PenDrago Review – Insights into the Service


Pendrago Overview

Started in 2013, PenDrago offers a wide variety of services. The enterprise claims to have handled more than 10,000 academic papers since its inception. This entity has evolved since then and has expanded its offering and experts who work with the service alike.

Information on the site’s website shows that they have 500 professionals who work for them, all of who are degree holders. The three broad services offered include writing, editing, and proofreading, under which clients can place orders with their customization. PenDrago prides itself in its unique focus on the customers and their requirements.

The target clientele for includes students pursuing high school studies to those in advanced institutions of learning pursuing postgraduate studies.

With just under a decade of experience in the field, the growth of the service in terms of human capacity and orders processed is a pointer of the efforts and quality of execution at the company. This PenDrago review explores in detail the operations of the company.

Pricing and Affordability

PenDrago’s pricing system varies with the requests of the clients. Since the tasks that this outfit can handle are numerous, the charges are flexible to fit and adapt to the needs of the students. Learners visit the company’s website with myriad requests including academic essay writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, or a combination of some of these.

For writing, this outfit prices start from $17.56 per 300-page word. This covers original content writing, adequate research, formatting, tests, and solving quizzes.

Editing charges are modestly cheaper, starting from $11.70 for a 300-word page. Here, most of the tasks involve refining structure, modifying tone, formatting and proofreading at no cost.

When it comes to proofreading, the enterprise’s costs are $9.96 per 300-word page. This covers the fundamentals of the review process, which include checking grammar, punctuation of the paper as well as correcting for spelling mistakes and typos.

There are other modified pricing plans, including a Pay-as-You-Go framework costing $500 for larger writing projects.

Under the Get-More-Pay-Less structure, clients get to save up to 15% on all orders processed through the system’s loyalty program’s discounts.

PenDrago has loyalty programs whose eligibility mostly requires consistent consumption of services from the part of the learners. In all, the pricing mechanism here is standard, and for the nature and
scope of the services they are offering, the prices are fair.

The pricing channels and methods used in transacting with PenDrago are wholly secure, and customers can rest assured of the confidentiality and security of payments they make to the entity.
Types of Services offers a wide variety of services in terms of academic difficulty and scope. On the level of education front, the entity provides services that range from high school and college freshman to postgraduate writing and premium business writing. When it comes to the scope of services, PenDrago engages in original content writing, editing works, proofreading tasks and related tasks that may involve writing modification.

This enterprise has operations whose difficulty goes outside of traditional parameters. By catering for standard business and premium business writing, you can get a hint that knows its stuff and is a significant player in the writing arena.

When setting yourself up on the site, you have to enter the key details of the kind of assistance you are seeking from PenDrago. The project purpose is mainly the level of difficulty where options are ranging from high school to premium business writing.

There are tons of project types, and they are broad in scope. They include bibliographies, different kinds of essays, coursework, theses, dissertations, case studies, problem-solving, lab reports, marketing plans, and business plans. Clients here have to pick what suits them.

For customers to get optimal service, they need to ensure that they correctly enter the project purpose so the professional can know the gravity of the project type that is in front of uthem. PenDrago allows users to select the expert to work on their essay. Here, there are various choices that these users can choose, including by the best available expert, by the ID of the order, or by the pro’s proficiency in English.

After keying in these essential details, you can choose elements such as spacing and the pages of the write-up. Unlike industry standards where a page is 275 words, PenDrago’s offering differs from the rest by offering 300 words per page. This amount of wording per page among other aspects relating to the ordering process set PenDrago apart from other establishments.

Payment Options

For purposes of payments and transactions, various processing firms facilitate monies sent to PenDrago. PayPal is a widely used platform for processing payments, but the company no longer handles operations tied to essay writing companies.

For facilitation of payments, there are payment organizations that clients can use when effecting payments. These include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Clients can use these channels when making payments. These channels are secure, and has used them in their operations for quite some time now.

The broad support from these payment processors also speaks to the reliability and trustworthiness of PenDrago as an essay writing service.


Money-Back Guarantee has various policies with regards to money-back to clients. These policies depend on how further the order is in the processing pipeline. If a writer does not have the order, then the client will get a 100% refund.

In the event the order is in the hands of an assigned writer and work is underway, the writer will get compensation for efforts thus far, and there will be a 70% refund. In a situation where half of the deadline has elapsed, and the writer is well underway with the order in a significant way, then the eligibility will be a 50% refund.

Customers are eligible for full refunds in events of multiple payments. Cases that involve late delivery will see the client get a 20% refund for the inconvenience caused. In the event the work has been adequately handled and submission not done, customers can get a 10% refund if the formatting does not measure up.

Spelling mistakes, punctuation issues and grammatical errors will see a 30% refund, plagiarized content will result in a 100% refund, and where there is no adherence to instructions, then there will be a 100% refund.

Guarantees on Revision

This outfit allows for revisions, but some conditions must warrant a change. The request for the correction should be in 10 days since the submission.

The revision instructions should in not any way differ from the original instructions that the client gave during the placement of the order.
The request for revision will get approval if there are no additional instructions that the client gives during the process of requesting the review.

Is This Outfit Legit

Reviews on the web as well as testimonials and customer feedback all point to a legitimate, clean and reliable service. The information on PenDrago, its mode of operation and other elements also illustrate that the outfit is a trustworthy outfit deserving of client trust.

Another area that can also point to the legitimacy of the enterprise is the work it does. A closer look and analysis at the papers as well as other products from the entity show that the folks at the outfit know what they are doing, and all is under control.

Publicly available information about the journey of the enterprise also indicates that the site has grown and has witnessed transformation to what it is today.


A deep pool of talent and expertise. Well-versed folks at the establishment guarantee you top-notch write-ups.
Legitimacy – The outfit has been around for a while and has built an excellent name for itself.
Wide offerings – There is a lot on offer here, and folks will surely get what they want.


Above Industry Pricing – The charges for the various offerings are above the standard fees in the essay writing industry.
Lack of public feedback mechanisms – This makes it tricky for users to gauge and engage the enterprise due to insufficient information from individuals who have contracted the establishment.

To Sum Up

PenDrago checks most boxes as far as top essay writing services go. In most cases, students check out the quality of the turnaround. This outfit has a wide variety of pros with credible academic credentials and qualifications. Besides, they have substantial experience in their areas of focus.

This is an added advantage because it means they can handle tasks in their areas accurately. The broad offerings the service has, the various guarantees that come with its services, as well as the support infrastructure it has with regards to payments make it a top service to work with.

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