EssayBox Review: Prices, Policies, and Reliability


EssayBox Overview

EssayBox is an online service that handles essays and other academic assignments on behalf of students. This entity also does research and handles various tasks that are in the pipeline of executing academic tasks. They offer a wide variety of writing services to their clientele. These writing services include essays and their variants, PowerPoint presentations, online quizzes, assignments, and dissertations.

The target audience of these offerings varies across the education spectrum. High school learners, Undergraduates in between their first and second years of study, those in between their third and fourth years of study, Master’s folks, as well as those pursuing their doctorates are among the people whom targets.

EssayBox works with writers with varying skills and know-how to get the job done. Information from their website indicates that this entity only hires capable and well-versed folks to do writing tasks. This information further shows that these writers handle orders as per the requests or instructions or requirements of their clients.

Pricing System Per Paper

EssayBox’s pricing system is on the company’s website, and it allows customers to gauge the costs of the services they are about to order on the site. The system for assessing prices requires users to adjust the variables to determine how much fees they would fork out were the terms different. has a calculator that contains various parameters like the type of task the writers should handle, the level of education, the deadline for the job, and the number of pages required by the client.

In a 12-hour deadline, a one-page essay for a high school student will cost $29. For the undergraduate between years 1 and 2, the same essay will cost $38. For the senior undergraduate, they will have to part with $42 for the same essay. For the Master’s student, they will have to fork out a whole $50 for the same task. A doctorate client will have to pay up $59 for the essay.

The EssayBox pricing tool also does some automatic sorting of the tasks. Some tasks are orders by high school customers, while some are for those folks pursuing their PhDs. The sorting of these tasks is presumably to avoid confusion or mix-ups or, in some cases, the under-appreciation of the tasks ordered by customers.

Under-appreciation could occur when a task required by a Ph.D. client falls under the undergraduate category. This interferes with execution in that the writer will not treat the task with the urgency and the gravity it deserves, which could ultimately lead to a poor turnaround.

Types of Services

There are various services offered by They include handling essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, personal statements, outlines, coursework, movie resumes, capstone projects, web content, college writing, and presentations. EssayBox claims to be one of legit research paper writing services, but we didn’t find confirmation of that.

These services vary in scope, technicality, and difficulty. While some target those pursuing their high school studies, others target those pursuing their doctorates. Information on the website, which is scanty, also shows that the outfit handles assignments, quizzes, multiple-choice questions, and works various subject-level problems.

Different services related to writing are also in the wheelhouse of EssayBox, although these get mentioned in very isolated circumstances. This could be because the website does not have full support for these services. These services include editing and proofreading.

While they are not purely endeavors that involve writing content from scratch, they are writing derivatives and involve the process of refining content from clients. Paraphrasing is also a service that EssayBox claims to offer on its site, still they don’t have the best paraphraser.

Other less conventional services with essay writing outfits that feature on the website of EssayBox include homework completion. This offering involves working out tasks, working out of problems, and tackling questions that might have question and answer structure, or other forms along this line. These mostly encompass high school tasks.

Some offerings cater to quizzes, problems, and related tasks for junior as well as senior undergraduates. handles these tasks, and they may include Statistics quizzes, Finance problems, Engineering sums, and other related technical assignments.

Reviewing already handled tasks like essays and papers is also an offering by EssayBox. This is also a capability that is well within the wheelhouse of this company. The charges for these kinds of offerings are flexible, and the customer support department is often responsible for handling the modalities of such types of requests.

Payment Options

Students have to pay for the various services that they get from EssayBox. Towards this end, the company avails a set of payment options that customers can use to effect their payments. While this outfit does not have vast options that customers can use to process payments, there are some options that they can use that are compatible with this entity.

The payment options acceptable to EssayBox include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. These are the options that this entity has used over time to receive payments and process refunds for cases requiring the outfit to make refunds to its clients.


Money-Back Guarantee

There are circumstances where clients can get refunds. Clients are eligible for full refunds when they cancel orders placed with the service before any work starts on the order. In cases when the writer has started working on the order, then clients cannot be eligible for full refunds. Orders, where writers have done all the work and made a submission to the client, are also not eligible for a full refund.

Cases of double payment will see the clients get a refund of the second payment when they request the funds. There are other options that the client can pursue in such scenarios, including asking for the support department to add the extra amount to their account with the company.

Situations, where there are duplicate orders, should immediately need to reach the customer support desk. Clients need to notify support on the duplication error. Otherwise, treats such situations as cases where the clients need a similar task worked on by two different pros.

When no writer is available for the task, then the customer will receive a full refund. Late orders will see some form of reorganization or restructuring of terms to ensure that the clients get some compensation for the delay caused.

Guarantees on Revision

EssayBox treats as valid only those requests for revisions made ten days after completing the task. However, this depends on the nature of the task. For large jobs like theses or dissertations, the clients have a 20-day window to submit their requests for revision. As they didn’t prove ability for quality dissertation, we recommend reading best dissertation writing services reviews.

While these guarantees seem reliable and legit, there is no way of knowing since they are not verifiable. There is no substantial information in the form of testimonials or customer feedback to confirm that these guarantees work.


Timely delivery – This service does an excellent job of doing timely delivery of completed orders. The writers work on orders within the allocated time-frame and submit a turnaround.

Diverse offering – There is a wide variety of services on the EssayBox site. Clients can pick from any of these services depending on their requirements.


Plagiarism issues – There have been reports in customer testimonials and feedback on lack of originality in these papers.

Premium pricing – This service charges high fees for the services it offers. These prices are well above the industry averages. Other services that create original content do not have high rates than this entity, which beats the logic behind the premiums.


EssayBox offers a wide variety of services to its clients. These services range from essay writing to editing and proofreading. While there is a deep and diverse offering, there are problems with the execution and the costs passed on to the clients.

Customer testimonials and reviews point to a service that does not consistently deliver original content. In this line of work and services, plagiarism has vast implications for clients who are mostly learners. EssayBox does not churn out original content, which makes the service perform poorly out there.

Further, the prices of the various services offered are too high, and not all individuals can afford them. Rationally, people would expect the services to be top-notch to reflect the premium prices. How EssayBox charges high fees is unexplainable.

There are other options of the best essay writing service that clients can consider after reading this EssayBox review. These include WritingUniverse, GrabMyEssay, TopEssayWriting, and Essaypro. These are services that produce quality and original turnarounds at acceptable industry prices.



If only the writer paid more attention to the work. The paper was pathetic and the formatting!


I requested a revision of the assignment but writer did not follow directions.

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