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Essaypro is a company that works with experienced writers who are able to deliver content on different topics. In this Essaypro review, we will share with you our conclusions on how the company operates and the fees it has. All details presented in this review come from legit sources. We started with the company’s official site,, and continued reading blogs and social media posts to understand better if the company is reliable.

We found that Essaypro follows a bidding system that allows writers to send their bids for the orders submitted by clients. Even though the fees start from affordable rates, we also noticed some downsides of this type of service. While clients might be tempted to choose the lowest offer, this doesn’t mean that the respective writer will deliver high quality. Thus, our recommendation is that clients should check carefully the bidders’ profiles available on

Fees and Discounts

As we already mentioned, Essaypro uses a bidding system. Therefore, once they enter, clients will need to enter their order details in the form and wait for the writers to submit their bids for it. Besides, the vendor has a price calculator that enables customers to calculate the final quotation. This is a positive point as customers will know from the beginning what to expect when the final invoice comes. As we wanted to understand how this tool works, we decided to check what would be the fee for a school essay that would have a deadline of 14 days. The calculator showed us that the price would be $10.8 for one page.

Even though the calculator returns the fee that the clients have to pay, they have the flexibility to choose the writer they want to work with. Even if they find writers who place very low bids, Essaypro encourages its clients to check the writers’ profiles carefully. By doing thorough research on what type of content the writer can deliver, clients can make a documented decision. In our opinion, this exercise is time-consuming. As students are usually in a hurry when they need such services, they won’t have the patience or the necessary time to spend to find the most suitable writer for them.

When it comes to discounts, we couldn’t find clear information on We checked the FAQ section and identified that the vendor is flexible in lowering the price for large orders. In case the client needs a large order, Essaypro will reduce the price by 30%. However, we consider that Essaypro should work more on improving the discount system and encourage clients to order more essays on to receive attractive discounts.

Essaypro offers some free perks as well. Instead of paying $65, clients will receive a free plagiarism report. Also, the writers will deliver formatting services without charging any extra fees. Customers will also get the title page, outlined, and unlimited revisions with zero costs. They can also choose to work with the best writer without being charged any dollar in addition.

List of Services

The price calculator available on unveils the biggest categories of services delivered by the company. Therefore, customers can order writing, rewriting, and editing services. Each category includes different services that attract various categories of clients, especially students.

In the writing category, we discovered that the writers working with Essaypro can deliver content on any type of topic and structure. For example, customers can order admission letters and annotated bibliography. Also, they can work with specialized writers for book and movie reviews, research and dissertation papers, as well as problem-solving or homework help.

Rewriting services are also available on They are suitable for students who want an experts’ opinion on their content and secure a good grade in school. Essaypro works with writers who are able to rewrite the content on almost any given topic. Last but not least, the services delivered by Essaypro include editing and proofreading. With this package, Essaypro manages to offer complete services to its customers and help them secure a good overall GPA.

Payment Instruments

Customers can finalize the payments only after they find a suitable writer to take over their order. Therefore, once the client finds the best writer who has solid experience in delivering the content they need, should press the “Hire an Expert” button and finalize the order. Payments can be done only by using secure payment instruments. They include cards issued by Amex, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. PayPal is not yet accepted as a payment solution. We consider that the vendor should think about this instrument as it is both secure and easy to use. As they target students, Essaypro should consider including it in its accepted payment tools.

Terms and Conditions

We consider that a writing company should make the customers feel safe and protected. Therefore, they should have a clear refund policy that makes the clients’ trust Essaypro. However, we couldn’t find a separate refund policy available on Still, we were able to find some guidelines included in the Terms and Conditions section.

Refund Policy

Essaypro developed the refund policy to make sure that its clients are fully satisfied. As they developed clear guidelines on how refunds are processed, Essaypro mentions that it reached a satisfaction level of 95%. The company offers a full refund under certain circumstances. In case Essaypro didn’t find any suitable writer to take over the order. Even though this is a very rare situation that might appear, it can happen. In such a situation, the company gives all money back.

Another common situation that might appear is when the client decides to cancel the order after the vendor found a suitable writer to take over the order. Depending on the amount of work already done by the writer, Essaypro’s quality assurance team will calculate the amount that will compensate for the writer’s effort. Therefore, the refunded sum will be between 100% and 70%.

In case of late delivery, Essaypro will take care to come with a reward to make the customer feel satisfied. Its customer support team will calculate which was the prejudice suffered by the customer because of the late delivery. However, the company doesn’t mention a clear percentage that will be refunded. According to the refunds’ policy, the customer support team will take the discussion in private and identify the circumstances that caused the late delivery. However, Essaypro puts consistent efforts to ensure zero delays.

All refunds will be processed in two days since the request was accepted. The vendor won’t be held responsible for any fees or taxes applied by the bank. In case any anomaly or any transfer delays occur, Essaypro encourages clients to discuss with their bank first.

Revisions Policy

Clients have to send the request for revisions in 14 days since the writer delivered the paper. In the case of large papers, the period to submit revisions request goes to 30 days. In case this deadline is missed, then the client should understand that extra fees will be applied. Another element that is important to be followed by the customer is in terms of instructions. Therefore, customers should send the same instructions in their revisions request. The Quality Assurance Department will check carefully whether the client follows these rules and apply extra charges in case they are violated.

Should You Trust This Site?

We checked from different angles. We liked that we found clear Terms and Conditions as well as a Privacy policy. Also, all payment instruments are 100% safe. The company accepts only payments via cards. This means that the site uses an encrypted system that secures payments. Given these circumstances, we conclude that is a safe site.


We consider that Essaypro is a reliable vendor for the following reasons:

  • Affordable fees
  • Refunds and revisions policies
  • Permanently available customer support team
  • Legit site
  • Safe payment instruments


Essaypro should work on making things better in the following areas:

  • The bidding process is time-consuming
  • PayPal is not an accepted payment method

To Conclude

Essaypro offers professional writing services and practices affordable fees. Even though the company uses a bidding system, it manages to keep its transparency at high levels by offering a price calculator available on Even though the starting prices are not very high, we encourage Essaypro to develop a more coherent and attractive discount system. We also liked that the vendor has clear refunds and revisions policies. Therefore, customers feel safe and understand that in case some unexpected situation appears, they will receive fair treatment from Essaypro.


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