Edubirdie Review: How Trustworthy is This Content Provider


EduBirdie Overview

At Trusted Essay Writers, we feel your pain. That is why we designed and maintain a website that provides lots of resources for all types of students. And our biggest resource is the wealth of reviews of online writing companies that just keep coming. They are all based upon objective information that we have dug up and common criteria that we use for all reviews.

This Edubirdie review is the result of our investigation process, and we urge students to read it for all of the facts they need.

Payment System

There are three important features that we consider as we look at payment systems. First, does Edubirdie have differentiated pricing schedules for different types of products/services? Second, are Edubirdie prices reasonable and within the scope of what we consider appropriate for the industry? And third, what other features affect the final customer costs?

Edubirdie answers these questions as follows:

  • There are separate cost schedules for different types of services, and those will be covered shortly.
  • Within each type of service, Edubirdie structures its pricing based upon the academic tier of the student and the required delivery deadline. In general, the lower the academic tier, and the longer the time given, the cheaper the price.
  • We’ve been in the business of writing service evaluations long enough to know what standard pricing looks like among reputable companies. Edubirdie prices are in line with these.
  • Most college writing services have a structured discount program that provides cost reductions for both new and returning students. We did not find such a program on the website. Customer service did state that there are various discounts offered at different times during the year.
  • There are features that will increase the final costs. These are known as “extras,” and they are all optional. Edubirdie offers the option for such things as abstracts, outlines, VIP customer support, and full plagiarism reports. These options can be selected at checkout.

Edubirdie pricing and cost features are both reasonable and transparent.

Types of Services

According to the two links, titled “services” and “editing,” has most of the services students from any academic tier could want. These are divided into more specific items, and when clicked, navigate to a distinct page for further detail:

  • Essays: All types, whether basic or research-required; any subject field, any level
  • Research Papers: Again, any topic and any level
  • Dissertations: These include theses too. Grad students are provided Ph.D. consultants in their research fields and will provide anything from the development of a research question to literature reviews, to research designs, to statistical analyses, etc.
  • Case Study: Edubirdie provides experts in all topic fields to design and produce these pieces
  • Coursework: this can be anything from short answer essays, to projects, to presentations, and more. Edubirdie assigns qualified writers, or students may look at their writer options, interview specific writers, and select one they believe to be the best match.
  • Term Papers: These are “close cousins” to research papers – any topic, any level
  • Other: This category includes miscellaneous research and writing types, including such things as annotated bibliographies, research proposals, and assistance with STEM coursework
  • Editing and Proofreading is a separate Edubirdie link and is just what it says. The company provides topic-specific editors to review, re-structure, and put the final polish on pieces that students submit.

The scope of Edubirdie services is definitely there. We like what we see, but we are more interested in the quality of delivered products and services. When we rate the quality of products or services, we look into very specific things. Here is what we researched and found:

  • We always review most every page of the company website for clarity, good organization, and great English grammar and composition. Most of the Edubirdie content was well-written, with the exception of some grammatical and word usage issues, which might indicate some foreign-language writers.
  • We like to see samples of products so that we can assess structure and composition. Unfortunately, Edubirdie doesn’t offer these.
  • We obtained some good information from users of our website who were happy to provide comments and feedback on their experiences with Edubirdie. One student even forwarded his research paper to us to review. From these statements, we can conclude that ESL students are quite satisfied with what they receive. Likewise, high school students seem generally pleased. At the college and grad level, though, there were concerns related to proper and formal English grammar/composition. Before ordering such one, we recommend reading research paper writing services reviews. All students stated they received their initial final draft on time; all students stated they were able to ask for revisions; and all students said they did have direct contact with their writers.
  • When we looked on the web for customer feedback, we did find comments that were much the same as those our users provided.

To sum up, does offer what most students may need. And, for certain segments of the student population, it provides satisfactory quality.

Payment Methods

Here, we want to see two things – multiple payment options through a variety of bank cards and/or other payment methods and full security for customers.

Edubirdie offers payments through most major bank cards – Visa, Amex, MasterCard, JCB, and Union Pay. It does not offer payment through PayPal, which we like to see. When a company allows PayPal, customers can run their cards through that secure platform.

But, for Edubirdie customers, payments are still secure. The company does not process those payments because it does not have the security level to keep financial data safe. Instead, it contracts with a secure and certified payment processing firm that a lot of other online retailers use.


We do have some concerns that has only one written policy. Most reputable companies have several. But there are promises in writing throughout the Edubirdie website. Here are those promises and what customers have to say about their integrity:

Money-Back: This is the single written policy. It defines when a customer will be eligible for a refund of some type. In general, if the company or any of its employees are at fault for not meeting a customer order, then refunds will apply. Students should read through this policy to understand the details.

Deadlines Met: Edubirdie says that it will meet the deadline of any order it accepts and provide refunds if they are not, due to company or writer failure.

No Plagiarism: Edubirdie states that all final pieces are scanned for plagiarism before they are delivered. Customers do state they have not had issues with plagiarism. What bothers us is that this is listed as a free benefit and yet comes with a $25 charge as an option at checkout.

24/7 Customer Support: This is borne out by customers and by our ability to contact the department at all hours of the day and night. Contact can be via chat, phone, or email.

Customer Satisfaction: There is a quality control department that does run a thorough check on all final pieces before they are delivered. They are checked for customer instructions, appropriate research and writing, plagiarism, and proper formatting.

While customers state that these promises are generally honored, we would still like to see more written policies with these guarantees included.

Is Site Legit? represents a writing company that has been in business for several years and operates with specific processes and policies. Students can place orders, have secure methods of payment, can speak with their writers, and get a hold of customer support if they have issues or questions. And there are guarantees that customers’ states are executed.

In all ways, Edubirdie meets our requirements for a legitimate website.


Here are what we believe are the top pros of Edubirdie:

  • ESL and high school students are happy with their products
  • Customer privacy is protected
  • Edubirdie customer support is available around the clock
  • Deadlines are honored
  • Quality control staff reviews all final drafts


Here are what we see in need of improvement:

  • Edubirdie should publish samples for visitors to review
  • More written policies must be produced and published
  • Free plagiarism scan and yet $25 fee for plagiarism report at checkout

To Sum Up

A lot of students are satisfied with – especially high school and ESL students. If you are one of these, then Edubirdie may be a good site for you to consider. Upper tier students may want to consider some of the other writing companies that we have reviewed.



Rude customer service! The woman was rude and kept me on hold for long! The paper was delayed and highly plagiarized. Poor turnout.


Plagiarized papers, poor tenses, slow work, crappy customer service… the list goes on.

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