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CoolEssay Overview

Our CoolEssay review includes objective arguments to show our readers how this vendor operates and whether they should put their bets on it. Our aim is to create a comprehensive guide for our readers that includes information from CoolEssay. The company manages to stay different than its competitors as they care about their clients’ reputations. What does this mean? First, they offer transparency when it comes to fee calculation. Clients can use a price calculator to understand from the beginning how much they need to pay for the type of service they need. Also, CoolEssay works with skilled writers who will take care to write non-plagiarized content that meets the clients’ requirements. There are also things that we didn’t

like and we will tell you about them in the following paragraphs.

Pricing Matrix

One of the first messages that appear on is that clients can order an essay for $10/page. As we wanted to check whether this statement is true, we did some double-checking. First, we identified the price calculator available on the homepage. This tool is very easy to use. We had to select the type of service we needed and the academic level. Also, the fee calculator asked us to choose the deadline. As we weren’t in a hurry, we selected the maximum deadline period, which was 14 days. The tool showed us that, in this scenario, the price per page would be $10. So, CoolEssay told the truth when they promoted this fee for a high school essay.

We also entered on the pricing page available on We found a comprehensive table that includes the fees calculated for content writing, depending on the academic level and deadline period. So, customers can find immediately how much they need to pay for the type of service they need and decide whether the fees fit their budget.

On the other hand, we checked which were the available discounts for clients. Even though CoolEssay shows its flexibility to award discounts to loyal and first-time customers, they don’t mention a clear percentage. Their message is to discuss with the customer support team, who will find the best possible solution for the respective scenario. In our opinion, this is not a convincing statement for clients as they don’t know for sure what discount percentage to expect.

Services Delivered

CoolEssay specializes in content writing, and their main target is formed by students. Therefore, they specialized in developing an extended portfolio of services that matches the needs of different categories of students. Clients can order anything from essay writing, book reviews, lab reports, or research work. The list of services in this area is very diverse, allowing customers to find the type of services that matches their needs. When it comes to the academic level, CoolEssay manages to work with writers who can deliver content on all possible academic difficulties. Therefore, the clients can order content for high school, college, bachelor, master, or doctorate.

Another important category of services that students usually use is dedicated to proofreading and editing. Many students don’t have generous budgets to pay for content writing from scratch. Therefore, they prefer to do the writing themselves and ask for professional help from editors and proofreaders working for CoolEssay.

Last but not least, business writing is another type of service that many professionals order on When they launch their business, entrepreneurs need to raise awareness over their services and turn leads into real clients. This is why they need well-written content. So, CoolEssay can help with its professional writers who can deliver web content writing, press and news releases, as well as comprehensive and convincing business plans.

Payment Methods

CoolEssay uses secure payment methods that give customers peace of mind and trust in the vendor’s professionalism. Therefore, one of the most popular payment methods that customers use is PayPal. It is not only a safe method but also one of the easiest to use. SafeCharge is another secure payment instrument accepted for order payment on In case customers want to pay using their cards, they can use cards issued by VISA and MasterCard. All in all, CoolEssay does a good job in securing payments for its clients using a DMCA system that secures all payments done on

Terms and Conditions

CoolEssay has comprehensive policies when it comes to refunds and revisions. We consider this is an essential point that the vendor manages to control as customers need clear rules and have to understand if they are treated fairly.

Refund Policy

The refund policy available on includes some clear examples to help the clients understand when they can receive a refund. For example, they will get their money back if they paid for an order twice or placed two identical orders accidentally. A full refund will be possible in case CoolEssay doesn’t find any suitable writer to take over the order.

Late delivery is also a situation when the customer is entitled to ask for his/her money back. Therefore, in case the writer missed the deadline, the client can ask for a price recalculation. For instance, if the writer was 20 minutes late for an order that had a deadline of 8 hours, then CoolEssay will recalculate the price as if the client would ask for a deadline of 12 hours. This means that the client will get a partial refund for the calculation difference. In case an order had a deadline of 7 days, and the writer missed the deadline, then the client is entitled to ask for a refund. In such a case, CoolEssay can give 10% of the money paid back.

Order cancellation is possible under certain conditions. For instance, when the client wants to cancel the order after less than half of the deadline is gone, then CoolEssay will refund 70% of the order’s price. If the cancellation comes when more than half of the deadline has passed, then 30% of the amount will be refunded. On the other hand, if the writer was proactive and sent the order before the deadline, but the client wants to cancel the order, then CoolEssay won’t accept any refund request.

Revision Policy

Similar to the refund policy, the revision rules are very clear and well-structured. Therefore, the policy starts with the revision instructions. It is important that clients keep the same instructions when they submit the revision request. In case the customer changes the instructions, CoolEssay will ask for additional payment. Depending on how the instructions are changed, the revision will actually become a new order for editing and will be charged accordingly.

Ordering a revision is quite easy. The client has to press the “Request Revision” button available in his/her account. Also, to make the process faster, it would be great if the client mentions the order ID in the revision request form. Besides, such requests should be made in the first 10 days since the writer delivered the paper. For large orders that have more than 30 pages, then the period for free revisions becomes 20 days. Within this period, CoolEssay offers free and unlimited revisions to unsatisfied clients.

On the other hand, if the client is not satisfied with the quality delivered by a writer, he/she has the right to ask for a different writer to do it. The customer is encouraged to discuss with the Support Team, and they will change the writer only after he/she delivered 3 revisions. Also, this option becomes possible only if the client delivers comprehensive and real arguments to support this request.

Should Clients Trust The Site? is a legit site. It has a professional look and structure. Also, it includes secure systems that allow payments to be made safely. Another point that convinced us is that it includes a cookie and privacy policy.


CoolEssay is trusted by the clients for the following reasons:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Legit site
  • Refund and revisions policy
  • Affordable prices


CoolEssay should improve the following areas:

  • Develop a more attractive discount policy


We think that, overall, CoolEssay does a good job in delivering professional writing services to clients. It has a detailed list of services that meets the customers’ requirements. Also, its prices are affordable and can be quickly calculated with the fee calculator. On the other hand, we consider that CoolEssay should work more on improving its discount scheme and make it more attractive. Besides, CoolEssay offers clear refunds and revisions policies that convince the clients to trust this company as best essay help.



Not satisfied with the turnout. Late submission, poor punctuation. The customer care was rude. Just find another writer. 1 star


I’ve been a client of this service for a very long time. Of course, there were some moments of misunderstanding, but despite all of that, I always had my order by the deadline.

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