X-Essays Review: Is This the Best Academic Writing Service on the Web?


XEssays Overview

On this website, you can order an essay, paper, dissertation, get your homework done, and much more. We have prepared this X-Essays review to show you all that you can do with the help of this company.

Finally, you will find a pros and cons list of the best and worst things about X-Essays, coupled with our final rating in the Summary section. Let’s start!

Cost of Their Papers

Let’s take a look at how prices work on X-Essays.com. After all, this is the question we get the most from students curious about our reviews.

It’s important to note that the final price of your assignment will depend on several factors. Each type of assignment has its own level of complexity. X-Essays determines that complexity and charges it as the result of the premium they will have to pay their own writers. Prices start at the following rates:

  • Editing (from $4.99) – editing is the cheapest academic writing support service on X-Essays.com. This means that you won’t get writing from scratch: instead, you submit a text that’s already done for editing in style and correctness.
  • Rewriting (from $9.99) – rewriting is a more challenging task for the writer because it requires a deeper immersion in the study matter. Rewriting services can help you pass plagiarism checks.
  • Academic paper writing and essay writing (from $12.99) – this is the most popular service on the site, and it implies writing papers from scratch.
  • Dissertation services (from $14.99) – doctoral level writing services are the most expensive academic writing service due to the complex research necessary.

Types of Services

These are the primary types of services offered by X-Essays:

  • assignment writing and custom writing – this is a common order at X-Essays.com. Basically, students receive writing instructions from their professor. Often, these assignments have peculiar requirements, and they cannot be explicitly categorized as “essays” or “papers.” Every time a task has custom requirements, you can opt for this service.
  • essay and research paper writing – these are the number 1 orders on X-Essays, both among university students and high school level students. Across all US universities, regardless of the field and domain, students are assigned tons of papers to work on. This can get very time-consuming. Top-performing students tackle this issue by ordering these assignments from writing services like X-Essays.
  • math problems, physics problems, statistics – when you’re studying in a STEM field, it’s hard to find someone who can write your homework for you. That’s why you need to find a specialized group of experts like an academic service.
  • admissions and scholarship applications – the competition for universities gets tougher every year. Thousands of students around the country are left without a spot at their dream uni. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure that every detail of your application process is perfect, especially the admissions essay.

Best of all, with every order, there comes a lot of free stuff. Here are all the free perks that are currently included in any X-Essays order:

  • limitless revisions – X-Essays writers will revise and amend your paper until you are 100% happy with the result you get. This service is usually charged extra on other writing sites.
  • plagiarism report – you have to be sure that the writing is original, otherwise, you can get in trouble or lose precious points. The higher you are in your education level, the more serious are the penalties for copying other people’s work. Currently, there is a free plagiarism report included with every order.
  • title page and bibliography – these are two services that have to do with formatting. They are a nuisance, and they are often outsourced to professional academic writers. On X-Essays, you get them for free.

Payment Options

Currently, you can make payments for your X-Essays orders with these payment modes:

  • VISA
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Wire transfer (bank to bank transfer is the slowest and may cause delays in the processing of your order, unlike paying with credit cards)


  • a writer will be assigned to your task – you can pick out a writer on your own or wait for the service to pair you up with the writer who is the most suitable for your task. Either way, you will get flexibility in choosing and a guarantee that someone will always be ready to pick up your assignment.
  • your order will be 100% original – as academic writing experts, X-Essays is aware that maintaining 100% originality is important for their reputation and brand image. You will get a free plagiarism report with every piece of writing your order from this website.
  • you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied – in case something goes wrong during your order process, you can ask the customer support team for a refund. However, it is unlikely this will happen because of their free unlimited revision policy.
  • your order will be delivered on time – the vast majority of papers on X-Essays.com is delivered on schedule (more than 99%). When your order is delivered after the deadline, you are eligible for a refund.
  • your data is protected – data privacy on sites like X-Essays is important from several perspectives. Firstly, you want to protect your financial data if you’re paying via credit cards. Secondly, you want to protect yourself from your personal data being shared with third parties. Finally, you want to protect your identity, assignment instructions, professor, and topic. With X-Essays privacy policy, no one will ever find out you ordered a paper from them.

Is Site Legit?

X-Essays is a legit writing service that’s been successfully providing essays and papers for quite some time. You can see that the website has an average rating of 9.0. Also, it serves dozens of customers on a daily basis and delivers hundreds of papers. You can check out some of the other reviews of this site to make sure it’s legit,


We liked a bunch of things about X-Essays. Our fave perks are these:

  • the ability to reach out to customer support in the middle of the night for those projects due in the morning
  • versatility and a wide offer of service types you can choose from
  • different, expert writers who cover a myriad of various fields


  • the service is targeted at US students, but they accept other currencies too
  • their blog page is not updated often

To Sum Up

What we liked most about X-Essays.com is that you can get literally any type of academic writing done. Their “Assignment writing” and “Custom writing” categories open up opportunities for those tasks that are simply not outsource-friendly to other essay writer websites. As long as you have detailed instructions, this website will do a top-notch job. Highly recommended!



The fee the writer demanded was reasonable.

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