GrabMyEssay Review: Is This Company Good Or Is It Scam?

GrabMyEssay review

For creating this GrabMyEssay review, the team of Trusted Essays launched a full-scale operation full of research, analysis, and brainstorming. We looked at how long this company has been working (since 2013) and how many services it offers. We compared its prices to other companies in the academic market, and some of our members spoke with operators as well as writers. At the final stage, we placed an order for essay writing and studied the paper itself closely. All these actions helped us form a specific impression about GrabMyEssay. We refined it, arrived at one common grade, and now we’re going to tell you everything about our findings. If you have any questions, we guarantee that you’ll find answers here!

The Most Important Part of Review: Prices

We decided to start our review with analysis of prices because this is the most important thing for most students. Sure, they want quality help, but since they are studying at college, they can’t afford expensive experts. Finding the balance is the best decision, and GrabMyEssay shows its determination to do just that. First of all, it doesn’t hide anything. You can see how much you’re going to pay right on the website — more than that, you could shift the price until it satisfies you. Transparent policies is what our review team loves most, we can only praise this company for its honesty.

From specific details, the lowest price is $14.99 per page. You’ll pay this much if you ask for a high school level paper with 2 weeks deadline. If you want a college or university level, the cost will increase, although not by a lot. GrabMyEssay prices are all affordable, so as a student, you likely won’t struggle with them. There are also discounts present, but we are going to explore them later. In the category of prices, we had no complaints about this agency: it shows itself from an excellent side with its average costs and honest approach.

Payment Options for Clients

You won’t find info about available payment methods in many GrabMyEssay reviews, which is why we chose to cover this aspect. Many students who consider hiring a writing company aren’t sure how they could pay for its service. They live in different states or even countries, knowing this info is vital for realizing what you can count on. GrabMyEssay supplies its clients with diversity. They could pay via MasterCard or Visa, American Express, or Discover. These are major world and US providers, so people can pay for their order without any hassle. In addition, these systems are safe and reliable, your money and personal data are protected.

That Services GrabMyEssay Offers

When you look at reviews, you’ll notice that they mention different services. It’s not surprising since this agency specializes in many academic options. Here are the main ones coupled with description.

  • Writing. Students could get all types of academic writing at GrabMyEssay. This includes article critique, research papers, summaries, movie or book reviews, reaction papers, argumentative essays, annotated bibliographies, etc. The array of options is truly impressive.
  • Re-writing. This is something some public Grab My Essay reviews have a problem with, but we don’t share their views. Rewriting doesn’t mean plagiarized papers, it simply means that if you got an imperfect essay, you could send it to these writers and they’ll improve it. Students often choose this variant because it’s cheaper.
  • Editing. This form of online help is similar to rewriting, but it requires fewer corrections. If only some parts of your content should be improved, let GrabMyEssay team know so that they could take care of everything.
  • Proofreading. This is a much lighter and cheaper type of editing. It deals with language issues. Proofreaders correct grammar mistakes, typos, and semantic mix-ups.
  • Admission service. If you’re entering college or university, you have to submit an admission essay. It has to disclose your unique personal characteristics as well as your academic experience. Not everyone is capable of writing such an important piece, the solution is to hire helpers. GrabMyEssay offers assistance with it.
  • Dissertation writing. Large projects are often worrisome. Dissertation requires you to do a lot of research and writing, and if you feel stressed, getting help with a chapter or the whole work could be a smart choice. GrabMyEssay has writers who specialize in dissertation writing in particular.
  • CV writing. This option is for people who are applying for a job but don’t know how to craft an impressive resume.
  • Math/Economic problems. Math, Physics, and Economic problems are common academic task. Many students struggle with them, and this company offers a solution.
  • Copywriting. This option targets people who want to market their online pages. GrabMyEssay has a special division of writers who focus on copywriting in particular, and this is a rare situation that makes this company stand out. Most academic establishments prefer to cover only students, not other audiences.
  • Multiple choice questions. Some professors issue files with questions that students need to answer. GrabMyEssay could help out with this, although we haven’t tested this feature personally, meaning that we cannot verify whether it’s effective or not.

As you see, is a diverse company with many writing options. Unlike most companies in the market, it targets several populations, not just students. Whatever you need, these people will be able to find an expert for you, our ratings for this sector were high.

