GradeOnFire Review: Read This First!


GradeOnFire Overview

GradeOnFire is a large writing service that works with English speaking students and others from around the world. In this review, it is our intention to provide students who need writing assistance with all of the information they need regarding Specifically, we focused on the following points:

  • Writing quality and availability of skilled writers.
  • Customer service.
  • Prices and discounts.
  • Policies and guarantees.
  • Services available.
  • Ease of making payment and security.

Here are the steps we took to write a thorough, objective review.

  • Navigated and read the website.
  • Conducted a thorough price comparison, and reviewed discount programs.
  • Received and reviewed a college-level essay.
  • Read online reviews of GradeOnFire.
  • Went over policy documents and guarantees.
  • Interacted with GradeOnFire team members.

If you’ve been looking for an online, academic writing consultancy, keep reading. We are confident you will find the GradeOnFire review to be quite informative

Pricing System Comparing to the Market

GradeOnFire is a service business. Payments are due at the time orders are placed, and customers are given the price of their orders up front. In fact, there is a pricing table published on the site that lists every price point for every service available.  Here’s a brief summary of these.

Prices Per Page

This pricing structure is used for the majority of services offered by GradeOnFire. This pricing is applied for any work that requires writing from scratch, editing, rewriting, and proofreading.

Prices Per Document

In some instances, the company charges a flat rate for an entire document. This is common with resumes and CV.

Prices Per Completed Task

In some instances, cost is assessed according to the requested task. This is done with problem solving and multiple choice questions.


Add-ons are additional services that customers may purchase in addition to the base products or services they order. These might include using a writer who is based in the UK, high priority customer service, or accessing a top-tier writer. These may be charged as a flat rate, or a percentage of the total order.

Discount Programs

The website mentions several discounts that are available to customers. The first one that most will notice is a savings code for new customers. There are also discounts for customer loyalty and bulk orders. Finally, customers may visit the website frequently to learn about seasonal or other periodic offers.

Types of Services

GradeOnFire offers a full range of writing services and other offerings. For this review, we focused largely on their academic services. However, we believe that potential customers should learn about their other options as well. Take a look at this overview of the products and services that are available.

Academic Writing

The primary service offered here is academic writing. This is available to students starting in high school through graduate school. It includes virtually every writing assignment that a student may be given in these grades. This includes, essays, term papers, research papers, book reviews, critiques, articles, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, lab reports, and reaction papers. We received a paper from this category, a college level essay, to look over for this review.


Students who apply to elite colleges and universities must go through a competitive process to earn their spots. Some of the steps involved require excellent writing skills. Specifically, a student may be asked to submit an admissions essay or personal statement. In addition to this, many scholarship contests ask students to write an essay to demonstrate they have the experience or character that qualifies them for that award. GradeOnFire offers assistance with these writing projects under this category.

Dissertations offers thesis and dissertation assistance to graduate students. This help includes writing, editing, and research assistance with the various ‘chapters’ of each assignment.

Problem Solving

There are a few services offered here that do not involve writing. This is one of them. Problem solving involves finding the solution to complex equations and other problems, usually for STEM courses.

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple choice questions can be completed online via student’s accounts (e.g.: Blackboard), or by the student uploading the appropriate quiz or worksheet.


This is one of the services that is not intended for students. Here, GradeOnFire offers professional writing for business professionals. These services include blogging, web content, product descriptions, articles, etc.

Resumes And CV

Students and business professionals may order resume, cv, and cover letter writing and editing. They may also place orders for assistance with other employment related documents.

Payment Options

GradeOnFire offers standard payment choices to their customers. They may pay online using a debit or credit card. All major providers are accepted. At the time of this writing, there was no mention of PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay or other digital wallets.

Further, our research indicates that it is quite safe for students to make payments on They use a secured, third party processor to handle online payments. All transactions are appropriately encrypted for security and privacy.


As you might imagine, every writing service makes plenty of promises to potential customers. GradeOnFire is no different in that respect. They guarantee original writing, good prices, quality writers, and top-notch customer service. They also promise respect for user privacy and discretion. The question is, do they deliver on those promises? Also, what happens should something go wrong?

To get those answers, we read GradeOnFire policy pages. We also took a close look at customer reviews. We paid especially close attention to those that included any sort of complaint or customer service issues. Here are the things we uncovered.

In reading customer reviews, we found that there are relatively few credible complaints. We were happy to see that the majority of those that do exist were resolved fairly, usually in favor of the customer. That’s a good indication that they do back their promises and guarantees.

We then considered the policies they publish. We specifically paid attention to their money back guarantee policies and privacy policies. Here, things are quite standard. In this case, that is a good thing. Customers are qualified to receive a refund if work is not completed, not delivered on time, or not original. They may cancel orders, and will receive a full or pro-rated refund depending on the amount of work completed. Free revisions are available, but must be requested in a reasonable time frame. Revisions are only free if it is to fix an error or omission by the writer.

GradeOnFire also does a good  job at detailing their customer privacy policy. This document details how they collect and use customer data. It also explains customers’ rights regarding the use of their data.

Is Site Legit

After researching this company, reviewing their work, and learning about the experiences of other customers, we can definitely assert that this is a legitimate, writing business. They consistently deliver products as promised, they have a working website, and meet or exceed quality standards.

In fact, we can say that this is one of the top rated services we have reviewed. They have proven that they do a stellar job in the areas of quality, customer support, fair pricing, and ease of use. Students can safely place an order here, and expect to receive their product as expected, and on time.


To help students make the right decision, we have distilled the post important, positive points about this service here:

  • Top tier writing
  • The ability to serve multiple grade levels and academic needs
  • Fair prices and discounts
  • Responsive customer service
  • Excellent reputation
  • Secure payment options


We did not find any negative points that we believed customers would find to be disqualifying. Instead, we have identified a few areas of improvement that we would love to see in the future. These are:

  • Some modernization of the website would be nice.
  • The company should consider accepting PayPal or other options.

To Sum Up

As mentioned above, GradeOnFire exceeds expectations. They have customer policies that are fair, and easy to understand. GradeOnFire also does an excellent job at hiring and retaining a staff of writers and others who are highly qualified. As a result, students of all types can rely on this service to meet their needs. It is because of these attributes that we are happy to endorse this online provider. Students who need assistance should absolutely consider visiting the GradeOnFire website to learn more. We are confident they will be satisfied with the results. Otherwise, please consider reading the remainder of our writing service reviews to identify our other highly recommended services.

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