MasterGrades Review: a Writing Service That is Good for Every Student?



MasterGrades is a comprehensive writing service based in the UK but serving students, professionals, and businesses anywhere in the English-speaking world. As far as we can tell, MasterGrades has been in business for several years now and has created quite a buzz among users of our review site. In writing this MasterGrades review, we looked at the common criteria that we established long ago for evaluating online writing agencies. These include a check of the following: quality and clarity of website content, the types of writing assistance offered, prices, qualifications of writers, quality of written products and customer support, policies, guarantees, and, most important, what customers have to say about their experiences with MasterGrades. Our written summary should be read, if you are considering using

Pricing System

We always like to see pricing put forward in charts, so that customers can see the cost of any writing product or service they might order. MasterGrades does a good job of this, no matter what you might want to order. Through a series of drop-down menu items, customers can enter the basic information, their academic level and their deadline requirement and get a price per page. This goes for original writing and a host of other things, like homework help, editing, and more.

Costs for original writing at MasterGrades begin at $12.99 a page for a high school student with a two-week window and move up to as much as $47.99 a page for a Ph.D. student who is in a hurry. Prices are based on academic level, type of original writing needed, and deadline – common with most all writing companies.

Customers can also tabulate lots of other types of MasterGrades services – editing, STEM problem solutions, test-taking, and lots more. The drop-down menus on this preliminary pricing form include them all. Select the details and get your price. also has a rather standard discount program. If you are a new customer, you will get a 15% on your very first order. When you return for more orders, you will get other discounts, ranging from 5 – 15% based on the number of pages you accumulate in all.

Another standard feature of MasterGrades are the freebies it offers – title and bibliography pages, formatting in any specified style, plagiarism check, an outline, and revisions, as requested.

During the ordering process, there are also fee-based extras that customers can order. These will add to the final cost, so we suggest that you look at them carefully and choose only the ones you think you need. Some of MasterGrades extras include a higher level or preferred writer, more customer support, extra proofreading, and a one-page summary.

Types of Services

There is nothing a student might want that does not offer. And there are services for business needs too. Here is listing, divided by categories:


  • Basic or research-based essays of all types and in any subject field
  • Term/research papers at all academic levels and, again, in any subject field
  • Speeches, presentations, and power points
  • Book reviews
  • Critiques and analyses
  • STEM coursework help
  • Assignments
  • Lab reports
  • Admissions, personal statement, and scholarship essays
  • Test-taking
  • Editing
  • Re-writing
  • Theses and dissertations, in part or whole


MasterGrades offers job applicant writing, including resumes and CV’s along with other applicant materials.

Business Writing

Business customers will find a large array of products and other types of assistance, produced by a MasterGrades department put together for this sole purpose:

  • Copywriting for company websites, blogs, social media accounts
  • Marketing materials
  • Business plans and proposals
  • Reports obviously has a huge repertoire of assistance offerings. What really matters, though, is the level of quality of all these products and services. Ultimately, we have to judge quality, and we always use several factors to do this:

  • We checked out a few of the writers’ samples on the company website. Frankly, we liked what we saw. There was a book review on the life and politics of Vladimir Putin and a research paper on the nursing industry among others. What we found were good thesis statements, scholarly structure and style, and resources appropriate for the academic levels.
  • We also relied on the feedback and comments of student users of our site who had received completed orders of essays, papers, and other types of writing. These customers were overwhelmingly happy with what they received, both in terms of products and customer support.
  • We searched for and found other customer reviews, especially on some of the more reputable consumer review sites. Again, their experiences with MasterGrades were good, and they were satisfied.

We have concluded that is a great place to get high quality products, services, and support.

Payment Options

It is important that customers of writing services have an easy method of payment, and this means that the credit card they may need to use is acceptable. In the case of MasterGrades, this is the case. All major credit cards are accepted, along with PayPal.

There is also the issue of security when financial information is provided on the web. In the case of MasterGrades, this is not an issue. The company uses a payment processor that is fully safe, SSL-certified, and used by lots of other large retailers. Customer information is not taken or stored by the company itself.


There are four written policies on the website – Terms of Use, Privacy, Cookie, and Money-Back. We always encourage customers to review these policies themselves, so they understand exactly how a company operates. Within these policies are some important guarantees; others are individually stated on the site itself. To summarize the guarantees you have, here is a brief rundown:

  • Within the Terms of Use policy, written in simple clear language, you are guaranteed a writer who is uniquely qualified to complete your order. And a method of direct communication with that writer is set up, so that you can check progress and receive drafts for approval, if needed. This also allows your writer to ask for more information or for you to provide details you have missed in the ordering process.
  • MasterGrades privacy policy guarantees that your use of their services will be held fully confidential, as will your identity. The company will not share your personal information with anyone else.
  • Revisions: You have the right to request revisions if you are not happy with what you receive. The company will see to it that these are completed quickly and until you are satisfied.
  • On-Time Delivery: You specify when you need your product. MasterGrades meets that deadline. If a deadline is not met, which appears to be very rare, the customer is reimbursed and provided other discounts toward future orders.
  • Money-Back: There are some situations in which the company provides refunds to customers – some partial, some full. Review these situations carefully.
  • Originality: you are guaranteed that any piece of writing is begun from scratch and is fully original. And once you take delivery, the piece is wiped from the company system, so that it is never seen or used by anyone else.

From what we have learned from customers, these guarantees are not just on paper – they are followed in practice too.

Is the site Legit?

One of the easiest conclusions we can make is that is a fully legitimate writing agency. It clearly explains what it offers, provides guarantees and qualified writers, gives good customer support, and ensures that customers are happy with what they receive. Customers and writers communicate, quality of research and writing is high, and on-time delivery is consistent. The company is not only legitimate, it is exceptional.


There are many “pros” which we have covered above. Most notable are the following:

  • Writing products reflect top quality
  • MasterGrades keeps its promises
  • Customers are overwhelmingly happy
  • Customer support is responsive


We had a tough time finding “cons,” but we might suggest the following:

  • MasterGrades guarantees that it checks for plagiarism. To then charge for a plagiarism report is redundant and a bit pricey
  • The company should re-assure that non-UK customers will receive writing that is based upon their language uniqueness.

To Sum UP

We are certainly impressed with It meets all of the criteria that we set for great writing companies, and then some. The company has high standards, employs qualified writers (minimum of a Master’s degree), ensures safety and security for its customers, is priced right, and takes care of its clients. In short, this is a top-notch company that we highly recommend. Any student, professional, or business leader will have a great experience here.



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