PaperHelp Review: Learn if the Company is Trustworthy


PaperHelp Overview

PaperHelp is a service that helps students with their academic assignments. The company’s website has information, though scanty, on the various services offered. The site indicates multiple offerings, including essay writing, case study writing, coursework, and creative writing. There is also information on other offerings, including dissertations, admission essays, as well as questions and problems. has some form of procedure that students have to follow when they want to order papers. This starts from order placement, progress tracking, and delivery. This entity also has some numbers on its site that shed light on the scope of its writing operations for the period it has been in this line of work.

The statistics show that well over 105000 students use this service, but there was no way of confirming this other than relying on the information on the company’s website. There is also a number that indicates the total number of papers that the service has handled to this date, which is 563,244 papers.

Prices and Discounts

PaperHelp uses a pricing system that is not as straightforward or as conventional as other online academic writing services. The prices of the papers broadly vary according to the academic level or difficulty level of the paper. Along this line, four large subdivisions guide the entire pricing. They include High School, College, University, and Ph.D.

Other elements of the pricing system include the type of paper, the number of pages the client desires, and the deadline of the task in progress. Some technicalities come with using the price calculator has on its website, and there is a reasonable chance that clients encounter challenges when using the tool.

For a basic essay or article with 275 words on one page, a high school client will have to part with $12. A college learner will have to fork out $14. A university student will have to avail $20, and a customer pursuing doctorate studies will have to pay $24. All these prices are for products whose submission date is 14 days away.

For comparison reasons, different deadlines attract different charges from the site. A high school essay would cost $20 per 275-word page in a 7-day time frame. Likewise, a college-level essay would go for $22. A university one will fetch $28 while one at the Ph.D. level would go for $32. However, a closer look at these deadlines and standards of difficulties reveals that there are no uniformities in the tasks’ costs.

Types of Services

There is a whole variety of services offered by PaperHelp. The website claims to provide a range of services, but ascertaining this information is another endeavor altogether. This establishment claims to provide services and help with custom papers, research papers, term papers, essays, dissertations, assignments, coursework, editing, college assignments, professional personal statement writers, case studies, literature reviews, reports, homework, and critical thinking tasks.

These services point to a bias towards academic writing tasks. PaperHelp claims to help clientele accomplish any academic writing tasks. Accordingly to our review, they are not one of the best research paper writing services in USA. The prevailing mechanisms and frameworks for this, according to this company’s website, including writing papers for money, completing coursework of varying technicality or difficulty for clients, helping with speeches, paying for written papers, as well as essay correction. Still you might need to use the best online grammar checker to polish received paper.

There are other services that PaperHelp claims to offer, which include annotated bibliographies, articles, business plans, and projects. On offer also are Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Engineering, Math, Physics, and Programming assignments. Other high school and college assignments are out of the traditional scope of assignments that helps with. All services offered by this establishment ship with plagiarism checking as well.

As part of serving learners, this outfit avails free samples to students before placing orders so they can have an insight into nature, quality, and college writing service offered. These samples vary with topic and academic discipline. Clients can go through these samples before they settle on placing an order with PaperHelp. These samples serve to give clients reasons and grounds to work with or stay away from the services and operations of academic assistance.

The website also claims that clients can request for custom articles or papers. In such cases, customers can place orders for unique, modified, and specialized writing assignments. In most cases, the website says these would have to pass through the company’s customer support section.

Company Prices

Payment options make it possible for the experts who work on these papers to securely and promptly get compensation for the work they do. Further, these options also make it possible for students to get the products they order from the site.

While there are some options that PaperHelp can work with, there have been glaring inconsistencies on the choice, use, and selection of these options. There have also been reliability issues on the payment front.

There are various payment options and channels supported by and accepted by PaperHelp include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Apple Pay, and Splitit.


Money-Back Guarantee

With regards to refunds, various guarantees come with services. Clients are eligible for a 100% refund if the payment for the order was erroneous. However, for refunds in such situations, there is a need to reach out to the customer support team for further information and processing of the issue.

A customer can also receive a full refund if an acceptable writer is not available for the order placed. In the event this happens, the customer support reaches out to the customer to confirm the details and process the refund. Clients can receive full refunds when the ordered papers have lived out of their usefulness because of delays in delivery.

A 70% refund is eligible for customers who intend to cancel the order after the work is well underway on order placed. Further, this eligibility stands when the work on the order is well over half the time frame previously set out for the execution of the task.

Clients are eligible for a 50% refund in cases where PaperHelp is not in a position to provide the client with a revision of the task at hand. Another eligibility for the 50% refund is when the customer chooses to cancel the order when the order is well within the writer’s hands and well over half the deadline.

Refunds are not possible when there is no adherence to the website’s set terms and conditions, and when the client presses the approve button.

Is This Website Legit

There are mixed feelings and reactions from customers on the reliability of PaperHelp as a paper writing service. Customer feedback points out a trend of inconsistency in the quality of execution. The details about this establishment do not check out, which raises questions on the legitimacy of PaperHelp as a writing assistant.

Further, information from testimonials and other avenues on the web does not paint an elaborate and untainted picture of the site. This even brings to the fore more concerns about the operations of this entity. These aspects culminate in a service that lacks legitimacy and standing to work academic papers.


Wide variety of services – PaperHelp has a long list of services it offers to its clients. These services spread out across all academic levels and encompass various academic tasks.

Execution – They meet the deadlines and work tasks within the time frames set out in the ordering phase in the instructions or requirements by clients.


Quality issues – There have been numerous adverse reports by learners on the quality of the turnaround from PaperHelp.

Pricing – This outfit charges a lot of bucks compared to other services and also industry standards.

Originality Issues – Some students have complained of plagiarism in their products, which has cost them a considerable way. They used the best site to check plagiarism to make sure.


A keen look at the operational aspects of PaperHelp as a company points out to a service that is not entirely reliable. There are glaring issues relating to the execution of tasks. These are among the problems that set back PaperHelp as a writing service.

Testimonials from clients also point to a service that neither checks all boxes nor measures up to the required standard operational procedures. The scanty information on the website is also a turn off for clientele as customers cannot get proper relevant information or extract important operational details about their services.

As you can see in PaperHelp review, working with this service is a precarious affair, and you might want to check out other established and professional services who have what it takes to come up with a turnaround that will satisfy you as a client. Services like PenDrago, EssayPro, Eduvinci, and Edudemius have what it takes to execute well.



From what I am seeing, my paper was not handled by a writer with a good mastery of the English language. I mostly think paperhelp uses writers who are from other countries. I am not impressed.


The company doesn’t offer any promotions and is very costly compared to other sites.

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