Ultimate Guide for Finding the Best Research Paper Writing Service

Students know how hard it is to complete a college writing assignment when you already have so much to do. There are professional agencies that can help you and do it for you, but it’s hard to find the one you can trust. This article shares the best research paper writing service reviews to help you make the right choice.

Top 3 Research Paper Writing Services

To create a list of websites that offer help with writing academic assignments, we did a lot of online investigating. We searched the web to find the most popular and credible agencies out there. Then, we selected the ones that seemed like the most professional ones. But, we didn’t stop there. To write our reviews, we decided to place an order with each of these websites and see how it goes. Based on our analysis and experience with each of the websites, we’ve created this list of reviews of the research paper writing service of our choice. Here’s our top 3 list.

1. Writing Universe. The first and top pick on our list is among top research paper writing agencies you’ll find.  In fact, one of our researchers said it was “the best website to write my research paper”. They too offer free essay samples that students can use as an example of great academic writing and learn from. But, those who need more help can place an order and have them deliver it to you, plagiarism-free.

Their price per page starts at $11.99 which makes them highly affordable. They can meet a 3-hour deadline easily so if you need the order to be completed urgently, they’re a great choice. You can use their website to place an order within minutes and instantly see what’s your delivery date and time, as well as the exact price you’ll need to pay.

2. Top Essay Writing. For all of you who googled reviews research paper writing service, we continue with our list. The next top-quality website that ticks all our boxes is Top Essay Writing. This agency offers professional and confidential assistance for students who need high-quality research papers. Their prices for a college-level order start at $12.99 per page, and the tightest deadline they can cover is 6 hours. Simply put, it’s one of the best services in the USA, and here’s why.

We loved so many things about them, including 24/7 customer service, their money-back guarantee policy, assured absence of plagiarism, discounts they offer for multiple orders, as well as positive customer testimonials. Like other best research paper writing services in USA, they cover a wide range of subjects and there’s no way you won’t be able to find the type of help that you need. They also offer editing and proofreading services, in case you’ve written the assignment on your own but need a professional to take a look. If you decide to hire one of their expert writers, you’ll have more time to study for exams or do other projects you have.

3. Grab My Essay. Finally, GrabMyEssay is another great choice and we recommend you look into them. Grab My Essay is a writing agency that can provide college students with written assignments of different academic levels- from freshmen to Doctoral. They have a database of free essay samples you can use, that’ll show you the level of professionalism you’ll encounter.

The price of their assistance depends on the urgency, academic level, expertise of the best research paper writer, and the number of pages. Luckily, you can calculate it instantly while placing the order to see exactly how much you’re going to pay. You’re also going to choose your subject from their list. They cover all subjects including Education, Religion, Nutrition, Journalism, Economy, and many more. Once you place your order, they’ll find the best expert and deliver your requested assignment in time. They passed every test we’ve done, including brilliant customer service that’s available 24/7.

Why Read Research Paper Writing Service Reviews?

You may feel like there’s no need to read reviews if you want to find a top writing company. You may think that you can simply do some googling an online search, look at the websites you find online and make the best decision. We need to beg the difference, and here’s why. First, you’ll only read the information this service wants you to read. This is because their website is nothing more than their marketing presentation. Second, you don’t know what it’s really like to do business with them. And, since you don’t have any experience with them, you can easily make a mistake. But, reading credible reviews brings you the kind of information you didn’t have before. Why? Because our reviews are based on our experience.

To write a review, we take several important steps. We first searched the web to find best research paper writing service. Then we read about how they work, prices, features, user experience, and customer service. To make sure we’re giving you the right information, we then place an order. The rest is simple- we wait for it to be delivered and then write reviews based on our own experience with each particular website.

So, we don’t just read the information that is presented on the website. We also checked to see how their writers actually perform. That means that reading our writing service reviews gives you the right kind of information about the agency you plan on hiring. To find even more information, read these college paper writing service reviews. It’s important to have all the facts before hiring them to help unload some of those college assignments.

How to Find Genuine Research Paper Writing Services?

