Edudemius Review: Learn if You Can Trust This Company


Edudemius Overview

Edudemius is a professional online service that helps learners with their academic tasks. This entity has key pillars that are the hallmarks of its operations, according to its website. These pillars include turnarounds in a timely fashion, full privacy, top quality as well as cost-less revisions for those clients seeking amendments to their products handled by this entity.

With a 301-strong base of writers and deliveries done in the upwards of 5,000, has some solid experience in the area of online essay writing. The fact that it has worked all those orders means that their operations meet industry standards as well as clientele requirements.

The service also has a wide variety of offerings, and this confirms that the service indeed has a use for the army of writers it has. The Edudemius website is comprehensive and has all the requisite information that clients might need to make an informed choice on whether to work with the service or not.

What Pricing System They Have

Edudemius has a calculator on its website that facilitates the process of computing the price of orders or tasks clients need handling. The pricing system anchors entirely on the academic level of orders. The various levels in the calculator include high school, college, university, Masters and PhD.

The price of the order depends on various factors or inputs. These include the academic level of the task at hand, the type of paper, the deadline, as well as the number of pages the customer desires. The pricing per page for any paper differs from an academic level to another.

However, the pricing for all the types of papers is constant all through a particular level. The variations in pricing begin when there are adjustments in the deadline of the task. works papers and other assignments on various time frames starting from 3 hours to 14 days.

Another key source of these variations is the adjustment on the required number of pages by the client. In this case, this is on the customer. The client decides the number of pages they want in the type of paper, and leave the pros to work on it.

Variations also come from the nature of the exercise Edudemius has to handle. For editing and proofreading, the outfit charges differently. Editing would fetch $6 per page and proofreading would fetch $5 per page. In a 14-day time frame, a high school essay would cost $10. These costs fluctuate and vary from one academic level to another.

Types of Services

There is a whole assortment of services that offers to its clients. Edudemius works on essays, lab reports, article reviews, case studies, coursework and business plans. Under essays, there are numerous variants. This outfit works on these derivatives as well as other related writing tasks.

These essays and other academic paper writing tasks also vary in technicality and difficulty. Edudemius offers these services in all these levels, and their experts handle these services according to the level of education to ensure relevant content.

Apart from writing from scratch services, there are also other tasks within the realm of writing that Edudemius handles. These tasks include editing, paraphrasing, as well as proofreading. In many cases, write-ups feature tons of errors spanning from grammatical mistakes and punctuation inconsistencies to poor sentence structures and spelling mistakes.

Such writings require the attention of an editor to get rid of these mistakes and polish the article. This is where editing services come through. provides these services, along with proofreading services, all of which have the end goal of refining content.

Other services at this site include paraphrasing, multiple-choice questions and problem-solving. Paraphrasing services involve coming up with alternative ways of expression of content. This is close to rewriting, but there are clear differences that set the two apart.

Working on multiple-choice questions as well as problem-solving are tasks that are well within the wheelhouse of Edudemius. Problem-solving involves working on technical areas which can include Math or other somewhat scientific and technical fields of study.

Working on custom papers or essays with unique requirements is also part of what this entity has to offer to their clients who are mainly students. In most cases, the orders are for custom papers or topics that prove difficult to handle or execute or tackle for learners.

Payment Options uses an assortment of payment options to process its payments. It is these options that enable and facilitate seamless business and transaction between the service and its clientele wherever they are.

Given the contactless and virtual nature of the services of Edudemius, having reliable payment options is a key way of ensuring that students get the services they order on the website and professionals get compensation for their efforts.

The payment processors that are compatible with the operations of Edudemius are Visa and MasterCard. Learners can use these platforms to process payments to this entity whenever they want to transact.


Originality Guarantee

Edudemius services come with an originality guarantee. Whenever a task or assignment is in the hands of this establishment, the writers pass it through plagiarism checkers to ensure that the paper does not have traces of copied content.

In the event a client requests for a revision or review due to plagiarism issues, the writers or writer who handled the paperwork is assigned again to make the necessary amendments. It is not common for Edudemius to have plagiarism issues in the products that they churn out. Still, cases that feature plagiarism are eligible for rewrites at no cost to the client.

Money-Back Guarantee

There are various situations where clients can request refunds from the service. Clients are eligible for refunds when there are cases of double payments, missed deadlines, unfollowed instructions and unmet requirements, poor quality of the turnaround, absence of a professional to handle a revision or review, cases of plagiarism, or when the client does not like the work outright.

There are cases where refunds are not possible. These cases include when clients request for additional services, in cases of flouting of terms of use by clients, cases of elapse of the window for revision and when the client puts in a request for a refund, and there were full compliance and adherence to set instructions and requirements.

There will be no refund when there are open disputes in this company’s system. Further, multiple-choice questions and problem-solving assignments are not eligible for any form of refund from Edudemius.

Is It a Legit Service?

A keen look at the website of this establishment reveals the elaborate nature of the service. This establishment has been in business for quite some time, and its numbers support this fact. This goes to show that this outfit is indeed a legitimate and operating service with the capacity to take and handle customer orders of varying instructions and magnitude.

Further, the customer feedback on the website of this outfit points out to a level of satisfaction by the clients. Customers would not say they got satisfactory service if the experience were bogus. This means that the services and by extension, the operations at Edudemius are legit, credible and verifiable.


Expertise – The service has, in its employ a diverse range of writers with impeccable and impressive academic qualifications.

Fair pricing – The fees by this service are standard and are worth it for the various offerings available.
Punctuality – Timely delivery of products means clients have the opportunity to hand over their work in good time frames.


Limited payment options – Only Visa and MasterCard are the supported payment options. These options can lock out clients who have access to other channels other than these.

Low Visibility – This entity does not have a significant presence on the internet, and this makes it a muted player when compared to other outfits.


As Edudemius review showed, this entity has the juice in terms of skills, workforce and by extension, professionals. Not many paper writing services review out there can measure up to what Edudemius has in terms of human resources. This outfit has many writers who have impressive academic credentials. This means there is valuable expertise on board. This translates to quality turnarounds and top-notch products.

This company also has a pricing mechanism that favours most clients. With the nature of services offered, this entity is the place to go when looking for value for money. Customers can rest assured of getting high-quality work at a relatively low price here.

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