EssaysDeluxe Review: Thorough Investigation into the Writing Company



It looks as though has been in the writing service business for 5-6 years. We sort of assume this because it has blog posts on its site going back to 2015. Before that, we cannot find much information on the web about EssaysDeluxe either. The age of a writing service does not necessarily matter. But the longer a company has been in business, the more opportunity it has to refine its business model, to gather more writers, and to establish a reputation around the quality it produces.

EssaysDeluxe was on our list for reviews and finally moved up to the top. When we conduct a review, our goal is to give factual information and recommendations, so that those in need of writing services do not have to spend their time and energy trying to find a good company. Often, they “shoot in the dark” and hope for the best. We take the guesswork away.

Just like we do with all evaluations, we investigated the following:

  • Information we found on the website – its products and services, its writers, its processes, its policies, etc.
  • We compared EssaysDeluxe prices, discounts, benefits, and extras with those offered by other top writing companies.
  • We evaluated the EssaysDeluxe site content for clarity and writing quality.
  • We reviewed several samples and blog posts for quality of research and writing.
  • We contacted the customer support department with detailed questions.
  • We reviewed EssaysDeluxe policies and guarantees.
  • Most important, we read the feedback that actual customers have provided, based on their experiences with EssaysDeluxe.

Here’s what we found out for our EssaysDeluxe review.

Pricing System

When a company offers a huge repertoire of products and services that does, it has to have a complete pricing system so that visitors can know exactly what they are looking at in terms of cost. Fortunately, does have such a system. It has an initial quote form that a visitor can use to get a pretty close estimate of the cost of a writing product or a service. While this may not be the final price (there can be discounts and added options), it lets that person know what they are looking at.

Prices for EssaysDeluxe academic products are based on the product, the schooling level of the customer, and the delivery requirement. This is how other good companies do it too. There are also clear prices for other types of writing, specifically, professional and business, so these customers get a picture of their costs too.

For students, prices range from $12.99 per page all the way up to $47.99 per page, based on the factors listed above. For other products and services, prices vary a lot, but always there is an initial quote on these.

EssaysDeluxe offers discounts that compare to other reputable writing companies. There is a 17% discount for newcomers and loyalty discounts ranging from 5-15%. The discount plan is explained in the “discounts” link. When talking with customer support, we were told that there are other special sales during the year and that these are always announced.

There are a number of free extras that EssaysDeluxe provides. Most of these, again, are standard for the industry and include title, bibliography, and table of contents pages, any type of formatting, a plagiarism scan, and free revisions if not satisfied.

There are also extras that can be opted for during checkout, but they come with fees. These include choosing a more expert writer, a one-page summary, copies of resources, a complete plagiarism report, more customized customer support, choice of a UK writer, etc. Some of these options would be good choices for grad students with complex projects, but high school students may not need them. We always encourage students to check these options and see if they really need them before adding to their costs.

Types of Services

If any writing company offers a huge selection of products and services, it is We were impressed. While all of the offerings are not listed in a single place on the website, there is a general description of academic, professional, and business writing. When a customer gets to the order page, the details are all laid out in drop-down menus. We’re giving a summary of all of these offerings, to show the sheer quantity:

For Students

Literally, any type of assignment, project, or coursework help is available at EssaysDeluxe:

  • Basic 5-paragraph essays of all types and on any topic
  • Complex research essays assigned in any course, high school through graduate studies
  • Research papers and projects
  • Research proposals
  • Lab reports
  • Case studies
  • Speeches and presentations with PowerPoints if needed
  • Homework assignments
  • Analyses and Critiques
  • Re-writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • STEM problems and projects
  • Book/movie reviews
  • Admissions and scholarship pieces
  • Thesis and dissertation research and writing – any section or chapter
  • Unique and/or complex writing needs after discussion with customer support

For Professionals and Businesses

Again, EssaysDeluxe can provide most anything these individuals and companies may need, and they have separate departments just for this assistance:

  • Resume, CV, and cover letter creation, editing, proofreading
  • Grant proposals
  • Business plans and proposals
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Copywriting for e-business websites, blogs, and social media
  • Marketing materials – print and web-based
  • Press releases
  • Reports

Quantity of product offerings is always a good thing because it means that students and other customers, one they find a quality writing provider, will have a place to go for all of their needs. But the key word here is quality, and it is the most important factor for us too.

