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This Top Essay Writing review is a result of constant requests we get from visitors of our website. Telling students if a company is legitimate is what we do, so we started the familiar process of research and testing. First, we studied how long TopEssayWriting has been operating and what kind of reviews other people wrote about it. Then we examined its platform and services it provides, paying close attention to its policies and prices. We spoke with its customer support team and placed our own order to check its quality and speed of delivery. The results surprised us, and we’re ready to share them with you.

The Purpose Behind Writing Reviews

Like we stated, sharing a recommendation about the legitimacy of an academic company or warning about scammers is the goal of our website. We’ve created many essay writing service reviews already: if you need help with a specific kind of paper, you’re always welcome to sort through them. We focused on TopEssayWriting provider as a potential agency we could recommend because it’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Exams and term papers are coming, so lots of students are in the search for a reliable assistant. While there are plenty of online reviews, we don’t have complete trust in them. Sometimes competitors write them; sometimes a company wants to boost its ratings and posts raving comments about itself. We have no connection to any of the agencies we research, so our approach is objective and depends on their actual performance.

Prices at TopEssayWriting and Their Analysis

The majority of Top Essay Writing reviews indicated that the prices are favorable in this company. This is an important aspect, considering that we’re dealing with a service that targets students in particular. Most of them don’t have an unlimited amount of money: their resources are finite, so they hope to pay less while still getting top quality. It’s not always possible, but some services are more affordable than others. TopEssayWriting is one of them. One page of content of a high school level with a 2-week deadline costs $12.99 here. This is an average price that’s closer to being low. Note that it’s going to increase if you change the requirements in an order box. For example, if you ask for more pages, for a college or university level, or for a shorter deadline, the price will increase.

From other good news, as we uncovered in our Top Essay Writing review, students are eligible for various discounts in this company. First-time clients get 13% off their price; loyal and repeat customers also pay less than others. Everything depends on the frequency with which you place orders. All this info is available on their website, and this is another thing our review team found appealing. Some agencies prefer to hide their prices, so clients need to send a personal request and find out how much it’ll cost. Not everyone is willing to share details about their order with someone they might not hire and waste their time in vain. From our experience, hidden prices usually mean high prices, and we were glad to see that TopEssayWriting didn’t follow this example.

How You Can Pay for Your Order

Checking what payment options are present is another aspect of our TopEssayWriting review. Students from all over the world might be interested in academic services, and they don’t all pay in the same way. That’s why the more options a company provides, the better. During our review, we saw that this info is also publicly available, even for those who aren’t ready to place an order yet. TopEssayWriting supports two major kinds of credit cards, Visa and MasterCard. Then there is a wire transfer for those who prefer to pay via this method. Discover and American Express are supported as well, and if none of these options fit, you can contact the company’s representatives and negotiate something with them. We were pleased with such diversity. So far, our opinion on TopEssayWriting has been fully positive.

Types of Services for Students & Other People

Diversity is the next side of review. We need to find out how many academic options students can get. From our research, it’s clear that this company has an average range of writing services. Here’s the brief list.

  • Writing. At TopEssayWriting, experts cover different types of papers. They could help you with standard research, term essays, argumentative or introspective papers, comparison/contrast projects, reaction writings, literature reviews, and so on. If your required type isn’t specified in an order box, you could make an online request, and chances are, these writers will figure something out.
  • Rewriting. There aren’t many Top Essay reviews that would mention rewriting, but we found it to be a relevant addition to overall services. Sometimes students try to write a paper by themselves, but then they see that it doesn’t sound good. Often, college professors send them back for revision, so instead of doing everything anew, students choose to hire someone reliable who could turn their essay into a worthy project.
  • Editing. Based on prices and Top Essay Writing org reviews, this company doesn’t see a big difference between rewriting and editing. Still, editing means that fewer parts of the paper need to be scratched and written anew, so keep this in mind.
  • Proofreading. When English skills are weak or next to non-existent, proofreading is a good service to clean everything up. Is TopEssayWriting reliable in this role? We cannot say, since we haven’t ordered proofreading.
  • Coursework & Lab reports. Filling lab reports or doing coursework is certainly stressful. This company offers to do it for you.
  • Dissertation. Many students experience intense anxiety when they have to write a dissertation. Sharing this burden with others could be helpful, and based on reviews about writing, this service provides solid help with it.
  • PowerPoint. Making online presentations to go with your essay or for extra credit is a frequent task. TopEssayWriting has this service, which makes its range of offers pretty diverse.

Academic Writers and Their Skills

Who are people who are writing essays for money? You’d be surprised to learn how many of them are graduates and respected specialists in their sphere. Providing academic help is a sure way to make quick money — for good writers, it’s a piece of cake. But what kind of people are TopEssayWriting writers? From what we found out, their qualifications differ. For the most part, these are folks with Master’s degrees, but there are some Bachelor’s graduates and those with Ph.D. degrees. The majority are native speakers; all specialize in different things to make certain that wide coverage of subjects is possible. Clients have a right to speak with their experts per their request. Our review team appreciated this opportunity, and we know that many of you might feel the same.

Guarantees and Elements of Safety

Is TopEssayWriting legit as an academic service provider? Yes, it is. It is a real company that offers real services and honors its contracts. It has numerous policies that clients could read right on the website: they mainly concern confidentiality, payment, revisions, refunds, and plagiarism. TopEssayWriting protects the data of its customers. Everything you share is going to be coded and stored on the platform itself, away from 98% of employees. Only top management can access this info, and even that happens in extreme cases. You are free to share the basics like your first name with your writer, but it’s not obligatory and you can use your anonymity right. Payments are secure, particularly as they are organized by another system (like your bank). Revisions and refunds are both available, although they are limited by a certain timeframe. For example, clients have about two weeks to complain about their papers. If they do it later, their requests won’t be accepted.

Refunds follow the same principle. You can get your money back, but like it is with most companies, it’s unlikely to be the entire sum. Stuff like fees is usually detracted. plagiarism policies are great: 100% originality is promised. You could ask for a plagiarism report, and in addition, managers check each paper before sending it to clients. Our review team was happy with everything we uncovered by this point: this company does a good job meeting its customers’ interests.

Quality of Writing Services

This is the most important moment for all students. Our team placed an order for an application paper and demanded a deadline of 2 weeks. This is the standard timeframe for checking the quality of services. Our work arrived when it had to, and after analyzing it, we can say that TopEssayWriting essays are fully satisfying. These writers know how to be creative, what appropriate academic style is, how to follow instructions, and add credible sources. The only minor complaint we had was the quality of proofreading. It could be better: there were some small mistakes here and there that broke the flow of reading. Other than that, everything looked great. We were really impressed.

TopEssayWriting Reviews and General Online Presence

If you search for reviews about TopEssayWriting, you’ll find a lot of them. This is a popular company that handles many requests from interested students, so many people leave their opinions. For the most part, they are positive. It’s a good sign. Also, the agency responds to many of them, which is also a sign of care. Some negativity is present as well, but it’s to be expected because no service is fully perfect. All in all, TopEssayWriting seems to be a solid platform with positive reviews and a good reputation.

Final Conclusion and Recommendation

Based on the sum of all factors uncovered during our research, our team approved of TopEssayWriting. We give it 9.7 out of 10 for reliable service, strong communication with managers, operators, and writers, high quality, diversity of services, as well as low prices. The company could be more thorough when proofreading its essays, but if you need help, it’ll definitely give you a hand. We’ll come back to it in a while to check how it is doing and update this review.


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