Writers and What Customers Think About Them

Assessing the work of writers is another major aspect of our review. When looking at online comments, you could see that GrabMyEssay rating is pretty good in terms of quality. Writers do their work timely and they usually follow all the requirements. Still, we needed to get personal experience, so we placed an order and asked for a deadline of 10 days. We really hoped to get the paper on time, and this is exactly what happened. When all the time ran out, we checked our inbox and the paper was there. It had the exact amount of pages we ordered, and APA style was followed to a T. Writer chose good sources and made content compelling. Usually, we like to check how revision feature works in a company, but we simply didn’t have any reason to do it this time. The paper was too good to come up with any issues we could ask our writer to correct.

But what writers does GrabMyEssay hire? Since we aren’t affiliated with this company and our task is to simply find the best college essay writing service, we don’t know for sure. On a website, it’s stated that writers working here are all native speakers with relevant educational degrees, but there is no way of checking it other than asking a writer for proof of their qualifications. We did, and our writer attached the copy of their diploma with their name crossed out. We were pleased with it and it gave us hope that all writers at GrabMyEssay follow the same pattern.

Guarantees GrabMyEssay Gives: What Are They?

Is GrabMyEssay legit? This depends not only on quality but also on the guarantees a company gives to its customers. Here’s what’s available here:

  • Confidentiality. GrabMyEssay is legitimate when it comes to confidentiality. It protects all information from its customers and doesn’t share it with any unsanctioned parties, not even with its own writers and most managers. Everything about it is described in the privacy policies, and our review team found them convincing.
  • No plagiarism. This company promises to make the works of its clients unique. No copied papers, no recycled materials or essays that consist of online content written by someone else. GrabMyEssay claims that essays of its writers can undergo a complete plagiarism check, and based on our experience, it’s true. Our paper was 100% original (minus the direct quotes, which were cited properly).
  • Free revisions. GrabMyEssay takes responsibility for mistakes of its writers. If they failed to make the paper meet your requirements and there are some issues, you need to let these people know. Placing a revision request is totally free, but you need to do it quickly. Don’t wait for weeks before you decide to complain. Read your essay right away. Mark down any issues you notice and let your writer know. Give them the time to correct these problems.
  • Fair refunds. Sometimes clients might feel like their essay is beyond saving. If you are severely disappointed, contact GrabMyEssay and inform them. We studied the refund policies of the company and they are pretty fair. If the fault is with your writer, the managers will assess the situation and make a decision in your favor. Just make certain you contact them on time — like with revisions, don’t wait too long.

Our review team liked the guarantees we saw and analyzed. GrabMyEssay protects its customers and discloses all relevant information about the services they order to them. By law, they are obligated to produce unique content, and if you aren’t pleased with it, you can always ask for revisions or for your money back. Based on this, we assign GrabMyEssay the highest mark in this category and move on to the last one.

Online Presence and Reviews From Students

The last stage of our Grab My Essay review is analysis of a company’s online presence. What other people say about their experience with the services is vital, although it pales in comparison to getting your own experience. That’s because some reviews might be fake, and this could happen from both sides at the same time. For example, a company might hire its own people to write positive reviews about its services while its competitors could do the same, only asking for negative reviews. Our team knows how to see through reviews like this in most cases, we were curious to count genuine comments and check how many of them look authentic.

It wasn’t easy to do because GrabMyEssay has a big online presence. In our research, we focused on such sites as TrustPilot and SiteJabber in particular because they strive to maintain neutral perspectives and delete fake reviews. At TrustPilot, GrabMyEssay has 365 comments. Most of them are positive, with the overall rating equaling 4.6 out of 5. The last review was posted just at the end of October 2021, and the company has already replied to it. It’s a sign of professionalism that we evaluate highly. At SiteJabber, there are 219 reviews. Once again, most are positive, with the general rating being 4.18 stars out of 5. We didn’t see the company reply to these reviews, which upset us a bit.

Final Words for Grab My Essay Review

After detailed analysis, we arrived at a common conclusion. We issue our recommendation of GrabMyEssay, and we give it 9.8 points out of 10. It impressed us in every relevant category; the issues we caught were so minor that they don’t require detailed mentions. Quality is outstanding, operators work quickly and their approach isn’t overwhelming; managers solve problematic situations ASAP and tend to favor the client. They have proven to be the best research paper writing services in USA as well as for other services. If you need quality academic help, GrabMyEssay can provide it.



Very decent writing style. All components are in its places (introduction, body, conclusion). I didn’t order proofreading service but it seems to me that my order was additionally checked (given the quality of writing) and this is very nice.

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