Honest RewardedEssays Review: All Features and Services In One Overview


RewardedEssays Overview

The online writing service industry has exploded in recent years. Especially for students, the demands for writing can be exhausting, not to mention anxiety-producing, when there are several assignments due all at once. The writing service industry has grown to meet these demands. And, as with all types of online businesses, there are “good guys” and “bad guys.” In between, there are guys who make an effort to provide a service but are just mediocre in their output. Our job is to evaluate as many of these companies as possible so that we can make honest recommendations to those with writing needs. We came across RewardedEssays because some users of our paper writing service review site have used this company and had things to say about it. While these comments are important, we like to dig deeper into companies before we give a final verdict. So, this RewardedEssays review is the result of many factors that we investigated:

  • RewardedEssays information contained on its website
  • Types of products and services the company offers, compared to what typical customers and clients need
  • Pricing, compared to what we have determined is appropriate for the industry
  • Policies, guarantees, and procedures and the extent to which RewardedEssays honors those things
  • Quality of customer support
  • Background and qualifications of employed writers
  • Quality of written products

We are actually rather impressed with RewardedEssays.com, and here’s why.

Pricing System They Have

Compared to other professional writing services, RewardedEssays pricing falls within an appropriate range. For a high school student who is able to give an advance time frame of two weeks, a piece of original writing will run $12.99/page. Prices are based upon the type of writing or service ordered, the study level of the customer (for academic writing), and the amount of time given to complete the order. Thus a Ph.D. student with a very urgent deadline will pay as much as $47.99/page.

Customers can get an initial pricing quote on the RewardedEssays homepage by filling in the basics of their needs. When they proceed to actual order placement, this initial quote could change based upon discounts and extras that they may opt for.

Now, about those discounts. There is a one-time 15% off for a new customer. After that, there are lifelong discounts based upon future orders. These can range from 5 – 15%. Visitors can read about them on the RewardedEssays “discounts” link.

Typical of most writing services, RewardedEssays.com does offer some free “extras,” which are also listed on the company website. Students will get a free title and bibliography pages, as well as a table of contents. Formatting and a plagiarism scan are also thrown in.

Additional options are available at checkout, but these do come with fees. Students can order a one-page summary, a full plagiarism report, copies of research resources that were used, a higher quality writer (three options), and customer service that is more personalized (two options).

Types of Services

Of course, our focus is primarily on writing needs of students. But we also take a look when companies offer other types of writing services too. RewardedEssays does this. Here, we will break down the types of writing, according to the company website.

Academic Products and Services

Students will be pretty happy with the array that is offered by RewardedEssays.com:

  • Academic essay writing from basic models through research-based longer pieces. Any grade level, any topic, any types
  • Term and research papers, again in any content field and at any level. Writers are assigned based upon degrees and levels of degrees.
  • Analyses and critiques – literary and other
  • Lab reports in any of the hard sciences
  • Case studies in any content field
  • STEM problem-solving and calculations
  • Coursework assignments of any kind
  • Test-taking – timed and untimed
  • Online coursework
  • Thesis and dissertation research and writing
  • Research projects
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Re-writing

We may have left one or more items out, but if you do not see your need listed here or in the detailed menu on the RewardedEssays website, just contact customer support and ask. You’ll get what you want.

Professional Products and Services

This category is reserved for career job-seekers. A separate RewardedEssays department handles these needs – professionals with HR and creative writing backgrounds.

  • Resume and CV writing from scratch
  • Cover letters
  • Other application materials or tests
  • Editing and proofreading of pre-written materials

Business Products and Services

Companies are becoming “leaner” and “meaner” and operating on tight budgets. Many cannot afford the staff for all of their writing needs, and they turn to writing services. RewardedEssays has a business writing department to handle these:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog posts and maintenance
  • Social media profiles and posts
  • Marketing and advertising content
  • Email creation
  • Business plans

It’s easy to see why RewardedEssays.com has become a rather popular source for all types of clients. The other reason for its popularity is quality. And that is what we consider the most important element in the evaluation of a writing company. Here is how we gauged the quality of what RewardedEssays produces.

