TopEssayWriting Review: How Trustworthy is This Writing Service?


TopEssayWriting Overview

At, we have always had a single mission – help students be more successful in their academic lives and studies. To do this, we have turned our site into a social media platform for students at all study levels. Those who register on our site have access to lots of resources – articles and blog posts that give strategies and tips on everything from improving writing, time management, budgeting, campus life, study skills, and more.

We also understand that students need help for a variety of reasons – all of which lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed. And when they need help, we are here to provide the best resources in the form of academic writing services that are both trustworthy and reliable. To do this, we have an ongoing activity of researching these companies and, based on that research, rating them on a number of factors.

This latest review is on, a company that has been in operation for several years and on which we have been able to find a lot of information. Here is our TopEssayWriting review that is assessed according to the elements that we use universally.

Are Their Services Affordable?

We look for very specific things within writing companies’ pricing systems. First, we want transparency and honesty – no hidden fees, up front pricing schedules, and a final cost that will not change. We also want to see costs that are reasonable and that take into account tight student budgets. We know what the average for good companies is, and we compared the TopEssayWriting cost structures with those. Here’s our summary:

  • There is a form on the TopEssayWriting homepage that will let a visitor give the very basic information about a piece of writing or other services he may want. He can get a preliminary “ball-park” price before he decides to place an actual order.
  • Original academic writing costs begin at $12.99 a page and can go up to $47.99 a page, depending on order details – the timeline given for delivery, the schooling level, and the specific type of product.
  • There are separate pricing structures for each category of product or service. Visitors can find these TopEssayWriting cost structures by using that early quote form.
  • There are some TopEssayWriting free perks that compare with those of other highly regarded writing companies.
  • There are also optional extras that come with a fee, and that can be added in the final ordering process. Again, these are options that most professional companies also offer. Some of these will be particularly suited to upper level undergrad and grad students, but students should look over them carefully and make smart decisions. They will add to the final cost.
  • TopEssayWriting also gives discounts that are comparable to other reputable companies. These include 17% off for first-time orders and graduated discounts for those who return.

Overall, we think TopEssayWriting does it just right in terms of pricing and other cost-related elements. We like that visitors can get a close estimate up front and that there is differentiated pricing that makes sense.

Types of Services

The best source for a full listing of what TopEssayWriting offers is again to go to the drop-down menu on the quotation form. A visitor can literally scroll through the entire menu and check to see if the company offers not just what he needs right now but also what he might need in the future if he decides that TopEssayWriting gives him the quality and service he likes.

There is also a section in the middle of the landing page titled, “The Straight Dope.” This is an important piece to read because it does touch on the most commonly ordered writing but also speaks to the company itself and to the college paper writers it hires. There are also footer pages that give even more detail about these common products.

But TopEssayWriting offers much more than just essays and papers. Students will find almost every type of writing assistance, to include

  • Research projects
  • Articles, critiques, analyses
  • Speeches and other oral presentations
  • Case studies
  • Homework help
  • College and grad school admissions essays and personal statements
  • Re-writing
  • STEM projects/problems
  • Literature reviews
  • Test-taking
  • Lab reports
  • Re-writing, editing, and proofreading
  • Graduate level culminating projects – theses and dissertations
  • Other unique and/or complex assignments

A comprehensive offering of writing and other services is always a good thing in our eyes. There are writing services that are very narrow in focus, and there are plenty of good ones. But for most students, having a single trusted place to go is ideal.

Also ideal is finding a company that delivers quality. In fact, quality is our top priority when we evaluate a writing agency like TopEssayWriting. And we spend a lot of time looking into this. In the case of TopEssayWriting, here is what we researched and found:

  • If we find well-written content on a website, we consider it an important indicator of the quality that will be delivered to customers. TopEssayWriting has exceptionally well-written content – clear, precise, engaging, and yet still scholarly.
  • We like to review product samples, and TopEssayWriting has several. Each of them reflected suitable research for the academic level, solid thesis statements, sound organizational structure, and impeccable grammar and composition. A visitor will enjoy the research paper on The Great Depression and will get a feel for how well their own product will be crafted.
  • There has been some buzz on our website about TopEssayWriting, from and among students who have used the company. The posts and the discussions indicate satisfaction with their experiences – getting the quality they wanted, getting it on time, having good access to their writers and to the customer service department, and support after the sale in the way of revisions is wanted.
  • We then went out onto the web to find other customers. We did find a couple of well-known consumer review websites to which customers had placed comments. They were positive and repeated most of the compliments that our users gave, and many said that they had ordered multiple products with success.

It’s obvious to us that TopEssayWriting deserves a high rating in this category, and we are giving it just that.

Payment Options takes orders from English-speaking students, but they live in a variety of countries and deal in a variety of currencies. So, it is important that they have set up payment through international banking venues – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, among others. They also use PayPal and wire transfer.

Another important factor in this category is security. We are not comfortable when any retailer, including writing services, collect payment information, and process it within their own systems. There is always a risk of hacking if the very latest security technology is not in use and continually updated. This is why most online retailers choose to use payment processing firms that are set up for that sole purpose. They have the experts in place to install and maintain the latest security measures. TopEssayWriting does just what we like to see.


Most consumers want guarantees when they make a purchase. They want to be able to return a defective product for a replacement; they want repairs if they are under warranty. Trusted writing services also offer guarantees. These are the ones we fund at TopEssayWriting:

  • Privacy: There is a privacy policy that explains what type of information is collected from customers and what is done with that information. First, customers do have to provide three pieces of information – their names, their email addresses, and contact phone numbers. TopEssayWriting encrypts this information, and customers are known only by assigned ID numbers. There is also the guarantee that TopEssayWriting will not reveal customer identity to other parties.
  • No Plagiarism: One of the free perks offered by is a plagiarism scan on any completed product. There is an editing staff that checks for several things, and plagiarism is one of them. If a piece does not pass a scan, it is fixed until it does and is not delivered until it passes.
  • Customer Instructions: TopEssayWriting asks for all requirements and specifications during the ordering process and cautions customers to be careful and complete with this. Writers are charged with following those instructions, and this is another element of the final editor check.
  • Deadlines Met: This is so important to students. They have due dates. TopEssayWriting promises to deliver on or before the deadline given by a student. If ever they miss, they provide a refund and additional benefits on future orders. None of the customers whose comments we reviewed ever said a piece was late.
  • Revisions: This is another free perk. TopEssayWriting promises to revise upon customer request until that customer is satisfied. The only exception to this is if a customer is asking for changes that alter the initial order. They then give a price upfront.
  • Refunds: There is a Money-Back policy on the website. It describes all of the situations which merit a refund. Visitors should read through it.

TopEssayWriting has all of the guarantees we expect from a reputable writing service. And, according to customers who have had occasion to use any of them, the agency does follow through. High marks again.

Is Site Legit?

Our minimum requirements are this: a legitimate service has an organized website, receives orders from customers, and delivers those orders. It must also have methods by which customers can make contact and secure payment methods.

TopEssayWriting exceeds these minimums by a long shot. So, yes, it is certainly legit.


We see these pros as the most important for customers:

  • Customers are satisfied and return
  • TopEssayWriting can meet any student need
  • Great customer support
  • Commits to lasting relationships with students


We would like to see a couple of changes:

  • Greater variety in samples
  • Consider reducing some of the add-on costs
  • Remove some of the disruptive calls to action

To Sum Up is an impressive company. As we looked at each category, we found numerous positives and very few negatives. It gets high ratings from us. Further, a student who comes to TopEssayWriting will never have to go anywhere else for writing assistance – this company has it all. We can give our top recommendation.


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