is the best checker for research papers because of its intuitive report. After the tool checks your text, it will highlight the potential matches in different colors. Red will show the exact overlap, blue potential plagiarism, and green indicates citations.

plagscan tool

The side-by-side review allows you to make a quick comparison of the text to the source where the plagiarism is detected. Overall, PlagScan scanners are highly efficient and accurate.

Even though you need to pay to use this app, you can create a free test account to give it a try.

Pricing: Paid plans (starts at $4.99)

plagscan tool prices

Accuracy: 97%

Database: Billions of online sources and over 20,000 scientific journals


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Online tool
  • Detailed report
  • Detecting potential and certain matches


  • Color-coded revision
  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Side-by-side reports


  • No free version

4. Grammarly

grammarly plag checker

Besides being a popular proofreading and editing tool, Grammarly also has a plagiarism detection tool. This checker and proofreader can analyze your text in seconds and come back with a report. The downside is that the free version only informs you whether there is a match with other sources on the web. If you want to know which parts are plagiarized you need to go for the Premium package.

grammarly plag checker review

Pricing: Free and paid plans (starts at $12/month)

grammarly plag checker prices

Accuracy: 98%

Database: 16 billion websites and ProQuest’s database of academic papers


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Proofreader
  • Paste text or upload a document
  • Highlighted matches and links to sources that need to be credited


  • Detailed report
  • Plagiarism and grammar check in one
  • Helps with improving readability


  • No report about the found matches in the free version

5. Bartleby

bartleby tool

Similar to Grammarly, Bartleby only shows you the number of detected matches. It will inform you of grammar and writing issues as well. To get a detailed report on which segments are plagiarised, you need to upgrade to a paid plan. If you do, you’ll be able to get all the information about sources that contain text similar to yours. Bartleby does have a unique feature that can be very helpful to students and that is a citation generator. You can properly accredit cited resources in no time.

Best Plagiarism Checker

Pricing: Free and paid plans ($9.99)

Accuracy: 78%

Database: Large database of websites and academic sources


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Readability review
  • Citation generator


  • All-in-one tool for editing
  • Preliminary score


  • Limited features with a free account

6. Duplichecker

dupli checker

DupliChecker is the best site to check originality if you want a free, accurate, and simple tool. You can check your text by writing directly, pasting the text, uploading a file, or adding a webpage URL. In a few moments, DupliChecker will show you its assessment. It will underline the similarities with other sites and display on the right the pages where it found a match. If you need to paraphrase some sentence, click on the “Make it unique” button and it will take you to the paraphrasing tool. You can also check if there is any plagiarism in photos. This is what free users get, while the Premium plan features deep search, revision for up to 10,000 words, support, and no ads experience.

duplichecker tool review

Pricing: Free and paid plans (starts at $10/month)

duplichecker tool prices

Accuracy: 100%

Database: Millions of web pages, articles, blog posts, and more


  • Plagiarism check
  • Grammar check
  • Downloadable report


  • Deep search technology
  • Comprehensive report
  • Similarity in percentages
  • Checking plagiarism in photos


  • Limited number of words with the free account

7. Plagramme

plagramme review

Students prefer Plagramme because it has a user-friendly interface and it also does a pretty good job of detecting plagiarism. Creating an account is quite easy and once you get it done, you can upload your paper and start the checking process. You might need to wait longer to get the report as they have a real-time queue. When it’s done, the software will show in percentages the ratio of originality and plagiarism in a paper. If there is any plagiarism, Plagramme will highlight it, but you need to pay a fee of $6.82 to unlock the full report. To activate deep check functionality that provides 5 times more accurate reports, you need to pay a $2.99 fee.

Pricing: Free and paid features ($6.82 for the report, $2.99 for the deep check, and $1.50 for comparison with paid-access articles)

Accuracy: 100%

Database: Over 16 billion web pages and free and paid scholarly articles


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Detailed report
  • Deep check analysis
  • Plagiarism removal by editors


  • No word limit
  • Over 600 different repositories
  • Downloadable reports


  • No writing directly in the software or pasting the text
  • Many useful additional features come with a fee
  • Waiting in the queue to get your report

8. SmallSEOTools

small seo tools

SmallSEOTools s a freemium tool that allows you to import your text in numerous ways. You can write directly in the software, upload it from your computer, Dropbox or Drive, or you can add a webpage or specific URL. The report is available as a sentence-wise result or full document view. If some part of the text already exists on the web, it will be highlighted in red. With one click on the button, you can revise the sources with plagiarism text as well. Rewrite or rephrase features are available to free users also. You can check up to 1000 words for free. If you purchase a Pro plan, this limit rises up to 30,000 words.

