WiseEssays Review: Can You Trust This Company?


WiseEssays Overview

WiseEssays offers a variety of writing services to its customers in various parts of the world. It targets learners in different levels of education across institutions of learning. Their offerings cover high school, college, undergraduate, Masters, as well as Ph.D. students.

With just under a decade since inception, WiseEssays.com has handled various academic tasks for its customers ranging from essays to multiple-choice questions and assignments. The offerings at this entity include working essays and their derivatives, research papers, annotated bibliographies, biographies, laboratory reports, speeches, business plans, and term papers.

WiseEssays notes on its website, though unverifiable, that it has, in its service and employ, lots of professionals and experts with diverse backgrounds and areas of focus who handle the orders that clients place on the site. These pros also hail from different parts of the globe, underscoring the worldwide nature of the scope of operations of WiseEssays academic writing services.

Pricing System

WiseEssays has a pricing system that is not quite as straightforward as other services’. Prices vary according to the task at hand or the order placed. These prices also rightly vary according to the deadline of the job.

Users can gauge the prices of the services they want to seek from WiseEssays by varying the parameters for the task. The main influential parameters with regards to the price include the number of pages required by the client, the time frame the client allocates for that particular task, and the type of the job.

On the academic writing front, essays, coursework, research papers, case studies, term papers cost $14.96 per page. We were surprised by such a price list, as compared to companies that write research papers they have worse quality. However, before a first-time discount, this is a price per page to $11.96 for the aforementioned academic tasks.

Working assignments, admission writing, editing, dissertation writing, and broadly academic writing would cost $13.56, $29.96, $7.16, $13.56, $11.96 per page for first time users. This computation of the pricing considers a deadline of 10 days.

There is also a discount system at WiseEssays.com that targets first-time customers as well as those people ordering tasks for their second time with the writing service. For people working with WiseEssays for the first time, they are eligible for a 20% discount order. Clients who are ordering an academic task on the platform for the second time are eligible for a 25% discount.

Some other terms and offers depend on the size and the volume of the task that the client orders on this site.

Types of Services

There is a wide range of services on offer at WiseEssays.com. The offerings on this entity’s site mainly target folks from high school to Ph.D. levels. The academic tasks and assignments that people at the high school level work and handle significantly differ from those handled by folks pursuing their doctorate studies.

WiseEssays acknowledges this and therefore classifies these services according to their level of difficulty. The services offered at this outfit include academic writing services, assignments, dissertation help, admission services, and editing services.

These are mostly broad categories of services that are on offer. For instance, under academic writing, there are various offerings that this outfit has for its customers. These include working term and research papers, handling coursework on behalf of learners, tackling case studies, managing bibliographies, working essays, and their variants, including narrative essays, expository essays, and argumentative essays.

Under assignments, WiseEssays offers help with regard to various tasks in this area. Assignments are mainly tasks where high school students seek relevant guidance, and this could be in a variety of areas of focus. Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology assignments are among the main assignments that students seek on this company’s website. All these assignments are part of the service offerings at this outfit.

Dissertation writing services include crafting theses topics, handling research and accompanying literature review, compiling all the work, and polishing the entire thesis for clients. These are services that are also within the wheelhouse of WiseEssays.com if the information on its website is anything to go by.

Admission writing services that involve crafting the essays that convince admission boards to select students for registration in institutions of learning are also offerings at this establishment. Other services related to writing within the purview or scope of WiseEssays include editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing content. These are offerings that mainly deal with perfection rather than the original writing.

Payment Options

Customers have to pay for the orders they place before they can access ordered content on their sites. This involves employing channels and methods to see to the funds reach WiseEssays conveniently and safely.

Likewise, these are the channels that this company can use to effect refunds whenever refund requests get approval and funds have to get to the customers due to various circumstances. There are limited payment options listed on the WiseEssays.com website, but clients can use Visa and PayPal to send their payments to the company for services rendered. Similarly, these are the options that this outfit will use in the event it has to refund money to a client.


Money-Back Guarantee

WiseEssays has some guarantees and policies regarding refunds. There are particular circumstances where clients are eligible for refunds, and this is mostly when some conditions went unmet in the execution of the order placed by the customer.

There are cases when these orders placed do not reach the customer’s end in time; hence delays and other inconveniences fall on the part of the client. In such situations, clients are eligible for a 100% refund of their monies.

There are also cases where the client cancels the order before the expert begins working on the order. In such cases, since there is no effort in the ongoing order on the writer’s part, the customer will also be eligible for a full refund.

Situations that involve the cancellation of orders when the professional is well underway with the execution of the task at hand will see the client get a refund that is comparable to the efforts ploughed into the task thus far.

Revision Policy

In some situations, customers file complaints on orders that do not meet the standards or requirements set out during order placement. There are various guarantees that this outfit gives with regards to these situations.

Learners can submit complaints or issues with the delivered documents, and this entity tackles them if they are within three days of delivery of the document by the writer. Revised papers have a 14-day review period, after which there are three days for filing complaints else there will be refund forfeiture by WiseEssays.

Is This Site Legit

This site handles various tasks on behalf of its clients, but it is worth noting that most of its clients do not have good things to say about this company. Information on the website is scanty, and how the service operates is different from what the website states.

Further, there are glaring inconsistencies about the service. Other reports and reviews give differing positions and counts of the expertise on the site. Questionable know-how puts to question and casts doubt on the legitimacy and dependability of the operations of WiseEssays.


Low prices – This entity charges fees that are friendly and affordable to students. This means that its services are within reach of most of the people out there.

Excellent customer support – A key hallmark for WiseEssays writing service is the quality of its customer support services. There is a 24/7 support department that handles customer issues.


Unfulfilled Guarantees – This service lists some guarantees regarding refunds and revisions. However, a look at customer testimonials and feedback indicates a lack of inconsistency in the fulfillment of these assurances.

Originality issues – There have been reports of plagiarism in the services as well as products of this outfit.


WiseEssays offers a wide variety of services to its clients across various levels of education and academic disciplines. Information on the website, though unreliable, shows that it is indeed experts and pros who work on the multiple orders placed on the site.

However, as WiseEssays review showed, customers have complaints regarding some crucial operational aspects of the company, including the guarantees and assurances it gives on different elements of its operations. Clientele points out to a trend of the unfulfillment of these guarantees – putting into question the reliability of the service.

Customers are better off working with established, tried, tested, and reputable entities and organizations in the best writing services space. Outfits like GrabMyEssay, WritingUniverse, Eduvinci, and TopEssayWriting have been in this line of work for some time and produce accurate and top-notch stuff.

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