To assess quality from EssaysDeluxe, we have looked at all of the following:

  • Website content that is well-written gives a solid clue about the quality a customer may expect from a writing company. If the writing is poor and full of composition and word usage errors, it’s a bad sign. In the case of EssaysDeluxe, we were pleased. Its content is exceptionally well-written.
  • We reviewed a few samples – a high school essay and two college papers – as well as three blog posts. Again, the writing was exceptional.
  • We did put out a call for reviews to be submitted to us. Some we already had, but we did a few more, and one student even sent us a copy of a research paper he had received. Feedback from these customers was almost completely positive – good research and writing, effective communication with their writers, revision requests honored and completed quickly, deadlines met, and responsive customer support if there was an issue. The paper we were sent reflected scholarly production.
  • When we checked a few major consumer review sites, we found the same positive comments.

Obviously, EssaysDeluxe offers both quantity and quality and could easily be that one place where customers can go for anything.

Payment Options

Visitors will notice on the quote form that there are currency options – US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, or Australian dollars. With an international clientele, EssaysDeluxe has to offer international payment methods too. And it does. Customers may pay using any major credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

We always check security features of online writing companies. It’s a legitimate concern for anyone doing business online. We did learn from customer support that they do not collect or hold payment information. That is done by an outside payment processing enterprise that is used by many large online retailers. This should eliminate any concerns for customers.


If a customer is looking for important guarantees, EssaysDeluxe has them. First, it has clear policies that provide some of the guarantees we like to see. And others are explained on the website content. In short, here are the EssaysDeluxe guarantees that we found:

  • Confidentiality: there is a privacy policy that speaks to the type of personal information the company Customers do have to provide some personal information, but that is encrypted and held behind firewalls. And the company guarantees that it will never reveal customer information to anyone else.
  • Originality: EssaysDeluxe states that no plagiarized content will ever leave its doors to a customer. This guarantee is backed by a plagiarism scan that occurs as a final check before an order is delivered.
  • Adherence to Customer Instructions: It is the customer’s task to provide all requirements and specifications. It is the writer’s task to follow those. Again, final products are checked for this before they are sent out. If there is a mistake, it is fixed immediately.
  • Revisions: customers may request free revisions according to policy. And those revisions will keep being made until the customer is happy.
  • Refunds: There is a clear policy that details all of the conditions that will merit an EssaysDeluxe refund. These are reasonable and pretty standard.

The important thing here is that guarantees translate into real action. In the case of EssaysDeluxe, customers say they do.

Is Site Legit?

After all of our investigation, we really don’t have to ask this question. But there are plenty of writing services that are legitimate. It means they take orders, fill them, and deliver something to the client. Companies that go beyond just being legitimate are those with a commitment to quality and excellent customer support. They are companies that look for long-term relationships with their clients based upon trust that they will always deliver a great piece of writing.


There are many. But the most important as far as customers are concerned are these:

  • High quality products are consistently delivered
  • Guarantees are honored
  • Pricing is budget-friendly


A couple of minor issues:

  • There should be greater variety in offered samples
  • Blog posts should be updated to address current student challenges

To Sum Up is clearly a writing company with an excellent business model that puts the customer first. It obviously has qualified and expert writers who produce top quality; it has pricing that is clear and transparent; it has guarantees that protect customers and ensure their satisfaction. And, unlike many writing companies, EssaysDeluxe values long-term relationships with its customers.





Truth be told. I had a problem submitting my assignments on time due to my tight schedule. As I was looking for an online writer to help me, I came across Yes, I had my reservations at first, but I tried their services anyway. Since that day, my life has changed. Their turnaround is perfect. I get my essays on time each time I seek their services. I’m a happy student.

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