  • We read all of the website content, including the footer pages at the bottom. Most visitors don’t read these, but they will give a good idea of writing quality. In the case of RewardedEssays, all of this content was exceptional.
  • We looked at a few of the samples too. There was a one-page summary of a graduate level research project on leadership in business, and a short essay on the issue of felons and voting rights. In both cases, we were certainly impressed.
  • We always want to know how customers feel about their experiences and whether they are satisfied with what they receive. Those customers who have posted comments on our site have consistent praise for RewardedEssays. They have commented on high quality research and writing and great customer support.
  • We also looked for customer feedback on the web and did find some on a couple of the large consumer review sites. The story was the same – top-quality writing, on-time delivery, and a company that is professional.

RewardedEssays has high marks in our book.

Payment Options

As we expected, RewardedEssays offers multiple methods of payment, mostly by major international bank cards, to serve global customers who use a variety of currencies.  Other options include PayPal and wire transfer. Anyone can find a payment method here.

There is no need for a customer to worry about the security of payment methods at RewardedEssays.com. This is because the company does not process payments. Instead, it uses a reputable processing firm that has an established reputation with many major online retailers.


Guarantees and follow-through on those guarantees are key to trust. We always want to see writing services that stand by their promises. In the case of RewardedEssays, we were not disappointed.

On the website are four policies – Terms of Use, Privacy, Cookies, and Money Back. There are guarantees and some conditions for those guarantees, so it’s always a good plan for visitors to review them before placing orders. Fortunately, in the case of RewardedEssays, all of the guarantees found in the policies are repeated on the website too. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Confidentiality: The company understands that many customers do not want it shared that they are using a writing service. It has a privacy policy that speaks to how personal identity is protected and also guarantees that no customer information will ever be shared with another party.
  • No Plagiarism: No plagiarized content will ever leave its doors to a customer. Products are scanned for this before they are delivered.
  • On-Time Delivery: If RewardedEssays accepts an order, it accepts the deadline date too. If a deadline should ever be missed, there are provisions for refunds and discounts on future orders. We did not find a single customer who had this experience.
  • Revisions: This is one of the free “extras” offered by RewardedEssays.com. Customers may request as many changes to a final draft as necessary. If any changes do change the original order, there is a fee – seems fair.
  • Money Back: There is a policy on refunds, and it details when partial or full refunds will apply. These circumstances are pretty standard within the industry.

Given customer feedback, these guarantees have practical application at RewardedEssays.

Is Site Legit?

Given all that we have found about the service, there is no question in our minds about the legitimacy of the website and the company behind it. There should be no questions in the mind of anyone reading this review, either.

The company goes far beyond the state of legitimacy. It is professional, transparent, employs stellar researchers and writers, and delivers what it says it will. The customer service department is exceptional – we know because we contacted it on three occasions and got full detailed answers to our questions.


In short, there are many. We have listed just a few of the most important ones here:

  • Top quality research and writing, according to actual customers
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Guarantees that stick
  • Safe and secure.


We do not see “cons” related to RewardedEssays. If we were to try to dig up any, it would be the following:

  • A few of the “extras” that come with fees are a bit on the high side
  • The majority of samples are at the graduate level. More variety would be a good idea
  • The company blog should be updated.

To Sum Up

RewardedEssays.com is one of the best writing services we have found. Rarely do we find a company that meets every high standard in every category of our evaluations. We are thoroughly impressed with this writing service – it’s not just a “good guy,” it’s a “great guy.” Any student would do well by using RewardedEssays – he will get exactly what he needs, when he needs it, and with all promises kept.



Having a professional and reliable writing service is something I thought was not possible. I tried various sites, but I ended up getting disappointed. After I took a break from trial and error, a classmate referred me here. Since then, I have had a writing partner I can rely on. I trust them with my essays, research papers, and any other form of writing I cannot handle. Your reliability is something I admire. Continue with the good work.


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