Privacy Policy believes in being transparent to the best of our ability, whether we conduct operations offline or online. Therefore, we provide this Privacy Policy so that the people on our website know the information we gather and how we use them to provide them with a better online experience.

What We Collect

These are the two types of data we collect:

  1. General and aggregate data. These include but not limited to: your browser type, IP address, pages you visited, length of stay on OUR website. This information is used to improve the user experience of new and returning visitors.

Information is gathered using “cookies.” These are used to record your activity on our website, including the duration and how you interact with our website. These stop tracking you when you leave the website. Sometimes, we will have a “persistent cookie” which will store your login information which helps you whenever you revisit our website. This way, it will be easier for you to login again. You can disable cookies, though. That may have a bit of an impact on your experience on our website, and some features may not function well.

  1. Your personal information. This includes the information you put on your profile when you connect with other users and the messages you receive. These may also include some search queries, your comments and conversations, posts in forums, and the information you send as well as receive. This information is collected so that you have access to all that our site has to offer. These are also required so that we can contact you should anything need to be changed via email or newsletter.

Content You Post

You can post any content on at your own risk. You can set your privacy settings to limit your access to some pages and allow certain ones. However, it is not guaranteed that these settings are fully secure as we are not responsible for the actions of other people who have access to your information. We are not responsible for any unmotivated actions like hacking their way through our privacy and security systems nor of the consequences of those actions. When removing the content you posted, you must understand that it may still be active in our archives and that it may have been copied by other users before it is removed. There is no guarantee that any removed content will be fully invisible on our site or elsewhere on the web.

You are solely responsible for being fully aware and in understanding the Terms and Conditions and that you will refrain from posting anything that is not permitted by the same Terms and Conditions. If you see anyone violate these terms, you are encouraged to report these actions. We reserve the right to close, block, and remove any users if there are serious infractions.

Your Consent to Transfer Your Personal Information

By using our website, you permit us to process and transfer the personal information you provide throughout the US.

On Minors

Information from children younger than 13 years old is not collected, nor do we encourage them to register here. If we find out that a user is under 13 years old, we reserve the right to delete all the information they submitted until we have a verifiable consent from a parent or guardian. If any user has information about another person who is below 13 years old, we encourage informing us immediately.

If the person is 13 to 18 years old, you must request permission from your parents before sending us or anyone else on the Internet your information.

How We Use the Information

We may use your name and email address when coordinating with you about new features, announcements on developments, and other useful content.

You are responsible for your privacy settings. You can choose whether to broaden or narrow down the access to your profile.

Even if you opt-out of our email announcements, when there are important things to discuss regarding your account, we can still contact you under those situations.

When Sharing Your Data with Third-Party Companies

  • We may share your information with third parties which may benefit you.
  • These may be used to provide you with relevant ads and promotions which you are interested in.
  • We will not, however, provide them with your contact information without your consent.

Please be reminded that if you choose to share your information with third parties, this is beyond the scope of this privacy policy and you are responsible for such action.

Site Links

Our website has links to websites of third parties. When you access their website through these links, you are no longer bound by our privacy policies and are bound by their privacy policies. We are not responsible for anything that may occur on their website even if you clicked the link from our website to theirs.

Site Security

We take every precaution to secure your information. We have a secure server for all information you share with us. However, email messages sent to us are not considered part of this content, and thus, you should not consider these secure.