Boomessays Review: Pros and Cons of Using This Writing Service


BoomEssays Overview

To give you an accurate review of Boomessays, we have gone through several sections of the website to give you a complete overview. We also made test orders because that’s the best way to find out how a company really works. Finally, we laid out some pros and cons of this service before coming with the final summary.

Learn everything there is to know about this service before you make your first order:

Do Their Fees Worth It?

The best thing about Boomessays and their pricing system is that you always know how much you are going to pay. They even have a “no hidden fees” badge on their homepage! At many other writing websites, this can pose a real problem. Services sometimes quote a particular price and then raise it, coming up with different reasons why they have to do so. At Boomessays, you will pay exactly the amount that you got a quote for initially.

Another great thing that you should definitely check out before you place your first order is extras and perks. Most of these extras are charged additionally on other websites, but gives them for free with every order. Here are some of the perks you can get for absolutely free if you order from Boomessays:

  • free revisions – writing websites usually have a limited number of revisions you can ask for, usually 1 or 2. Some websites don’t offer revisions at all. Here, the writer will amend your work until you’re 100% happy, for no extra cost!
  • bibliography – carefully composing, alphabetizing, and ordering bibliography can really be a nuisance. Boomessays offers this service for free with all research papers ordered on the website.
  • outline – this is another perk that you will rarely see offered for free on other writing service websites. Before you get your final result, you can ask the writers to give you an outline of what the work will look like
  • formatting – this is another common nuisance for college students. Every style has specific requirements and formats that writers have to follow. writers are experienced and trained in all citing styles, and will format your writing for free!
  • plagiarism report – it goes without saying that plagiarism is a deadly sin in academia. It’s especially hard to find out whether work is plagiarized if you haven’t written it yourself. That’s why this service offers a free plagiarism report with any order.

If you are wondering about prices, you can easily check an approximate price for your project using the calculator on their homepage. There, you just have to enter your academic level, the type of service you need, the number of pages, as well as your deadline. When you enter all this info, you will get a quote per page, and you can continue with your order. Prices for academic writing from scratch start at $12.99 per page.

Types of Services

When we first started writing this Boomessays review, we didn’t expect that there would be so many services to test out! They have really managed to compose a service offer that’s so versatile that any student can find what they need. services are carefully divided into categories, and you will have to pick one before you carry on with your project. Choosing the right type of service is important for your quote calculation.

Boomessays specializes in academic writing, but there are also other tasks you can get done on their website. For example, STEM students often order a solution for their Math/Stats problem. These assignments can get quite tricky and challenging. Sometimes, a task is so complex and hard that it eats up all of your time and focus. When you start feeling that a math problem is taking too long, it’s a good idea to outsource it to Math majors.

As for academic services, these are the most popular orders on their website:

  • essays (argumentative, descriptive, persuasive, college admissions essay, scholarship essay)
  • research paper (in Business, Economics, Healthcare, Science, Biology, Management, Psychology and hundreds of other disciplines) and help from the best research paper writers
  • thesis writing (for students who require a thesis for their BA, MA, BSc, or MSc degree)
  • dissertation writing (for PhD students struggling with their final dissertation)
  • literature review (for college tasks where you need to compare and contrast different academic literature sources)
  • editing/proofreading (to make sure that the writing you submit is impeccable)
  • rewriting (Boomessays can rewrite sections of your text to make it original)

Payment Options

You can choose from six different payment methods on Boomessays. This way, the company made sure that any student has access to their services. Also, these payment platforms support worldwide payments, so international students can also order tasks regardless of their home currency.

Here are the current payment options that you can use to make a payment on

  • PayPal (the safest and simplest option for making a payment online)
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Wire Transfer (the slowest and least recommended method for online payments)


How can you be sure that the work you receive from Boomessays writers will be high-quality, original, and done on time? Through their official guarantees. On their website, you can find proof and examples of several guarantees and promises they make to their customers. This helps them establish a trusting relationship with customers. According to reviews online, they always keep their word and respect their guarantees. The website promises the following:

  • your order is confidential – no one will ever find out that you placed an order on their website nor that you received the final product. This is guaranteed under their privacy policy; no data you share with them is ever shared with third parties.
  • your work will be original – there’s a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism on this website. You will get a free plagiarism report with every order you make. In case you detect plagiarized text in your final order, you can ask for a refund.
  • you will get your money back if you’re not happy – Boomessays believe that everyone will love their service: so much that they promise to refund you if you are not happy with the result.

Is Site Legit?

Boomessays is legit and services hundreds of customers every day. If you are skeptical, you can search for additional essay writing service review and opinions online. On a yearly basis, Boomessays will serve thousands of students.


  • great customer team; you can reach them via live chat, and they respond instantly
  • awesome extras and perks you can buy; some of them are available for free
  • a huge variety of service offers and fields they cover
  • a versatile database of writers; chances are very slim that you won’t be able to find an expert for your task


We had a hard time finding any drawbacks to using this service. The team at Boomessays really tried hard to provide a 360 experience where you can’t find a complaint.

  • they receive many orders each day, so your order might not be a priority if it’s last-minute
  • there is a premium charged for getting top writers

To Sum Up

After reviewing, we can recommend Boomessays for sure. They have a service portfolio that covers all academic levels and assignments, which allows you to get help from them regardless of your age or field of study. If you are unsure about anything in the ordering process, you can contact their customer support team quite easily. They are available around the clock on different channels. You can use whichever you prefer (chat, email, phone), and you will get a reply almost instantly. This way, you don’t have to worry whether the customer service team is up and running. Someone at Boomessays will always be ready to pick up your task and start working on it.



My PowerPoint presentation was not well organized. Had to pay some other service provider to redo the work. To make it worse the writer was late by thirty minutes. I’m disappointed by boomessay.


I do not recommend anyone to use this site!

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