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Ultius Overview

Ultius is registered on the Better Business Bureau platform, and we were able to find a substantial amount of essay writing service reviews online. We are going to analyze them in our paragraphs below. Our main goal is to test the overall quality and reliability of Ultius services, which should serve anyone looking for a reliable and secure provider in the future.

What About Their Pricing?

In this section, we want to analyze the quality of their online calculator, their overall pricing policy, and the discounts along with their transparency.

The site Ultius.com has a lot of content on its homepage, but it lacks clean and modern design in order to provide a much better user experience. This is the first thing we want to recommend to anyone from their team if they stumble upon our review by any chance.

The online quote calculator is very simple to use, having only three filters to click on. We do like simplicity, but we are worried if this, in turn, could cause misunderstandings or miscalculations of the price. Based on my experience, the more detailed options you offer on your calculator, the easier it is for your visitors to select the right options. This will make the calculation process easier, and the risk of miscalculation is significantly smaller.

The pricing with Ultius is based on three simple factors:

  1. Writer level, which is also called academics level on many other sites. We tend to call it the level of difficulty to make it easier to understand for our readers. Here you have four options to choose from: high school, undergraduate, master, and doctoral.
  2. The deadline represents the total amount of time your assigned Ultius writer has to write your paper. The more time they have, the lower your price is going to be.

What surprised us at first is how they offer even 60 days as the longest deadline available. Most other providers have 14 days as the longest available deadline.

The most urgent deadline available is 3 hours. This is not common in the industry, and we want to congratulate the Ultius team for having it. Most other providers have 6 hours offered as the most urgent deadline.

  1. The total number of pages is a self-explained category. One page consists of 275 words, and this is the norm and practice with every provider.

Discounts represent the second important factor when it comes to pricing. While most vendors do offer first-time and lifetime discounts, we were not able to locate the lifetime discounts on Ultius.com.

On the other hand, they do offer a first-time discount. If you sign up for their newsletter list, you’ll have an option to use a 20% discount. If you don’t sign up, you’ll have an option to use a 10% discount, which is advertised on the Ultius homepage.

Overall, we were not so satisfied with their discount policy and transparency. Usually, it’s really easy to find the discount section when it comes to most online-writing providers. In these sections, they explain every type of discount available.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Ultius.com. Only the 10% discount is properly advertised. Even the 20% first-time discount is advertised to the end-user only once they want to leave their site. Only then the pop-up banner with the 20% discount offer is displayed.

Types of Services

Ultius offers a standard range of writing services. We will mention the four most important categories below:

  1. Writing Services are available in the forms of essays, dissertations, capstone projects, and research papers. These services are commonly used by students and future academics.
  2. Editing Services – if you need your work to be evaluated and to receive quick feedback from the Ultius team, this is the option for you.
  3. Business Services – are made for professionals who are looking to update their resume file or to create a new cover letter.
  4. Admission Services – if you want your application to stand out from the crowd and to get into the best schools, the Ultius team will help you out.

We do like the simplicity of their portfolio, but an even better option would be to display sub-services as well. This helps customers a lot when choosing the right type of service.

Payment Methods

As a customer, you’ll find the most common online payment options available on Ultius.com. These options are:

  • PayPal
  • Credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa

Compared to the rest of their industry, Ultius doesn’t accept e-checks or wire money transfers.

We recommend you to use PayPal because it’s the most secure option and it’s simple to use. As always, we recommend everyone to start with the low volume order first and to go from there.


Ultius claims how it takes them up to three days to process any refund request, which is great because most other providers take up to five days.

However, their cancellation policy is not properly defined, and it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Each case is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you want to cancel, you have to cancel within one hour of making your payment, and this cancellation has to be done in writing.

This is not the standard cancelation policy shared by most providers. Most providers have a bit of a complicated policy when it comes to late deliveries or claims about bad quality. When it comes to the cancellation policy, almost all of them have a simple and properly explained policy.

Usually, the cancellation policy is based on whether the writer was assigned or not and on how much of your total deadline has passed.

Is Site Legit?

The site Ultius.com is definitely a legit site. We already did comment on their site design and quality, but in the end, it’s definitely a legitimate website, and it’s safe to use.

If you want to contact a customer support team, you have the standard online options such as chat, phone call, or email. The additional option available with Ultius is the Messenger option, along with a few other chat providers.

The only negative side is that you have to register in order to communicate with their customer support team.

We want to emphasize how discounts are not properly communicated, and we already elaborated on this subject.

The second thing that’s not properly communicated is reviews. They advertise different fake average review grades, and that’s not ethical. For example, they advertise how their BBB rating is 4.9 when, in fact, it’s 2.83.

This is actually even funny in a way because customers have an option to click on the advertisement, and it leads them to the original review site. For this reason, we don’t understand at all why they advertise fake reviews.

On a positive note, they do have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.


  • Simplicity of their online quote calculator
  • They offer a significantly higher number of options for chat
  • Better Business Bureau rating of A+


  • Discounts are not properly explained and advertised
  • The website design needs to be updated
  • Fake reviews advertisement are not helping them in any way to establish a good relationship with their customers or writers
  • Cancellation policy is not properly defined or explained, and it leaves a lot of room for misuse and misinterpretation

To Sum Up

The Ultius team and their site deserve an average rating. At the end of our Ultius review, we want to conclude how their online reviews, especially the one available at the BBB site, reflect the real state of the quality and reliability of their services. They did a lot of things in the right way, such as trying to simplify their portfolio of services, but there are so many things which have to be improved as well.

Luckily, it’s easy for the Ultius team to research their competitors online and find out how to improve their overall quality.



ultius charge high prices compared to other services. I checked it up! But their services… Something else. I am not working with them anymore.


It’s a good website but sometimes the writers don’t ask many questions which can be rather concerning.

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