GradeMiners Review: It the Company Worth a Try?


GradeMiners Overview

GradeMiners is a service that aggregates essay writers to complete academic tasks and assignments. The entity handles various tasks with different levels of difficulty – spanning from high school level to Ph.D. level. There are multiple services that the entity provides to its clients – and these services also vary in form, structure, composition, and difficulty.

Some involve outright writing of content from scratch; some entail reviewing, editing, and proofreading already-written stuff. The offerings include assignments, case studies, reports, projects, annotated bibliographies, essays, and their derivatives like argumentative essays, dissertations, multiple-choice questions, problem-solving, and theses.

Some numbers try to quantify the scale of the outfit’s operations, but there is no way of verifying these numbers. The website claims the outfit has been in business in 10 years and has a 3,500-strong army of experts. It delivers orders on time in 97 out of 100 occasions and that 9 out of 10 clients report excellent grades after submitting products obtained from the operations and efforts of

Price Matrix

GradeMiners features a calculator for prices of the services it offers. The workings of this price calculator are somewhat unconventional because they operate using different parameters that differ from those used in the industry.

The pricing tool features a set of variables that guide users in the pricing decision of the orders they place with The main anchor in this pricing setup is the type of task the customer wants to be handled. This could be an essay, term paper, research paper, capstone project, business plan, dissertation, lab report, presentation, or speech.

Since different tasks are for distinct levels of education, the tool automatically adjusts itself as the user changes the type of task. For instance, a dissertation is unique to the postgraduate level of education, and the tool automatically enters the Ph.D. level in the computation. However, there are glaring assumptions in this mechanism that raise concerns on its mode of operation.

For instance, a high school argumentative essay will go for $11.65 while the same essay will cost $13.67 at the college level, $16.04 at the undergraduate level, $20.42 at the Masters level, and $22.62 at the Ph.D. level. All these prices are for delivery in a 7-day time frame.

These prices change accordingly as the time for execution reduces. Because there is less time for implementation, the prices rise to reflect the urgency required to execute the said task. The prices also change accordingly when the pages entered for the task change. For instance, a 1-page task will attract different charges from the one that will be six or seven pages in length.

The pricing system is not that elaborate and straightforward. Clients have to spend time doing some computation to ensure that everything checks out. The pricing tool also gives information on special locked prices for first-time users of GradeMiners.

Types of Services

This outfit offers a variety of writing services to learners in different education levels. These services are accessible to students in high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. levels of study. However, these levels of education have different academic assignments and tasks, and therefore these offerings vary according to the level of education.

On its website, claims that it offers writing help on essays, articles, book reviews, bibliographies, biographies, business plans, dissertations, theses, laboratory reports, speeches, and admission essays.

The service also offers help on other tasks that do not necessarily require the construction of content from scratch. These mainly include assignments in various academic fields like Chemistry, Math, or Physics. Information on the GradeMiners website indicates that the establishment handles any assignment thrown their way regardless of subject, requirements, or deadline.

Most of these assignments involve high school students. Other services offered by this service include editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing content. There are clients who, at times, want modifications to their write-ups, and this is where these services come in. Editing and proofreading services are, however, less intensive compared to those involving writing articles from the ground up.

Though this information is not verifiable in any other place, casting doubts on services’ accuracy, the website claims that they offer services that have coverage of subjects in the upwards of 50. There is also support for tasks involving multiple-choice questions and those that are about problem-solving.

GradeMiners services also pack with plagiarism checking. On its website, the outfit notes that this service is an add-on on all the tasks handled through the company. GradeMiners use the capabilities and infrastructure of Copyscape to avail plagiarism services to its clients. Still, there is no elaborate or clear way to verify if this assertion by the company holds any water.

Payment Options

Services rendered to customers will prompt some form of payment from the consumer. This holds in all transactions, and so is the case with GradeMiners. For purposes of payments, this entity avails a set of options that clientele can use in the payment of services and products accessed from the company.
In its website, this outfit says it accepts some payment options, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Clients who engage for work in any of the services they offer can pay them through any of these payment options. The options are limited and give no choice or variety, but those are the ones that are available for use.


Money-Back Guarantees

Customers can ask for refunds from GradeMiners in cases where they feel the writer did not follow instructions or requirements to the letter. It is worth noting that customers can also request unlimited numbers of revisions provided these requests are within the two-week time frame after delivery.
Customers who have not made any download of finished tasks are eligible for full refunds. However, these refunds have to go through the support department for processing.

Confidentiality Guarantees

While not elaborate, GradeMiners assures its clients that their data is 100% safe and secure from eavesdroppers. This establishment also implements security measures that ensure the users’ data and the payment information and transactions are safe. This is information on its website, but there are no ways of confirming these confidentiality guarantees.

Editing Guarantees

GradeMiners assures their customers that papers will undergo editing whenever they put in editing requests. This is as long as these requests meet the threshold for the company’s editing policy. The editors will go through these requests and attend to them as required.

Quality Assurance Guarantees

GradeMiners guarantees their clients top essays that are devoid of content copied or lifted from other sites or reference materials. Further, this entity also assures its clientele of a zero-tolerance policy on the reselling of content.

However, worth noting is that these guarantees are information on the GradeMiners website, and no testimonials are corroborating or proving that these guarantees exist and that they work.


Variety of offerings – GradeMiners offers a vast range of services. The upside here is that customers visiting this website are highly likely to get the assistance they seek.

Above-average content – This establishment does its best in creating content for their clients whenever they have to handle customer orders and tasks.


High Pricing – The pricing of products by GradeMiners is above the industry standards. This makes the service out of the reach of many learners out there.

Questionable Guarantees – There are many guarantees on various operational aspects of the website, but there are no concrete ways of verifying whether they work.


GradeMiners have a wide variety of offerings, and their services target students in different levels of education. While they have an army of writers helping them churn content for customers, their content does not measure up and does not meet above-average standards.

Creating GradeMiners review, we found many claims on the website that are no verifiable on other platforms or other avenues that raise questions about the accuracy and integrity of the information on the site and, by extension, the entity itself.

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The customer service is very pathetic! The writer did a shoddy work and now im skeptical about writing services. Would strongly advice against using grademiners

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