MarvelousEssays Review Shows the Company’s Pros and Cons


MarvelousEssays Overview

As we want to be honest with our readers, we built this MarvelousEssays review in an objective manner. Therefore, we will tell our readers everything we found from, even though it was good or bad.

Our review is structured in an easy-to-read manner and contains verified information. After reading the customers’ testimonials and took a look at what’s written on social media and community forums, we continued by analyzing the most important information available on Therefore, we discovered what are the company’s average prices and the ordering mechanism. Also, we will include information about the refunds and revisions policies, together with the way the customers can benefit from discounts. As we mentioned, whenever we find an aspect that needs improvement, we won’t hesitate to talk about it.

Available Prices

When they enter, students will want to know as accurately as possible how much they will pay for the type of service they need. Knowing that this aspect is very important for students, MarvelousEssays managed to develop a smart tool called the price calculator. Therefore, MarvelousEssays has a transparent pricing policy and shows its clients that they can trust the vendor as it doesn’t have any hidden costs. The price delivered by the price calculator will be the same as the final amount mentioned on the invoice.

The price calculator asks the customer to enter some simple details about his/her order. The customer should select the type of paper, topic, academic level, and deadline. MarvelousEssays works with writers who have a fast turnaround. Therefore, they can deliver a paper from 3 hours to 11 days. For instance, our simulation showed that the price for one page of a high school essay would be $12.99. The deadline in this case is the maximum possible. If the academic level changes and the deadline becomes tighter, the price will change accordingly.

The customers who want to benefit from special services and secure the quality of their papers can opt for the VIP package that comes at a price of $22.88. This package does not only give the VIP statute to the student, but it also brings some additional services. The client can receive notifications via SMS about each phase of the paper and will also have its paper carefully checked for plagiarism. The package also includes services like extended revision, the opportunity to have the paper written by top 10 writers working for MarvelousEssays, and extended proofreading.

Discounts are also available for both new and returning clients. Any new customer who submits an order on will receive a welcome discount of 15%. Also, loyal customers can get permanent discounts based on the total number of pages ordered. The minimum possible discount is 5% and it is awarded to those clients who have submitted a total number of pages of 30. Also, the discount becomes 10% when customers have accumulated total orders of 50 pages. Finally, the maximum permanent discount that a customer can get is 15%. It is granted for a total of 100 pages ordered on

List of Services

Clients can order different types of writing services from They can choose to work with the vendor’s writers for lab reports, book reviews, literary analysis, essay writing, dissertation, or any other type of writing. The list is quite long which proves that MarvelousEssays does a good job in developing its portfolio of services.

The writers who work for MarvelousEssays go through a strict recruitment process. They can deliver essays for high school, college, university, and master. When they apply for a writer position on, the writers have to prove that they have experience on the topics they want to write about. Therefore, their CVs are carefully checked but they will also have to take some tests to prove that they are experienced writers.

Customers can also benefit from proofreading and editing services delivered by MarvelousEssays. These services are the students’ favorites when they don’t have a generous budget to pay for content writing services from scratch. Thus, they secure a high-quality paper by working with professional writers who can check whether the paper has any typos, grammar errors, or plagiarism.

Still, MarvelousEssays should extend its portfolio of services and target business owners as well. The writers can deliver press releases, news releases, or convincing business plans for different categories of clients.

Payment Instruments

All payments on are done through secure payment instruments. Therefore, MarvelousEssays manages to prove that it can be a trusted company that doesn’t put the clients’ accounts at risk. The customers can pay for their orders via card. MarvelousEssays accepts cards issued by VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, or Discover. Another available method of payment is via Safecharge Limited and 2 Checkout. While these payment instruments are very safe and diverse, we recommend MarvelousEssays to include PayPal on the list as well. This payment method is not only safe but also very fast and easy to use. Besides, it is one of the students’ favorites.

Terms and Conditions

MarvelousEssays doesn’t have any separate policies for refunds and revisions. As we consider that they are some of the most important guidelines for clients, we recommend the vendor to highlight these policies more on and come with more clear examples that help the client understand how such requests are handled.

Revision Policy

MarvelousEssays offers free revisions to those clients to submit such a request in a maximum of 48 hours from the date when the writer delivered the final paper. This timeframe is available for short orders that have a maximum of 19 pages. In case the client had a large order, then the timeframe becomes one month. When the client submits the revision request, he/she should also pay attention to the instructions transmitted to the reviewer. Therefore, it is mandatory that the client sends the same instructions as the ones initially included in the order form. Otherwise, the vendor will consider that the customer needs an additional order and will charge it accordingly.

Refund Policy

A client who is not satisfied with the revision received from MarvelousEssays can ask for a refund. In case the customer support and quality assurance teams discover that the reviewer didn’t deliver the work as expected, then they can approve a full refund. Such requests should be done in a maximum of 2 weeks from the moment the revised paper was submitted by the writer.

Full refunds are awarded to those clients to decide to cancel an order before MarvelousEssays finds a suitable writer to take over the paper. Also, in case the client paid the order twice by mistake or submitted two identical orders, the respective customer can ask for a full refund. For each situation, the customer support staff will ask for solid evidence and will carefully analyze the circumstances.

The refund policy available on also includes situations when the vendor accepts to give back only part of the money. In case the cancellation request comes when the writer already started working on the paper and part of the deadline is already gone, then a partial refund will be awarded. For example, when more than 60% of the deadline has passed, MarvelousEssays will accept a refund of a maximum of 50%.

Is the Site Reliable? is a legit site. Customers can finalize the payment directly on the site using safe payment methods. This means that it has an encrypted payment system that allows customers to secure their payments without putting their accounts at risk. Also, the site has a professional look, clear structure, and easy-to-follow information.


MarvelousEssays offers the following advantages to its clients:

  • Secure payment methods
  • Reliable website
  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Attractive permanent discounts


We consider that MarvelousEssays has the following cons:

  • PayPal is not included in the payment methods list


MarvelousEssays manages to offer professional writing services to its clients at affordable fees. Also, it has a transparent pricing policy that allows clients to calculate the final amount using the price calculator. Besides, all payments can be done directly on using secure methods. This means that the site is legit and the customers should trust it. Still, PayPal is not included in the accepted payment methods and this is a point where the vendor should take action. Also, MarvelousEssays has guidelines related to refunds and revisions. However, we consider that these policies should be more detailed and include more examples of how such situations are handled.




My paper lacked 2 pages that I have paid for and they promised to refund me. Hoping to get my money back

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