PremierEssay Review That Examines the Service Quality and Relevance of Testimonials


PremierEssay Overview

It is our job at Trusted Essay Writers to alleviate some of the stress students experience. One way we do this is by investigating the best writing services online , finding those that are trusted and professional, and recommending them to our users.

This latest PremierEssay review is one more step in our mission. We encourage you to read our summary and decide for yourself if it is a writing service that could meet your long-term academic help needs.

Are Their Prices High?

Here, we look for two things – reasonable pricing and full transparency. And here is what we found at

  • There is an “estimate” form on the PremierEssay home page. A student can enter the category of need and other basic information about the specific piece. He will get a calculated price. We like this because students are able to decide if the cost is within their budgets.
  • Final calculations are done during the ordering process. Students get a price, and that is final – no “extra” costs that are hidden.

Here are the things that affect final pricing:

  • There is a discount plan – one that can be found on a link of the same name. For their first orders, new customers get 20% off. Those who return for more help will get other discounts as detailed in the plan. PremierEssay customer service also tells us that there are special pricing sales during the year that are posted on the PremierEssay site.
  • There are some free perks that can be counted as savings. And these are pretty common among good writing companies. PremierEssay gives free revisions and formatting in any style.
  • PremierEssay also offers additional services that are fee-based. These are added to an order during that process. Students can pay more for a premium or top writers, one-page summaries, full plagiarism reports, more personalized customer service, and more. These will all add to the final cost, so students should weigh them carefully.
  • Pricing at PremierEssay is what we normally see from reputable companies that we have reviewed before.

Types of Services boasts that it offers virtually any type of academic help a student might need. And after reviewing what its offerings are, we agree. Students will find categories of writing and other services, as follows:

  • Academic Writing: This includes all of the normal and common written assignments that students know from secondary school – essays, papers, presentations, critiques, analyses, lab reports, projects, case studies, and more.
  • Coursework Assignments: There are topic field experts to take on homework assignments in any course.
  • STEM Problem Sets and Projects: These are stressful and time-consuming. PremierEssay provides topic area experts to complete assignments at any schooling level.
  • Dissertations: PremierEssay has Ph.D. research experts to give assistance for any part of or an entire dissertation project. Be aware that they are far away from best dissertation writing services.
  • Re-Writing, Editing, Proofreading: Writers are assigned to topic-specific orders according to their degrees and qualifications. They review, edit, and polish any piece.
  • Admissions Services: PremierEssay will assign a professional personal statement writer to admissions essays. That writer will have an extensive discussion with the customer to craft an essay that perfectly matches the prompt.
  • Resume/CV Services: Whether for a part-time job while in school or for a career position upon graduation, PremierEssay has another department with writers who can create, revise, edit and/or proofread resumes, CVs, and cover letters
  • Copywriting: This is a category of writing reserved for online businesses that need content, marketing materials, blogs, and social media presences.

This is a full listing of services. Now, to take a look at the quality. We judge quality by what actual customers have to say and by what we discover ourselves as we comb through a company’s website. Here is what we found:

  • We are impressed with the PremierEssay website content. It is well-organized, very clear, and typical of the top composition quality we like to see.
  • PremierEssay has a large list of sample pieces from its writers. After reviewing several of them, we can say that all of them have a solid organization, logical flow, good thesis statements, sound research, and excellent composition.
  • A number of our users have received products from PremierEssay. We reached out to them for comments and feedback. All were very good – students liked their products, their instructions were followed, they were able to speak with their writers, and customer service was great. One user sent us a copy of his completed piece, and we liked what we saw.
  • Out on the web, we also found feedback on PremierEssay. Again, it was all positive.

To sum all of this up, runs a professional writing company that offers a full range of products/services and delivers quality to its customers. This is the most important of all categories we evaluate.

Payment Options

Customers can make payment via major bank cards and through wire transfers.

Related to security, PremierEssay does not process customer payments. This is important because writing companies do not have the kind of security that professional payment processing companies have. PremierEssay uses one of these.

Guarantees provides the types of guarantees that we want to see from a writing agency. They are explained on its site and in its policies.

  • Original Pieces of Writing: According to PremierEssay, it assigns each order to a qualified writer as it is received. That writer begins the order from scratch and pledges never to plagiarize. And his writing is checked by a QA staff member with a plagiarism scan.
  • Confidentiality: Most student customers do not want others to know that they are using a writing service. And it is the responsibility of writing companies to honor that. PremierEssay does encrypt all customer information and holds it behind firewall protection. It also has a Privacy Policy that gives more detail.
  • Revisions: PremierEssay promises free revisions on its site and in its Terms of Use policy. A student can request changes to his final draft as many times as necessary until he has what he wants. The only time there is a charge for revisions is if the customer adds something that was not in the original order.
  • Quality Control: There is a QA department that checks several features of a piece of writing before delivery to a customer – plagiarism, structure, grammar and composition, adherence to customer instructions, etc.
  • Delivery Guarantee: PremierEssay guarantees that all orders will be delivered on or before the deadline set by the customer. From what customers state, they do receive their orders on time.

Is Site Legit?

The legitimacy of writing services is important because there are many companies that are just downright scams. Here are our criteria for legitimacy:

  • The company has a decent website and provides contact information
  • The company accepts orders, processes those orders, and delivers them to customers
  • The company provides appropriate security measures to protect customer personal information
  • The company has written policies and guarantees

These are the bare minimum things we require to certify that a company is legitimate.

PremierEssay goes well beyond our minimum criteria. Our rating in this category is high.


There are many. But here are those that students will be most interested in:

  • Quality level is high
  • PremierEssay prices are average for those of other professional and trusted companies
  • There is a full range of products/services
  • There are written guarantees that are honored


We don’t have cons to list, only suggestions:

  • Consider more articles in the blog. Good articles that relate to student writing, issues, and problems are valuable
  • Consider re-evaluating some of the costs for those extra options. They can be prohibitive in some cases.

To Sum Up has everything we want to see in a highly rated writing service. Its policies and processes clearly put the customer first and demonstrate the company’s commitment to long-term customer relationships. We believe that students can trust PremierEssay to serve them well all of their schooling years.


What the first writer wrote was a little bit off, but then they found me a writer who did a splendid job
really! He offered me much better research questions than I had and explained how to narrow down my
research. Result – a merit grade I didn’t even hoped for!

I was quite hesitant before trying out their services. But they surprised me with good paper.

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