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BestEssaysEducation Overview

Our goal is to try to relieve some of that stress, and thus the reasons for our website. We think of ourselves as a very targeted social media platform on one hand and as a key resource website on the other. Our platform allows our registered users to post all kinds of things student- and school-related, to engage in conversations with fellow students, and to access our blog and other resources. Our biggest resource is the numerous reviews we have compiled on writing services that students can use to get academic help needed. This is an ongoing effort, so stay tuned.

This BestEssaysEducation review is now presented, and we urge students to read it – they might just find a one-stop-shop for all of their coursework struggles.

How Much Does Their Papers Cost?

Our biggest criteria in this category are transparency and reasonableness of pricing. We want to see companies whose pricing compares to what we know to be average for the industry, and we want to see potential customers given a realistic estimate of what their costs may be.

BestEssaysEducation meets both of these criteria in the following ways:

  • There is a short form on the BestEssaysEducation home page. This allows a potential customer to plug in just the basic info of what he needs and to get a “quote.” Now, this quote may not be the final price, but it does at least give an idea of cost.
  • There is a BestEssaysEducation discount plan that will also affect the final cost. It is quite liberal for new customers – 23% on their first order. From there, returning students will find additional discounts based upon their cumulative order status. The company also offers special sale pricing throughout the year and advertises this on its site.
  • Another “wrinkle” in final pricing is add-on extras that students can choose when they reach the order/checkout process. Each comes with an additional fee, so we always advise students to choose carefully and only those they really need.

The pricing range that BestEssaysEducation has is sectioned off by categories of products/services, and these are all appropriate when compared to those of other reputable services.

Types of Services

We like to see a wide scope of offerings so that students can find anything they need. We also insist upon high quality, and we do carefully investigate this. Relative to BestEssaysEducation, we present the following.

The scope of offerings is large:

  • Academic paper Writing: This category includes virtually all of the writing assignments students might get – essays and papers, of course, but everything else as well – lab reports, case studies, presentations, book/movie reviews, analyses, research projects, literature reviews, and more
  • Re-Writing/Editing/Proofreading: These sections relate to their own writing that students submit to be re-written and/or polished.
  • STEM Coursework: math, science, engineering, and IT projects and problem sets can be challenging. BestEssaysEducation has STEM experts in all topic areas to help with these.
  • Dissertation Service: this is listed separately because only Ph.D. researchers and writers will be assigned to theses and dissertations.
  • Admissions Services – The BestEssaysEducation creative writing department creates, edits, and/or proofreads admission essays for high school students and personal statements for grad applicants
  • Multiple-Choice Questions: Topic-specific experts can take timed and untimed quizzes and tests
  • Copywriting: This BestEssaysEducation service is really for online business entrepreneurs; however, students who may be contributing to forums and blogs or who maintain their own portfolio websites might have need of this service too.

The scope is definitely there. Now, to take a look at quality. To do this, we looked long and hard and found the following:

  • We insist that the website content be impeccable. After all, if a company is not able to produce content that is clear and grammatically error-free, then chances of getting exceptional quality of products are just not there. BestEssaysEducation has perfectly-written site content.
  • We reviewed the two samples on the site. These were both at the college level, sported suitable resources, were written in scholarly language and tone, and were worthy of college level research and writing.
  • We collated all of the comments, conversations, and feedback that users of our site had posted/submitted. Overwhelmingly, these users/customers were happy and had nothing but great things to say about the quality and customer service they received.
  • Social media revealed some additional customer feedback, as did a few consumer review websites. Again, we discovered that customers are genuinely pleased with their BestEssaysEducation experiences. Specifically mentioned were such things as getting revisions quickly, deadlines being met, and top-quality research.

In the end, we are happy to give BestEssaysEducation.com our top rating in the category of both scope and quality of services.

Payment Methods

BestEssaysEducation has an international clientele. This is because English-speaking students in English-speaking institutions are studying in many countries. To handle payment methods in these circumstances, BestEssaysEducation allows options for different currencies. Students can use any of many bank cards or PayPal (even without an account on this platform), or a wire transfer if necessary.

We also insist that writing services provide secure means for payments – one that protects customers’ financial information. Processing their own payments doesn’t cut it. Even students choose not to use PayPal, then the company must provide third-party processing via a secure, reputable platform. Fortunately, BestEssaysEducation does just that.


No writing service is worth our recommendation without both guarantees and demonstration that those guarantees are executed when a customer needs to use them. According to customers, both of these are in place. These are the guarantees:

  • Privacy: Most students do not want it advertised that they are using a writing service for academic help. And BestEssaysEducation.com takes care of this well. It has a Privacy Policy that speaks to what information must be collected from customers. And that policy states that no customer information will be shared. But it also protects that information behind strong firewalls and assigns every student a unique ID number and password-protected account.
  • Unique and Customized products: This means several things. First, BestEssaysEducation assigns writers to orders who are qualified to fulfill them. Second, no order production is begun until that assigned writer begins it. Third, customer specifications are followed “to the letter” – no exceptions. Fourth, every product is scanned for plagiarism.
  • Satisfaction: BestEssaysEducation customers who are not satisfied with what they receive may request unlimited revisions until they are.
  • Money-Back: This guarantee is in the written policy. It spells out how and when customers are eligible for refunds. BestEssaysEducation has the specifics that are fair and appropriate.
  • Quality Assurance: BestEssaysEducation has a QA team that reviews every finished piece – for plagiarism, for adherence to customer specifications, for research integrity, and for perfect, scholarly composition that is right for the grade level.

Kudos to BestEssaysEducation.com for a full scope of guarantees that students can count on.

Is Site Legit?

Of course, BestEssaysEducation.com is legit. It represents a writing service that has a great business model, is committed to its customers, and wants them over the long-haul. Other companies without such ethics and transparency may have a legitimate site. But, behind those sites sit companies that are not legitimate. We look at the companies behind the websites.


Our favorites for students are:

  • Expert writers matched with orders based on degrees and background
  • Direct contact with a writer
  • Guarantees can be counted on
  • On-time delivery
  • Exceptional quality


  • There are only two writing samples. Need more variety of topics and grade levels
  • Blog is too outdated

To Sum Up

We are impressed with BestEssaysEducation.com. Not only does it have a superbly designed website, but it tells the truth. Behind this website is a company that puts customers first, that looks to be a trusted source for students during all of their academic days. We recommend BestEssaysEducation without any reservations.



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