Now that you understand the value and benefits of reading credible and objective reviews, you should learn how to find the agencies you can trust. You only want to read reviews that are genuine and legit. This can be a challenge since there are so many fabricated reviews or those written with the attention to present a company falsely. Here’s what we recommend as the best procedure for finding a research paper writing service review that you can fully trust.

  • Use Google. Start by searching the web through a basic Google search. Just type research paper writing services reviews into the Google search bar or find another similar keyword that may work. The best reviews will appear on the first page of your results.
  • Reviews Volume. Next, you need to check the volume of reviews for each website that you choose. If the agency has a great average score but has been reviewed by less than 10 people, you probably want to look for another one. A higher volume of reviews means better quality.
  • Reading the Reviews. Once you find the reviews you like, try to really read them, paying attention to every detail. If the review does nothing but praise, without any arguments or information you could use, it’s probably a fabricated review. So, try looking for reviews that are objective and offer arguments for the conclusions they make.
  • Real Users’ Experience. Finally, to determine what’s the best website that writes research papers for you, you should try and find reviews written by their previous customers. You could find them on the services’ websites, on Reddit, social media, and other similar platforms. Try to read as many reviews as possible to see if there’s a pattern in what people are happy with or what bothered them with a specific agency. Remember, there can be fake users’ reviews as well, so read the comments critically, looking for legit ones only.

What Criteria Are the Reviews Based on?

It’s only natural that you want to know about the criteria we’ve used to find, rank, and review the websites we’re recommending above. We try to be 100% objective and professional in determining which one of them deserves a spot on our top list and which doesn’t. That’s why we’ve applied the same criteria to all of them and remained bias-free in our findings. Here are the most important criteria we used to find the best companies that write research papers for you.

  • Timely Delivery. You’ll have no use of any professional agency that hires great writers and produces brilliant essays if they’re unable to do it on time. Timely delivery was one of our main criteria in creating the reviews. We searched for companies that can handle super urgent tasks, agree on a deadline and respect it, and deliver any order as per agreement. We found those that can even meet a 3-hour deadline.
  • Confidentiality & Security. There’s nothing wrong with hiring the best research paper writer to handle your college assignment. Still, we know you’d like to keep it private and confidential. We looked into those agencies that respect your privacy and guarantee maximum confidentiality to every customer.
  • Paper Writers. The next criterion we looked into is how well-trained and experienced are the writers working for the agency. We wanted to make sure the writers are native speakers and experts who can successfully complete your order, according to all academic standards.
  • 24/7 Customer Support. Live chat, email, and phones that are answered promptly are what we needed to see with these best research paper writing services in USA that we reviewed. We know customers demand solid and ongoing support from a professional team they choose, so 24/7 customer support matters to us as well.
  • Payment Methods. As for the payment methods, we took them into account as an important criterion as well. Customers such as yourself need to be able to choose between payment methods and find the one that suits them most. So, we looked into the versatility of payment options and found websites that offer payment through credit cards, PayPal, and other types of money transfers. We wanted to ensure these professionals are only going to charge students once they place an order, no sooner than that.
  • Policies & Guarantees. Finally, we wanted to find the best websites that write research papers for you and allow you to protect your rights. We looked into their money-back guarantees and policies regarding revisions, refunds, and privacy. We chose the ones that include all of this and work on helping their clients get what they paid for.

The Price Range of Legit Research Paper Writing Services

During the creation of our reviews, one of the main criteria that we focused on was the price. We wanted to find a service that will do a great job for you but will still be within a student’s budget. That’s why we tried to find the highest, lowest, and average prices on the market. Here’s what we discovered.

For a college-level research paper, the lowest price from an agency that hires the top research paper experts is $11.99 per page. This is for a freshman-level assignment with a deadline of 14 days, which is as high as you can go on most websites with best research paper writers. The price increases significantly as you change the academic level of the needed assignment to junior college-level or Doctoral.

But, the biggest difference in prices is seen when you change the needed urgency. So, the price per page for the same essay as described above would be $55.99 if you changed the deadline to three hours. That means that the sooner you place your order, the less you’ll pay for it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s so much to think about and consider when trying to find a trustworthy and professional writing service to write your research paper. But, why would you waste your time on endless googling and testing, when we’ve already done the hard work? The reviews of research paper writing service that we’ve shared above will help you find professional writing help easily.