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HomeworkMarket Overview

At Trusted Essay Writers, we are always interested when we see new companies present themselves as the “answer” to students’ academic struggles. This is why our website focuses on investigating and evaluating as many writing services as we can. We want students to have solid and truthful information about companies they are considering using for academic help.

A relative newcomer to this industry is Established in 2019, it has hit the radar of some of our registered users, and we have received requests for an investigation.

This HomeworkMarket review is based on the usual criteria that we assess and then write up into a summary for our users and visitors to read. It is objective and factual.

Pricing and Discounts

In short, there is no pricing system. HomeworkMarket is just that – a marketplace for students to post their academic coursework needs and for registered freelancers to bid on those posts.

Depending on the type of requested help, HomeworkMarket states that students can pay as little as $9 for certain kinds of help requests. But the ultimate price is based on what the student and freelancer agree upon.

In choosing a freelancer from HomeworkMarket, students will be responsible for interviewing them, negotiating the price of the order, and then maintaining contact with that freelancer until they receive their final piece.

It will be extremely important for students to read the parts of the Terms and Conditions agreement that relates to payment. Payments are made through the HomeworkMarket payment system, which is secured via a third-party processor.

Types of Services

Anything goes. Students may literally post any type of coursework need they have, provide all of the details, including a deadline due date, and wait for the bids to arrive via email.

On the short HomeworkMarket posting form, students can choose “homework” or “essay,” provide details and deadline date, and then their email address. This post then goes out to registered freelancers.

Homework may consist of single or multiple questions that require written responses all the way up to complex STEM calculations, problem sets, or projects. HomeworkMarket accepts homework requests from all students, high school through graduate-level studies.

“Essay” requests include far more than that. Students can post needs for term/research papers, analyses and reviews, case studies, research projects, presentations, charts and other graphics, literature reviews, research designs, statistical analyses, lab reports, and much more.

We were very much interested in exactly how the HomeworkMarket process worked and the quality of the freelancers who might submit bids. We posted a request for a college-level research paper and the email address of one of our staff. He received a deluge of responses. Most bidders provided their academic backgrounds and degrees, so we chose three to contact and interview further. We did not proceed with a selection of payment.

The interview is conducted by chat through the HomeworkMarket system, and students are cautioned not to reveal their whole names or any other personal information. If a student should go “off the grid” and work directly with a freelancer, HomeworkMarket absolves itself of any liability for consequences that might occur.

In terms of quality, we had to look for customer feedback both on our website and on the web. We usually do not consider the website testimonials. We also reviewed some of the sample writings published on the HomeworkMarket site.

  • There are users of our site who have been customers of We sent them a short survey about their experiences. The results were a bit mixed. Students at lower levels of their school careers were far more satisfied than those at the upper college and graduate school levels.
  • We tried to review some samples, but they are only available for a price.
  • Out on the web, we did find quite a few comments. There were 83 on SiteJabber and a number of negative comments. But there were some positive as well. It seems that satisfaction is totally a matter of the choice of a writer.

Payment Methods

Students pay through the HomeworkMarket system. Here are the details:

When payment is made, there is a handling fee of $0.90 added to the agreed-upon payment. Teachers are then paid 80% of the fee, HomeworkMarket the other 20%. Students may use PayPal, even without an account on that platform, and there is an additional $1.00 fee there. Students who choose to use Payoneer will have access to their fees during the checkout process.

Both PayPal and Payoneer are secure platforms, so students need not to worry about the safety of their financial information.


HomeworkMarket has certain guarantees but they are not spelled out in any policies. Here is what they promise:

  • Privacy and confidentiality, so long as students go only through its system. Any veering from the HomeworkMarket system will compromise privacy.
  • Methods for students to hold up payment and dispute their delivered products. If writers do not respond within a certain period of time, they are charged extra fees from their pay. Still, several customers stated that getting refunds was difficult and that they ultimately had to dispute the charges with their banks.
  • There is no guarantee that the registered writers are native English-speakers, though the company obviously markets to an English audience. Some customers state they have received foreign-speaking writers whose command of formal English is limited.

Guarantees are not sufficient for our expectations. We would like to see a much more transparent dispute process that would guarantee revisions, quality, and customer satisfaction. When numerous customers are dissatisfied, HomeworkMarket can suffer a poor reputation. We urge the company to consider offering and enforcing much stronger guarantees.

Is Site Legit?

Yes, in the strictest sense of the word. represents a company that indeed exists, markets itself to an English-speaking audience, and solicits teachers/writers to work as freelancers for the company.

The HomeworkMarket website is a bit “thin” and confusing to new customers. The FAQ section is really a terms of use guideline and explanation of payment methods.

HomeworkMarket does maintain a blog, and the articles are up-to-date and quite relevant to the challenges that student face.


We can see certain benefits of

  • Skilled interviewers and negotiators may do very well with this model
  • Privacy is protected within the HomeworkMarket system
  • Payment methods are safe and secure, again within the system


There are some clear cons as well:

  • Students can make a mistake in the choice of teacher/writer
  • Customer support is not as effective as it should be
  • Website is difficult to navigate and confusing
  • Guarantees are not sufficient

To Sum Up is a legitimate company that markets homework and writing products and services to its English-speaking customer base. It operates primarily as a matching site for students and freelancers who want their business and has minimal involvement in the ongoing production process between students and freelancer. We do have several suggestions for HomeworkMarket to improve is processes and operations, but some students do find their experiences to be satisfactory. So, we recommend to check the best college essay writing service.



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