small seo tools reviews

Pricing: Free and paid plans (starts at $9.80/month)

small seo tools prices

Accuracy: 95%

Database: Billions of pages for comparison


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar check
  • Rephrasing feature
  • Downloadable and shareable report


  • Fast
  • Several review options
  • Deep search feature


  • 1000 words limit with the free account
  • Limited functionalities with the free account

9. Unicheck

unicheck tool

To analyze your text in this best plagiarism detector, you need to create an account. You can do this for free, but to use the tool, you need to purchase pages. It only takes a few steps to register and add your text. It will indicate the similarities, signal the listed citations, and show you the sources. You can even review the list of references in the paper. The limit is 100,000 words, so you can use it for longer papers and essays. The minimum limit for a purchase is 20 pages, but it only costs 5$. This means that you can get detailed reports for several essays and papers for an affordable price.

unicheck tool review

Pricing: Paid plan (starts at $5 for 20 pages)

unicheck tool prices

Accuracy: 98%

Database: Billions of data sources


  • Plagiarism check
  • Downloadable report
  • References list
  • Citations list


  • Affordable
  • Great design and easy to navigate
  • Color-coded review
  • Revise all sources at once or one by one


  • Not available for free

10. CheckPlagiarism

check plagiarism review

CheckPlagiarism is a top free plagiarism checker especially for students who want a basic program. It is the tool with the simplest interface. Just paste or upload the text and you’ll get your results in a second. The report shows analysis per sentence and displays the percentage of original and plagiarized content. Compare your inauthentic sentences with the reportedly original ones by clicking on the “Compare” button. You can use this tool for free to up to 15,000 words. CheckPlagiarism also has a free online paraphrasing tool.

checkplagiarism prices

Accuracy: around 50% generally

Database: Millions of web pages and academic resources


  • Plagiarism checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Keyword density overview
  • List of matched sites
  • Possibility to exclude specific URL


  • Quick and easy comparison
  • Simple to use
  • Deep search available with a paid plan


  • Less accurate than other tools

Which is the Best Website to Check Plagiarism?

To find your top plagiarism checker, think about which plagiarism checker best suits you. Use our comprehensive review to get to know our top choices a little better and make your decision. To narrow down your options, you should first determine whether you are willing to pay for the tool or not. Or, you can test out several tools and opt for the one that you find most helpful.

How Can Plagiarism Checker Review Websites Help You?

Whether you need to find the best plagiarism checker software or the best college essay writing service, reviews hold the answers to your inquiry. You can read detailed reviews like this one and you can take a look at customer testimonials. Real experiences shared by students can reveal a lot about a tool. These unbiased opinions can also give you intel on how well the tools work for academic papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most accurate plagiarism checker?

Some tools can overlook plagiarised content. So, to find the most accurate one, aim for software that provenly has at least a 95% accuracy rate. Reviews and testimonials can help you detect the most accurate tools.

What is the most reliable free plagiarism checker?

The best plagiarism checker free online that you can rely on is the tool that has been on the market for a longer time. For such programs, you can find dozens of reviews on various sites. If hundreds of people share their stories and vouch for a certain tool, you can trust it.

Is a plagiarism checker as good as Turnitin?

Yes, it is. All of these top plagiarism checkers can be a good alternative to the popular Turnitin.

What is the best plagiarism checker for students?

Students can benefit most from such checkers that provide a detailed report. You can also benefit from tools that have grammar check and paraphrasing features since this will speed up the revision process.

What is the best free plagiarism checker?

Choosing just one best free plagiarism checker is hard because different people tend to want different features from a tool. However, if you want software that gives you a decent report for no additional cost, you can consider DupliChecker and SmallSEOTools.

What is the best-paid plagiarism checker?

Every paid plan offers numerous additional functionalities which improve your experience. If you are willing to pay for a tool, you won’t go wrong with any of the above-mentioned ones.

Can I check plagiarism for free?

Of course, you can. Many tools will analyze your essay or paper without demanding a fee. Review our list to find a plagiarism checker site that suits you the most.


With the help of reviews, you can easily discover a tool that has everything you need. Choose a plagiarism checker for you, and you’ll be able to check your essays’ authenticity and edit it without any trouble.