StudyBay Review: What to Consider when You Place an Order


StudyBay Overview

StudyBay is an online entity that engages in service provision regarding academic tasks to students and other audiences. These learners vary in their level of education. Information on the website, if anything to go by, indicates that the site targets high school, undergraduates, and postgraduate students.

The entity also has numbers on its website that try to paint a picture of its operations. On its website, StudyBay claims that it has 52,000 experts globally and has helped at least 1,650,00 students with their academic tasks over the last 12 months. Further, the entity also claims to have handled 12,000,000 projects successfully over time.

The numbers on the site also point out to a satisfaction level of 96% among clients. experts also come from experts who are leading graduates and freelancers from various parts of the world. The outfit also notes that it offers a wide variety of services and that it charges low prices. StudyBay also notes that it works with trusted experts.

Pricing System and Their Availability

StudyBay does not have an elaborate pricing system. While other services have dynamic calculators that students can use to gauge the costs of the task they are about to assign to the service. StudyBay offers an area where students and clients are key in the type of task they want to be handled and the time frame for execution.

Keying in these details redirects to a page that lists available experts who can work on the project. These experts have different rates and execution periods. The pricing mechanism here is different from how other services work. This is so because experts require a deposit before they start working on the task.

For instance, a request for a 6-page essay in the English Language with a 2-day time frame attracts prices that range from $60 to $75, and also attracting deposits ranging from $23 to $29. This pricing system involves some form of auction process as these experts provide the client with options of whom to work with.

While this system is different from other conventional pricing systems, it is difficult and tricky for users to use as this StudyBay review shows. It comes with its own set of complications, and these challenges may prove difficult for the average high school client to work through.

This pricing system that involves auctions also does not afford the users some form of flexibility. Customers are not in a position to vary the variables like the number of pages and the type of task well in advance before placing the order.

Types of Services

StudyBay offers a wide assortment of services in different academic fields. These include working dissertations, humanities, biographies, essays, personal statement for college, case studies, essays, social sciences, natural sciences, and coursework.

Other offerings include completing homework, working on theses, report writing, and conducting research for various areas and topics. also handles reviews and also does editing and proofreading tasks for clients. These services involve working with content from clients and not necessarily the service. It involves working reviewing papers and polishing them to ensure that they meet the requirements and standards of academic papers and write-ups.

The company also offers other academic services, including speeches, formatting, sitemap analysis, report writing, PowerPoint presentations, and subject-level write-ups.

The pool of experts at the company also gives an insight into the services offered. There are experts from various fields, including Economics, Business, Actuarial Science, History, Sociology, Computer Science, Agriculture, Statistics, and Biochemistry.

This shows that the scope of services that the company engages in is more comprehensive than those that are on the website. It also means that clients can know whether the service they want is among the offerings by reaching out to the customer support department.

This is because all these expertise points to expanded work in the academic field that is out of traditional academic tasks. This means that there is a good chance that there are other services at StudyBay but outside the scope of usual work. If you want to be sure in the originality of their works, use the best free plagiarism checker for students.

These tasks include experiments and practical tasks – where experts give instructions or insight into them. Expertise in Biochemistry and Computer Science points to this.

Other services offered by include the writing of business plans as well as CV writing. These are tasks that are well within the academic realm but also effectively fall into the other side of business writing. Alongside these services, StudyBay also offers an array of services that target individuals and business entities. Compared to other companies this website doesn’t have tools such as scientific paraphrasing tool.

Payment Options

Once clients order their papers or academic tasks on the platform, they have to pay for those tasks for them to download their products. Here, they have to select options to work with in a bid to facilitate the payments.

StudyBay provides options on its website that clients can use to make payments to this outfit for the services rendered. The options are not that comprehensive, and some clients might find limitations in processing their payments.

The options that are acceptable and compatible with StudyBay include Visa, MasterCard, Payoneer, and PayPal. Payments processed via these options will reach this entity.


Money-Back Guarantee

Customers may request their funds back from StudyBay because of various reasons pertaining to the quality of the execution. These requests may be due to order cancellations, substandard quality of the turnaround, or other reasons.

In cases where the client requests for a refund due to reasons about quality and this situation does not ease up following discussions between the writer and the client, then the support team at this company handles the situation. This outfit’s team reaches a solution within three days.

Clients can get a full refund upon request under different circumstances. When the paper has contents copied or lifted from other sources, the client is eligible for a full refund. Customers can get a full refund when the writer working on the order does not honor the deadline for submitting the task.

Customers can also get a full refund if the instructions or the task’s requirements went unmet in the execution of the task in question. Further, there is the eligibility for a full refund when the topic of the paper differs from that the client gave in the requirements for the execution of the task.

StudyBay refunds fully any requests that the customer puts forward that involve poorly minted papers with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and poor sentence structures. You can use best grammar checkers to make sure by yourself.

Requests for refunds that get approvals are immediately processed, and immediately sends the money to the client. Partial refunds are given to customers in their requests for refunds when the writer does not make corrections or amendments as requested by the client.


Seasoned experts – StudyBay has lots of well-experienced people working for them, which means that clients can get the relevant help they need from this entity.

Many offerings –  StudyBay offers a wide variety of services to its customers. Learners can, therefore, request a wide array of services from the site.


Difficulty in usage – The website is not straightforward. Users have to spend a lot of time navigating to locate the information that they need on various aspects of the service.

Time-frames – Not all deadlines or allocated time frames go observed by the writers in this company. This has its own set of implications for the clients.


StudyBay has a broad base of services that it offers to its clientele. It also has a diverse pool of experts who work on the orders placed on the site by customers. However, various aspects weigh down this service.

The disorganization of the website makes it cumbersome to navigate and search for relevant information. This is a turn off for many clients since they expect a seamless experience when accessing such services.

The lack of commitments to deadlines and time frames also casts doubts on the operations of the service. There are better alternatives that deliver content properly and are services that customers might want to work with.

Services like TopEssayWriting, WritingUniverse, PenDrago, and GrabMyEssay are among the best paper writing services that handle customer orders in the best way possible.



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