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Edusson Overview

We built this Edusson review to show our readers a different method of ordering writing services. The vendor collaborates with skilled writers who are open to send their bids for the topics they want to write about. All information presented in this review is founded on the details identified on Edusson.com. Apart from what we found on the official site, we also read what customers were saying on social media and community forums.

In general, the customers’ opinion on the services delivered by Edusson is positive. People like the bidding system as it allows them to choose with whom they want to work. Also, Edusson offers them the opportunity to chat with the writer before they choose the winning bid. On the other hand, this type of system can be tricky as the clients might be tempted to choose the lowest bid. However, a writer who submits the lowest offer won’t always be the best one.

Available Fees and Discounts

One of the characteristics that clients appreciate the most when they decide to work with a writing company is transparency. Therefore, when we entered Edusson.com, we expected to find some details on the average prices that the customers pay for different types of orders. We couldn’t find such information, which we consider to be a serious drawback that can affect Edusson’s credibility.

We checked the ordering process and we found it very easy to follow. The customer has to fill in the details in the order form and proceed to the next step. Once all order details have been mentioned, the available writers will start bidding. In case the customer doesn’t want to work with the bidding system, he/she can pay a fee of $9.99 and allow Edusson to choose the best writer specialized on the topic ordered by the client.

Once the customer decides with whom to work and chooses the bid that fits his/her budget, he/she can proceed to checkout. But, before he/she reaches this stage, the client can choose some extra services. For example, he/she can choose to receive an abstract of one page. This service will cost the client $29. Also, he/she can pay $12 for an essay outline or $12.99 for VIP support. If we were to compare Edusson with other companies, we would say that they should offer some free perks to make the offer more attractive. For example, they can add the essay outline, plagiarism report, or the abstract for free.

When it comes to discounts, we couldn’t find clear information about them available on Edusson.com. We checked the terms and conditions page as well as the FAQ section and couldn’t find anything about it. We assume that discounts become available for special situations after the client discusses with the customer support team. However, we consider that they should be more transparent when it comes to the price reductions offered to clients.

List of Services

The order form mentions two types of services that the clients can order. They can choose between writing and editing services. When it comes to writing, Edusson works with writers who can deliver different types of writing. For example, clients can order essays, research papers, and assignments. Edusson works with writers who are experienced on a variety of topics, and also they have professional research paper writers. The list of available topics is very detailed, showing that the writers can deliver content on almost any possible topic.

Editing and proofreading services are also important for students. Even though they decide to write the content themselves, they might need professional advice on whether they wrote a correct paper. So, they prefer to pay for editing or proofreading services to make sure that they will get a good grade in the final exam.

Apart from these services, we were surprised to not find writing services dedicated to business owners and young professionals. Resume writing or business writing is very popular among customers who are open to paying for writing services. Therefore, we consider that Edusson should reconsider its offer.

Payment Instruments

We found two types of accepted payment instruments on Edusson.com. The company allows customers to pay for their orders using their cards. Clients can pay with their VISA or MasterCard cards. While it is good that the vendor accepts only secure payment tools, we consider that they should improve this area. PayPal is also a safe payment method that students like to use a lot. It is easier to use as it doesn’t require students to add any card number or CVC code.

Terms and Conditions

We found comprehensive details on Edusson.com regarding refunds and revisions. We consider that these policies raise the company’s reliability level and encourage clients to submit orders on Edusson.com.

Refunds Policy

Each refund request is individually evaluated by the QA department. They will ask the client and the writer, if the case, different questions to understand what caused the refund request and find a fair solution to make the customer satisfied.

Edusson offers a full refund in case the client decides to cancel the order because the company didn’t find a suitable writer to deliver the paper. Also, in case the customer paid twice by mistake, he/she has the right to ask for a full refund as long as he/she demonstrates that he/she submitted two identical orders by mistake. A full refund will be also granted in case the writer misses the deadline and the customer decides that he/she doesn’t need the content anymore. In such a case, the client isn’t allowed to download the paper or assume any rights over it. Edusson will return all amounts in case the client demonstrates that the paper he/she received has more than 10% plagiarism.

Different amounts that are less than 100% will be returned under certain circumstances. In case the client sends the cancellation request before have of the deadline has already passed, then he/she can receive 70% of what he/she paid back. If the request comes after half of the deadline period, then the refunded amount will be equal to 50% of the invoice sum.

Edusson won’t refund any amount in case the client decides to call off the order after he/she accepted the order and paid the writer. Also, in case the customer mentions that he/she agreed on a different deadline than what was indicated in the order form, Edusson’s QA team won’t accept any refund request. Besides, if the order is delivered after the deadline period because the customer failed to respond to the writer’s request for additional information, then the customer isn’t entitled to receive any refunds.

Revisions Policy

The revisions policy isn’t too detailed. We expected to find some clear information on how Edusson’s quality assurance team handles revisions. The terms and conditions section mentions that customers can ask for revisions if they discover that the writer didn’t meet the expected outcome. However, in case clients discover that something was not done right, they should contact the customer support team as soon as possible.

Should You Trust This Site?

We consider that Edusson.com is a reliable site. The first argument is that it allows clients to pay for their orders with their cards. This means that Edusson.com has a secure payment system installed on it and its infrastructure allows such a system to be installed. Another argument is that it has comprehensive policies for cookies and privacy.


We think that Edusson has the following positive characteristics:

  • Affordable prices
  • Refunds policy
  • Quality Assurance team that checks if the writer followed the client’s instructions
  • Legit site
  • Safe payment methods


Edusson should work on improving the following services:

  • Offer a more attractive discount policy
  • Allow customers to pay via PayPal

To Conclude

Edusson works with skilled writers who can deliver professional writing services. The clients are allowed to choose the writer they want to work with based on the writer’s experience and bid. However, this system can be less effective for non-experienced clients who don’t know how to choose a skilled writer. Therefore, they might be tempted to choose the lowest bid and forget about checking the writer’s experience. Also, we liked that the site is legit and it allows customers to pay using secure payment methods. Another positive aspect that we identified was that Edusson.com has clear terms and conditions that include instructions for refunds. We recommend checking best paper writing service reviews of other companies if you’re not sure this one is for you.



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