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Essaypro is an online essay writing service that helps learners with their assignments and papers. The company also works with other entities other than students, and these entities include commercial organizations like The Huffington Post, Mashable, Lifehack, and Buzzfeed.

This website also lists a variety of services they offer, and these include paperwork, coursework or homework and other assignments. Under these three broad categories, there are lots of services that the company provides to its clients.

Various features come with a basic order for one page of content. Clients are eligible for a free plagiarism report, free essay outline, free formatting, free title page and access to a free top writer. All these come under one package for a standard cost for a page of content.

The website also indicates that there is a wide variety of professionals working for them. These writers have expertise in various fields, including agriculture, architecture, computer sciences, medicine, psychology, and other disciplines.

Pricing System

Essaypro has an elaborate tool that allows clients to calculate the price of the services they are seeking. The pricing tool is dynamic and allows the customer to vary the inputs to arrive at a definitive cost.

There are three broad categories under which all tasks ordered via the platform fall under. These categories include writing, rewriting, and editing. There are varying costs for all tasks handled under these areas. A further breakdown shows that under distinct categories like writing, the various services like multiple choice questions, chemistry assignments, or problem-solving – all have varying costs.

In the other categories, which are rewriting and editing, the various services that customers can seek from the service also have different pricing. There are even other variables that lead to variation and adjustment in the cost of the service. For instance, there are distinct costs for different deadlines for the tasks. There are also different deadlines for the number of pages ordered online.

Writing a one-page essay from scratch in a 2-week deadline costs $10.8. On the other hand, rewriting the same will cost $7.56, and editing the essay will go for $5.4 per page. The pages here each have275 words. These costs are just for a one-page essay required in a 14-day window. Other deadlines or time frames will attract additional charges. Adjusting the number of pages will also change the computation. Selecting another option other than an essay will also lead to a variation in the price. This is because different tasks have varying levels of technicality which attract different fees.

Types of Services

Broadly, offers three categories of services. These include paperwork, coursework or homework and other assignments. Under the paperwork section, there is a whole world of offerings. Essaypro, under this section, works essays, research papers, literature review, business plans, dissertations, presentations, book reviews, and creative writing.

There are varying types of essays that students work on in their distinct institutions of learning. These include argumentative, descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository essays. All these essay derivatives are services that this service offers to its clients. In research papers and term papers, there are also various derivatives. Essaypro handles all these as well.

Some writing services offered are not entirely within the traditional academic writing standards. Essaypro works business plans – some of which could be for fledgeling business owners or established players in the industry. This means that these services are not for students only.

The services offered here are diverse, and clients are highly likely to find the assistance they are looking for as far as writing, editing and proofreading goes.

At times, learners require specific help with their dissertations. Customers seeking assistance with specific areas of their theses can find the relevant service and help at

There are also writing-related services under this section, as this Essaypro review shows, including editing, proofreading, and review. Under the coursework area, there are various offerings including Homework, Statistics, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Geography assignments. Here, customers also have the opportunity of placing orders for customized forms of tasks or homework.

Clients can also order other assignments on Essaypro. These include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, word problems, and other tasks that require some form of problem-solving. A keen look at the offerings points to a heavy leaning towards academic paper writing at Essaypro.

Payment Options

The whole process that underlies the operations of this website depends on communication and transaction between the parties involved. For learners who place orders and get the turnaround they need, these people get what they request from Essaypro.

There are the experts, on the other hand, that do all the nitty-gritty work. These are the pros that put in their hours in the writing process. These are the people doing the work, leaving no stone unturned in a bid to get a good write-up.

These people get compensation for the services they offer. Clients can use available supported payment channels and options to process their payments. accepts payments made via American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and the Discover Network.


Money-Back Guarantee

The refund policy of Essaypro exists to give clients reimbursements in circumstances where there are unmet conditions or other technicalities that prevent the proper delivery of the orders placed.
In cases where there is no writer assigned to the customer’s order, the customer will be eligible for a 100% refund.

In situations where there is a confirmed writer, but the client cancels the order, there will be a refund ranging between 100% and 70%. The percentage retained by the company compensates the processing efforts of Essaypro.

Late delivery will see the customer get an appropriate reimbursement to cover the delay. Disputed claims will be subject to review by the company before any refunds or compensation or recourse. Plagiarism claims backed by Turnitin reports are subject for further consideration and possible payment.

There will be no refunds when you authorize a payment or release funds to the writer who worked on an essay or paper you ordered on the website. will not refund clients who get lower grades from papers they submit to their professors that are products of this entity.

Further, cases, where there are delayed orders that stem from late payments on the part of the client, will not be eligible for any kind or amount of refund. The refund policy of this company is that the company processes confirmed refunds within two days. Worth noting is the fact that the customers will be responsible for their charges and transaction costs or other issues that may happen as a result of bank services.

The Legitimacy of the Site

The upside of Essaypro is that the website is comprehensive and has lots of information about its operations and activities. There is information about the offerings, price calculation tool, information on writers, and various policies.

Not all entities put elaborate information on their operations on their websites. This service discloses all information pertinent to their activities on its site.

The information on the Site about its operations all checks out, which means that Essaypro is indeed a legitimate website and establishment and knows what it is doing.


Reasonable pricing – At the price at which this establishment renders its services, the cost is reasonable as per industry standards.
Quality turnarounds – Essaypro leverages its deep pool of expertise and talent to come up with products that are of impressive quality.

Variety of services – There are numerous offerings at the company. This means that learners who use this Site can get the relevant help they are seeking.


Poor Customer Support – Essaypro establishment does not have elaborate customer support channels. It is at times cumbersome to reach out to them.

Price and Service movement – Services that involve low bids are highly likely to have low-quality turnarounds. This disadvantages clients and places those who bid low at the receiving end a product that does not measure up in terms of quality.


This company has quite elaborate organization and operations, and this means that clients can quickly get what they are looking for. Further, there are lots of information on the various services, writers, policies that make up the operations of this business.

Adequate information allows people to make informed choices, and the info that Essaypro shares about its operations on its website makes it an excellent and trustworthy service. The company also has reasonable pricing according to industry standards, meaning that people can afford these services and get the help they need.

Further, Essaypro is all about experts. This means that clients have the advantage of their work being in the hands of well-versed people. This means top-notch products.

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