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EvolutionWriters Overview

Because students today face greater stressors (about 1/3 drop out after their first year), we decided to do something to help bring relief. And we founded our website for just that purpose. Our goal is to provide lots of resources for our registered users, who are also free to present issues, pose solutions, and hold discussions with each other. But one of our biggest resources is our investigation of companies that claim to be the best college paper writing service.

This EvolutionWriters review has been prepared after the deep investigations that we conduct into all writing companies we evaluate. Read through the following sections and decide if might work for you.

Their Pricing System

EvolutionWriters is up-front about its pricing system. Visiting students can do a preliminary cost estimate via a form on the home page. But the company is careful to state that this is just an estimate. The final cost will be determined by other details on the order form.

EvolutionWriters lists four factors that impact pricing:

  • Type of product or service
  • Subject
  • Deadline
  • Academic level

The pricing structures that visitors can access via the “prices” link will give charts, but again EvolutionWriters states that these prices can change based upon the final order. But these do fall with a range that we consider average for other writing services we have rated well.

There are other elements that affect EvolutionWriters prices:

  • A new customer gets a 15% discount and a free plagiarism report
  • Orders that exceed $500 will qualify for a 5% discount; those that exceed $1000, 10%.
  • There are other options that can be purchased at checkout time, such as an abstract, VIP customer support, a more expert writer, etc. These will obviously increase the final price. has a pricing system similar to those of other reputable writing services.

Types of Services

If a student is looking for every possible type of coursework help, then will oblige. There is a “services” link at the top of the home page, but it does not provide the detail that can be found with a bit more searching on the site. This detail is found on the “Samples” link at the bottom of the page. To summarize all that is offered, we list the following:

  • Term and research papers at all levels and on any topic
  • Theses for Master’s and Ph.D. candidates
  • Coursework and homework assignments, from topic-area specialists
  • Personal statement writer and other admissions essays and applicant materials
  • Speeches, oral presentations, PowerPoints
  • Book and movie reports/reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Resumes
  • Other – Students who have unique or complex needs can contact customer service and EvolutionWriters states that they will find the right expert for the project

This is a comprehensive array, and that’s a good thing. What also must be a good thing is the quality that a writing service delivers. To judge quality, we always do several things:

  • We assess the website content, page by page, looking for clear organization, detailed information, and great English composition. In the case of EvolutionWriters, content is relatively well-written, with a few grammar and word usage issues. We have used best spelling and grammar check in order to confirm.
  • We reviewed some of the sample pieces that are published on the website. They are a varied representation. There was one rather confusing element. A sample listed as a lab report was actually a research piece on consumer behavior. This should be fixed.
  • There is also an EvolutionWriters blog. The topics are interesting, but we have seen these before. This is probably because the company is a part of a larger corporation, Careforce Ltd., based in Cyprus, which supports several writing services that use the same writers. This is not unusual in this industry.
  • There are some comments about EvolutionWriters on our website too. In fact, we posted an open call for feedback from anyone who has used their services. We received plenty of responses, and even a couple of copies of products that students had received. Most undergraduate students seemed to be satisfied with EvolutionWriters. ESL students seem satisfied. Higher level university and graduate students’ responses are mixed. They had some issues with the level of research, organizational structure, and English composition.
  • EvolutionWriters is also on social media. We checked their Facebook page, but did not find any comments, questions, etc. from customers. There are only posts by the company. It would be good to encourage conversations among their customers
  • We also looked at some of the popular consumer review websites to see if customers had anything to say. Again, reviews were mixed.

Some students are obviously happy with their service; others not so much. It seems that satisfaction with EvolutionWriters is a result of the level of study and the individual writer assigned.

Payment Methods

EvolutionWriters does have an international customer base – students in English-speaking schools all over the globe. They offer payments in several currencies, as well as by most international bank cards.

Many writing agencies have now included PayPal as a payment method, because it will process payments of non-account holders and it is so secure. While EvolutionWriters does use a highly secure third-party processing firm, adding PayPal would be an easy method for many.


By clicking on the Terms of Use link at the page bottom, visitors can access several written policies that do contain certain guarantees. We always recommend that students review these, so they understand rights/responsibilities.

On its homepage, has blocks of text that speak to its guarantees. These include:

  • 100% Non-Plagiarized Writing: EvolutionWriters states that all writing begins from scratch after it is ordered and then checked for plagiarism before delivery. You can also do additional check using the best plagiarism software.
  • Deadlines Met: This is a guarantee that comes with compensation if not met, although EvolutionWriters states it only misses deadlines in extreme emergencies.
  • Fully customized products: Instructions followed “to the letter;” direct communication between customer and writer
  • Degreed and Qualified Writers: Rigorous screening and selection process; writers assigned based upon degrees and experience
  • Good Value: Discounts, special offers, etc. lower costs
  • Free Benefits: Title, reference pages; formatting; three free revisions
  • Confidentiality: Personal information encrypted and never shared
  • Refunds: Money-back policy that spells out conditions under which customers will qualify for refunds – read this, so you know.

EvolutionWriters has the policies we like to see. Most customers state that these are honored; on Site Jabber, some customers complained that they were not.

Is Site Legit?

A writing site is legit if it honestly represents the company that has designed and published it. In this case, EvolutionWriters is a legitimate site.

When we look at legitimacy, we have to look at what the content says, and if that content aligns with what customers actually are able to order and receive, then we are happy.

This website represents a company that has been in business for a while – all indications are that it is a true and accurate reflection of what EvolutionWriters offer.


  • Written policies with guarantees
  • Responsive and around-the-clock customer support
  • Direct communication with writer
  • Free revisions
  • Meeting deadlines a priority


  • Upper level students have concerns with resource suitability and level of composition quality
  • Some samples mis-categorized
  • Need to add PayPal as a payment platform
  • Some navigation issues

To Sum Up

There are many things about that are attractive to students. They offer a full scope of services. The key to satisfaction with EvolutionWriters seems to be the grade level of the customer, the specific writer assigned, and whether the student is ESL or ENL. Students should take a good, long look to see if this writing company will meet their individual needs. You might check best research paper writing service reviews to find more suitable choice for you.



I’m not confident with my paper at all. The paper was shallow and not well researched. The formatting was sooooo wrong! Trash work


Got connected to a helpdesk and the operator was a robot who answered with templates. I am sad

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