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PaperFellows Overview

We launched our website with the mission of helping students overcome some of the hurdles they face, both academic and personal, as they navigate through their school careers. To do this, we have lots of resources for visitors and our registered users. Users can post questions and comments and hold conversations with one another; visitors can access our blog and link to other resources we present.

The most important resource we provide, though, is our reviews of online writing services. We began this initiative some time ago – investigating the legitimacy and professionalism of such companies and preparing a detailed and objective summary review.

This PaperFellows Review is our latest and has been evaluated in the same categories that we use for all of our assessments.

Price Range of This Company

PaperFellows has what is often called a “flexible” pricing system. This means that it has different cost schedules for different types of services. Other factors in pricing include the school level of the customer and the amount of time he gives PaperFellows to complete and deliver his product/service. For example, a high school student who needs a basic essay and provides a two-week timeline will pay $12.99 per page. As the type of writing becomes more complex, the schooling level higher, and the deadline requirement shorter, the higher the price.

One thing that has a cost value is the free benefits – certain pages, formatting, a plagiarism scan, etc.

The other factor impacting cost are additional fees that students can incur during the checkout process. They can opt for such things as a more expert writer, a detailed plagiarism report, more personalized customer support, and such. We urge students to consider these options carefully because they can add quite a bit to the final cost.

Are the cost structures of PaperFellows comparable to those of other trusted writing companies? The answer to this is yes.

The final impact on pricing is discounts. Most highly rated services do offer these, and is no exception. There are discounts for new and returning customers.

Types of Services

The major focus of PaperFellows is providing academic assistance to students, although it does provide a number of other services too. We will touch on those briefly too.

Academic Writing

Most of this category is focused on original and customized academic writing products for students from secondary school through grad programs. It includes such things as essays, papers, reviews, projects, case studies, research proposals and projects, and even graduate assistance with theses and dissertations.

Admissions/Scholarship Essays

High school students need creative and engaging admissions essays if they intend to be competitive. College students need personal statement essays when they apply for admissions to grad programs. And any student applying for a grant or scholarship must also submit essays. All of these pieces require creative writing. PaperFellows provides such creative writers.

Homework/Coursework Help

Especially in STEM subjects, student struggle with problem sets, calculations, modeling projects, and other problem-solving assignments. And there are plenty of non-STEM students who do get behind in their coursework or who need help with multiple-choice test-taking. All of these things PaperFellows offers, providing experts in specific topic fields for such help.


Let’s face it. Lots of students struggle with producing scholarly written pieces that will result in good grades. They know what they want to say; they just don’t know how to say it well. Paper Fellows editors will take student work, structure it, polish it, and return those students a piece of writing worthy of submission.

Resumes/CV’s/Cover Letters

These may be needed by students, as they apply for part-time jobs or internships; they may be needed by students who are seeking their first career position upon graduation; and they may be needed by career professionals who are looking to make a change. PaperFellows sports an entire department of writers with HR backgrounds who can craft, edit, and/or proofread applicants’ documents.


These PaperFellows services are offered to businesses that have a need for content and marketing materials – such things as website content, blog and social media maintenance, reviews, product descriptions, and more. But here’s the thing: Student may need copywriting services too. They may be creating portfolios; some of them are launching and maintaining blogs.

In terms of scope of services, certain offers is all and receives high ratings from us.

Payment Methods

When students place an order, they also make their payment arrangements. In fact, until payment is made, the order will not be assigned to a PaperFellows expert for completion. This is standard policy for reputable writing companies. allows payment via all major credit cards and PayPal. One great option is that students can opt to Use PayPal, even if they do not hold an account on that payment platform. This is really secure. But, if students choose just to use their bank cards, PaperFellows does not process those payments. Instead, they are turned over to a secure payment processing company that has the security in place to protect student financial information.


Guarantees are critical, and every highly-rated writing service has written guarantees. These are usually contained in their policies, as well as other promises that are made on its website. has the right guarantees. Here they are in a nutshell after we reviewed their policies and web content:

  • Refunds: If a paper is late, or if an order is cancelled before a writer is assigned, refunds will be provided. There are other circumstances under which partial refunds may be offered as well. Student should read through the policies to determine if they qualify for a refund.
  • Revisions: One of the clear guarantees is free revisions. Students can request as many as they need, as long as they are not changing their original order specifications.
  • Plagiarism-Free Copy: This is a complete and clear guarantee. Every written document is scanned for plagiarism before it can be cleared for delivery to a customer.
  • On-Time Delivery: If delivery is not made on time, there will be a refund.
  • Privacy: This is a critical promise. Most students who surrender personal information want it kept confidential. PaperFellows encrypts personal information, assigning ID numbers to students to use throughout their system.

We do not just take guarantees for granted. Instead, we reviewed customer feedback and comments about the execution of these guarantees in practice. Fortunately, customers state that they are fulfilled.

Is Site Legit? is the website of a company that has been in business for a while, that receives high praise from its customers, and that delivers on its promises.

The website is easily navigated, as important information is well-organized and all contained as a customer scrolls down the landing page. Content is clear, transparent, and exceptionally written.


There are plenty of these, but the most important PaperFellows benefits are as follows:

  • High-quality writing
  • Great customer support
  • Prices are comparable to other high-quality writing services
  • Policies ad guarantees that protect customers
  • Security for personal and financial data


  • PaperFellows needs a current blog
  • A stronger social media presence would be of benefit

To Sum Up

We feel good about compared to other essay writing websites. It not only meets but exceeds the standards we have set for trusted and top-quality writing services. Of course, quality of products, services and support is always our big concern. In these areas, we have no reservations at all. We highly recommend PaperFellows to all students.



The writer should have been more keen and paid attention on the details though, it was delivered in time and that was great. Perhaps its because the paper was 300 pages long, the work was satisfactory

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