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pro essay service review

This ProEssayService review is a part of our larger mission to help students who are struggling with their coursework. When they struggle, they look for help from online writing services. Some are professional and do good work; others are scams. Our job is to do the research that separates the good guys from the bad guys and pass this information on to students like you. When we finish our digging, the truth comes out, and students will know if a writing service can be trusted to give them what they need. Pro Essay Service is the latest subject of our investigation.

Here’s How We Played Detective

When we chose to conduct a ProEssayService review, we followed the same steps we take with all our reviews. This means that readers can compare “apples to apples” when they make their own choices. Here is what we check out:

  • We read every word on the agency website, looking for several things, including the quality of writing. If a writing service does not use good grammar and composition, it is unlikely that customers will get a good piece of writing.
  • We look at the products and services that are offered so that students can see if the company can provide what they need, now and in the future.
  • We compare pricing to other reputable writing services.
  • We look at extras, benefits, discounts and also compare these with other highly-rated online services.
  • We check out writing samples and blogs if they are available on the website. In the case of ProEssayService.com, they were.
  • We explore all the available information on the writers a service employs.
  • We check out the on-site testimonials, but, more importantly, the reviews of customers on social media, our website, and well-known consumer review sites.
  • We are now ready to unpack the results of our research into a ProEssayService review summary that you will want to read.

Pro Essay Service Review of Products and Services

Almost anything a student might need in the way of products or services is available at this agency. Students from high school through college and graduate university programs can find the help they need.

Products include basic essays and papers, reviews, analyses, case studies, lab reports, presentations, homework assignments, complex research projects, theses, dissertations, admissions and scholarship essays, and more.

Services include editing and proofreading.

ProEssayService also offers resume/CV writing for jobseekers.

ProEssayService.com Review of Writers and Writing Quality – The Real Meat

Nothing that a writing service offers in the way of benefits, pricing and such means anything unless the customer gets the best possible quality. If quality is poor, the product cannot be submitted for a decent grade, if at all. This is the game scammers play, relying on student ignorance, getting them as one-time customers, and moving on to the next sucker. We find and expose them whenever we can.

Exceptional quality means qualified, professional writers with lots of experience.

There’s a lot of information about the writers on the ProEssayService website. Most are featured on the site. We were interested in looking at general particulars and then wanted to access a few profiles of individual writers.

In general, this company only employs writers with verified degrees from English-speaking universities. They screen and also administer exams to their candidates. They also state that when writers are assigned to orders, they will always have the right degree in the right topic area.

We read through several writer profiles. The information included the topic expertise areas, how many orders they have filled, and what customer ratings are, by ways of stars.

But as the saying goes, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” And the pudding here is the finished product. To evaluate quality, we did several things. Read on.

ProEssayService Reviews from Everywhere

We know where to look for legit reviews. We don’t put much stock in the testimonials any site publishes on its own. We want off-site reviews, comments, and feedback from real customers. Here is where we find them:

  1. We put out a call for comments on our website, and we already had several. A few of our site members even sent us copies of their products.
  2. We checked out customer reviews on two consumer review websites, Site Jabber and Trust Pilot. While these sites are quite popular, it should be stated that anyone can actually provide a review, so these may not be fully reliable. There were no reviews of ProEssayService on either of these sites.
  3. There was some conversation about the company on Reddit, and these comments are probably quite reliable. Customers were all quite high on the company.

The other and important ProEssayService review comes from us. As we always do, we ordered a short college research paper, in order to experience the entire process ourselves. From our initial order to the delivery of the final piece from our writer, our experience was great. We were set up with a private account and could talk with our writer via messaging right there. She sent over a first draft for us to review, we made a few requests for change, and they were honored right away. The final piece was awesome in every way.

Reviews of Pricing, Payments, and Discounts

There is a range of average pricing for writing services, and we like to see companies fall within this range. Companies that charge too little are likely using unqualified writers and delivering bad pieces of writing, even plagiarism. Other services’ prices are well above average. While they may deliver quality writing, we like to see agencies that deliver the same quality as what is standard for the industry.

ProEssayService prices do fall within the average range, perhaps a bit on the high-average side. A basic high school essay, for example, with a delivery deadline of 14 days, will cost $12.99/page. Like other professional agencies, prices are based on the schooling level, the kind of product or service being ordered, and the requested delivery time frame.

A high schooler, for example, will pay less for a 10-page paper than a college student will. This is because the college paper will require higher-level resources and a writer with a master’s degree. This is how the top writing agencies price products and services.
Payments can be made via all major bank cards or wire transfer. And Pro Essay Service does not collect or store card information. Instead, it uses a secure processing service that lots of other online retail establishments use. Customers can feel safe making their payments.

We talked to customer support about discounts. New customers will get 15% off the order price, and returning customers will also get discounts. The agent also explained that seasonal discounts are also offered.

Take a Look at Other Benefits You Get

Like other good writing agencies, Pro Essay Service does not charge for titles, bibliography, and tables of content. They do not charge for formatting. And they do not charge for any revisions requested by a customer.

And like other good writing agencies, this company does offer add-ons for an additional cost. These include such things as a second editing and a one-page summary. For students who need these things, these are probably a good idea.

Can You Trust Pro Essay Service?

Trust in using a writing service means many things. Will the company keep your identity confidential? Will it give guarantees and honor those guarantees? If it fails a customer, will the agency make it “right?” In other words, is ProEssayService.com reliable?

We found that ProEssayService reliability is firmly in place. There is a written guarantee of privacy and the promise that user information is encrypted and never shared. There are other policies that guarantee refunds if satisfaction is not reached, deadlines are not met, or other issues arise that are the fault of a writer or the company.

Other guarantees include zero tolerance for plagiarism, backed up by a plagiarism check on all work any writer completes, and perfect composition, backed up by a staff of editors who review all writing before a customer gets it.

Pros and Cons

Is ProEssayService legit? Without hesitation, we can say yes, it is. We usually list pros and cons of each agency we review. In the case of ProEssayService, there are a lot of pros:

  • a company that has a great website with lots of information
  • qualified writers
  • quality products
  • excellent customer support
  • written policies that are honored
  • good discount plan
  • attractive benefits
  • written policies with guarantees

If we were to list any con, it would be that pricing is a bit higher than the many other equally as good writing services.
These are the same pros and a single con that all Pro Essay Service reviews we have read do agree with us.

Our Verdict

We have reviewed a large number of online writing services over many years. And we have produced many, many essay writing service reviews. We use the same criteria for all because they result in valid evaluations that will help students choose the right one for them. In the case of Pro Essay Service, we have given a rating of 9.6 out of 10. Clearly, it is one of the best academic writing companies we have come across.



They offer a fantastic discount policy. They always notify you in advance if the writer needs any clarifications, ensuring that your deadline is never missed.

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