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BuyEssay Overview

While there are many companies available on the market, BuyEssay puts consistent efforts into keeping its clients as loyal as possible. In this BuyEssay review, we will be 100% objective and share our findings based on the research we did. Therefore, we will tell you how the price calculator available on works, but we will also share with you our concerns on the available discounts. In this review, we will share both pros and cons and offer our readers a neutral view of how BuyEssay operates.


BuyEssay, just like other writing companies available on the market, follows a transparent pricing policy. Therefore, any client who wants to submit an order on will find a smart tool called the fee calculator available on the site. Thanks to this instrument, the client can immediately find how much he/she should pay for the content he/she needs. So, the customers won’t have any surprises when the final invoice comes. If we think of the students’ profile, it seems clear that BuyEssay understands the challenges that students have when it comes to budgets. Therefore, through the price calculator, it allows the customers to have predictability and split their budgets accordingly.

We did a quick simulation to check whether the company’s prices stay on the market’s average. We used the price calculator to add details for a high school essay. The tool returned a price of $12 per page. In comparison to the industry’s average, we would say that this fee stays in the benchmark. Apart from writing services, the writers who take over the orders placed on will also deliver some free services. For example, the clients will also get the bibliography, title page, and use the plagiarism checker without any costs.

When we talk about prices, we consider is it essential to mention discounts as well. However, it seems that BuyEssay isn’t too generous in offering price reductions for new or returning clients. We consider that the company should rethink this strategy and offer attractive discounts to customers. Besides, BuyEssay seems to have a referral program, about which it doesn’t give too many details. The only information that we could get after submitting a test order on was that the clients can receive $10 off from their next order if they refer a friend who submits an order on the site.

Additional services also come with extra fees. For example, the customer can choose to work with the highest-ranked writer for an extra fee of 40% from the price returned by the fee calculator. Also, the clients have the freedom to choose a native speaker if they are open to paying 30% more than the normal fee. Besides, the customer can ask for 3 samples from the writer prior to working with him/her. The price for this service is $5. Another extra service that the writer can choose if he/she pays $14.95 is for a selection of articles and books which should be cited in the paper.

List of Services

BuyEssay targets students as their main audience. Therefore, the vendor offers different types of services focusing on serving the students’ needs. A client who wants to submit orders on can choose between essay writing, article review, book review, case study, college essay, or lab report. When it comes to difficulty level, the writers who collaborate with BuyEssay can deliver content for different levels. For instance, students can order papers for high school level, as well as undergraduate, master, or doctorate.

Business owners are also targeted by BuyEssay. According to the type of papers displayed on, the writers who collaborate with BuyEssay can deliver a comprehensive business plan. The vendor makes sure to collaborate with talented professionals who have previously worked on similar topics. On the other hand, if they were determined to target entrepreneurs, we consider that BuyEssay should expand its list of services. Therefore, they should include press release writing or web content in their dropdown list. Besides, editing and proofreading are not included in the portfolio of services provided.

Payment Instruments

BuyEssay does a good job of allowing customers to pay for their orders using secure payment methods. Therefore, the clients who want to order content writing services from can use their cards issued by VISA, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover. Even though the company is quite generous with offering different types of payment instruments, we consider that BuyEssay could do more than that. Therefore, they should not forget to consider PayPal as a secure and easy-to-use payment method.

Money-Back Guarantee

BuyEssay puts consistent efforts to make its clients feel safe when ordering services from them. Therefore, the customers can find a comprehensive refund policy available on The policy is developed like an FAQ section which makes it easier for clients to find their situation and discover which would be a fair solution offered by BuyEssay.

So, in case the client decides to cancel the order, he/she can receive full or part of his/her money back depending on some situations. For example, in case the cancellation request comes before BuyEssay finds a writer to take care of it, then all money will be returned. If such a situation occurs when less than half of the deadline has passed, then BuyEssay can refund a maximum of 70% of the amount paid. The refunded amount becomes 50% if the customer sends the cancellation request after half of the deadline is already gone. Finally, if the writer has done the paper and the customer doesn’t download it but decides to cancel the order, the client can receive a maximum refund of 30% from the price paid.

Revision Policy

BuyEssay strives to offer the highest possible quality to its customers. Therefore, it offers unsatisfied clients the opportunity to receive free revisions as long as they comply with some simple conditions. Therefore, it is essential that the customer adds the same instructions in the revision request as what he/she added in the order form. Also, each revision request should be submitted by pressing the “revision” button which is available on the personal order page. Finally, the customer has to comply with a clear deadline. He/she should submit the revision request in 7 days since the writer submitted the paper to the client.

Should You Trust the Site?

We found to be a legit site. The company has an encrypted system incorporated in the site that allows customers to pay for their orders via secure payment instruments. Also, we found a confidentiality policy in place. This means that all the information inserted by the clients on the site is safe and the company won’t use it for other reasons than for processing payments and finalizing the order.


BuyEssay is competitive thanks to the following positive characteristics:

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Comprehensive refunds and revisions policy
  • Legit site
  • Secure payment methods


BuyEssay should put more effort into improving the following aspects:

  • Payments via PayPal should be accepted
  • New and returning clients should be rewarded with discounts


BuyEssay is a legit company that provides quality writing services that match the students’ requirements compared to other paper writing websites. Its prices stay on the market’s average. However, BuyEssay should work more on providing an attractive discount policy. On the other hand, is a legit site that allows customers to pay for their orders via legit payment methods. Still, the company should add PayPal as an approved payment instrument. Finally, BuyEssay has comprehensive refunds and revisions policies that inspire trust in the customers and convince them to return to for more orders.



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