Thorough WritingUniverse Review and Overview of Writing Services

WritingUniverse review

Our WritingUniverse review aims to inform students in need of an academic writing service whether or not to use it. It is a professional essay writing company and a sample database with a plethora of legitimate essays and services on offer.
To clear up any confusion about their ordering process or the types of services available, we’ve decided to write about ourselves for your benefit. In the following paragraphs, you will find out everything you need to know about them and whether or not to trust it with your papers.

Writing Universe Review Standards

How will we evaluate this company to rate it fairly and give you a reliable recommendation? Our review is based on the platform’s analysis from the homepage to the point of ordering and receiving an essay. Then it is carefully reviewed to check how legitimate it is through our thorough research process.

This step-by-step process aims to give you an accurate estimate of WritingUniverse services’ quality and how it stacks up against industry standards. Finding the best college essay writing service is difficult enough already. By relying on our review of WritingUniverse and its services, you will have a much better idea of whether or not to use them yourself.

WritingUniverse Reviews of Writing Services on Offer

They feature a wide range of academic essays for you to order. Their lineup of different essay types is exemplary and offers a bit of everything for every type of student, from high school to Ph.D. level. Your scam alert might be going off at that but there’s no reason to be suspicious.

WritingUniverse features a repository of completely free essay samples which anyone can access without logging in. This ensures that every student can go over their writing quality, as we will do ourselves, before trusting them with their college assignments.

They also feature several types of writing services unrelated to essays specifically, such as rewriting, editing, and proofreading to name a few. This can help seniors and graduate students who are looking for work and want help with their first CV writing for example. The papers on offer consist of the following types of academic writing:

  • Essay
  • Term paper
  • Research paper
  • Coursework
  • Capstone project
  • Book report
  • Outline

Each of these types can also be done in one of over a dozen different fields of study. This allows students to carefully choose which type of writing they need, in which field, as well as which formatting style they require. In our review of Writing Universe, we’ve discovered different types of academic formatting are also available. It features the standard assortment of academic writing styles, including MBA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian.

The Process of Ordering

Ordering an essay or another academic paper on their website is very easy to do and you will be tempted to do it again soon after. “Is WritingUniverse cheating?” may be a question on your mind right now – rest assured that WritingUniverse is completely legitimate and safe to use in college.

The website is very clean, accessible, and easy to use, wasting no time in allowing you to order an essay. You can begin placing an order by visiting their “Order” page, after which you are presented with multiple drop-down menus. You can choose the type of service, type of paper, and the subject in which your paper needs to be written in.

Afterward, you can write the exact name of your paper, additional comments you may have for the writer, and the style of formatting. The process takes no more than 5-10 minutes and you can then get back to other student obligations without worrying about your paper.

The Pricing and Payment Model Featured

The pricing structure on WritingUniverse is very flexible and offers a wide variety of options based on your needs. You can set your paper’s deadline, the number of sources you want, how long the paper should be, and if you want any additional services. Unfortunately, all additional services are paid for at a premium price, which is unfortunate.

As some other reviews of this company will point out, this is somewhat of a standard among writing services so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Standard essay writing services start at $11.99 per page, with the price increasing or decreasing based on your assignment’s urgency and complexity. You can enter a writer’s ID if you worked with WritingUniverse before and want the same writer.

You will need an account to order a paper, but registering is also fairly easy and shouldn’t take long. It features a very fair and student-friendly money-back guarantee policy. You can refund up to 100% if you are dissatisfied with the paper, if it’s late, or if you were assigned an improper writer.

WritingUniverse Pros and Cons for your Consideration

Pro: Free access to WritingUniverse essay database

The essay database featured on WritingUniverse is completely free and doesn’t require you to log in or make a purchase. This is great for students who’ve come to the platform for the first time and only want the best services.

Pro: User-friendly website with an easy ordering process

Ordering an essay, editing services, or a different academic paper is extremely easy and straightforward. You will be able to order an essay on WritingUniverse within minutes of you arriving on the writing service’s homepage.

Pro: Professional and helpful customer support

The customer support on WritingUniverse is helpful, friendly, and very quick to answer any questions you may have. They are available via multiple social media channels, via email, and a dedicated telephone line.

Pro: Detailed FAQ addressing legal and moral concerns

WritingUniverse is a service that you can rely on. If you’re asking yourself “Is WritingUniverse legit?”, all you need to do is visit their FAQ page. It addresses everything from your rights as a student, their money-back guarantee, as well as cheating or legality concerns.

Con: Expensive additional writing services

You can order an originality report, an urgent assignment of a writer, a draft, or professional proofreading and a summary for your essay on WritingUniverse. All these services cost extra, so you get what you pay for – no more, no less.

Sample Analysis

We’ve taken a close look at some of the essay samples featured to determine how good their writing staff is. No reviews are complete without such an analysis, and in our case, we’ve reviewed an art history essay based on art movements.

The essay sample we’ve analyzed was written very competently and featured no grammar or punctuation mistakes. This is good since art history essays require particular care for detail when it comes to writing the exact names of pieces and artists.

The essay, while short, contained a citation to an exact art journal that was used to write the essay. The essay didn’t contain any plagiarism from the art journal itself and even included exact page numbers of each reference used throughout the essay.

The only complaint we’ve had with the essay is that it wasn’t formatted into paragraphs or structured for easy reading. Other essay samples on WritingUniverse follow the same logic and are carefully written, with citations that point to sources used to write them. We were very satisfied with our findings overall.

WritingUniverse Review Conclusion – What’s the Verdict?

It’s clear to see the appeal and value of using this service based on our and other Writing Universe reviews found online. The ratings speak for themselves, and after carefully going over its service portfolio, essay samples, and types of university papers, we’ve given it a 9.8/10. You cannot go wrong with using WritingUniverse for your college assignments.



I would recommend writinguniverse for all writing services. Their customer service is so amazing, and they deliver their papers when you ask for them. Their writers are competent, and they engage you in the process. However, I would suggest you re-edit the urgent papers. They usually have some typos and few grammatical mistakes. If you are in a hurry, use online tools to do a quick edit before you submit.


A classmate of mine ordered an essay from, and within a week, he had received it. I did not believe it and looked through the essay. I found that the writers had done an exemplary job. I ordered my paper, and they did an even greater job, no plagiarism. The paper’s structure was just as I had requested for and the writing very professional. I can now focus on other studies without worrying about my essay writing.


The papers are fantastic, and I know they’re completely original since I always buy a plagiarism check.

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